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antique writing instruments • vintage canes & walkingsticks • vintage fashions: 1840–1940
The Incredible Ball Point Pen: A Com-
prehensive History & Price Guide.
Gostony & Stuart Schneider. A celebration of
the revolutionary ball point pen, illustrated
with more than 450 color photos. Collectors
and historians will be fascinated with its painful
development and its roll-coaster ride to the
public and technological success that followed.
A price guide completes this wonderful book.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
Pens & Pencils.
Revised 3rd Edition
. Regina
collector’sguideto limitedandstandardproduction
pens of the world’s most prominent makers from
1884-1994, with nearly 1300 illustrations. Mont-
complete thebook.
Size:81/2"x11"•1300 illus.
Collecting Writing Instruments.
Geyer. From the flint tool to the stylus, from quill
pen to fountain pen to felt-tip marker, this book
invites readers to develop or deepen their love
for beautiful old writing instruments. Contains
hundreds of contemporary engravings, illustra-
tions, advertisements, photos, and catalog and
brochure excerpts.
Size:9"x12"•Hundredsof illustrations
Price Guide • 176 pp.
The Collector’s World of Inkwells.
Jean &
Franklin Hunting. 1,000+ photos of inkwells and
inkstands from circa 1750 to 1920, made in the
United States, Europe, and Asia, in vaseline glass,
majolica, art pottery, faience, milk glass, sterling
silver, pewter, cast iron, brass, wood and other
natural materials, and some with precious and
semi-precious stones. Up-to-date price guide
and index included.
Price Guide/Index • 288 pp.
vintage canes & walkingsticks
Canes & Walking Sticks: A Stroll Through
Time and Place.
Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 760
color photos of 100s of canes & walking sticks,
including formal canes, system sticks with objects
hidden in shafts & handles, relic canes, exotic
canes, and folk art sticks. The text weaves
historical tales through the narrative, bringing
these objects to life. A bibliography, index, and
values in captions are included.
Price Guide/Index • 288 pp.
Jeffrey B. Snyder. A magnificent tour of
canes and staffs, from folk art to formal designs,
in 900 color photos. Here are rare and common
canes, canes with handles bearing human and
animal forms, scrimshaw, glass, gadget, weapon,
dating techniques, and formal cane etiquette are
Canes Through the Ages.
Francis H. Monek.
A chronicle of the development of canes and
the staggering variety of materials employed in
their construction illustrated with over 1200 color
photos. The dazzling array of hidden gadgetry
and weaponry is revealed, along with useful
information for collectors. Illustrated auctioneer’s
catalogs with prices help determine canes’ values
in the marketplace.
Guide to Auction Sales • 320 pp.
Ulrich Klever. A comprehensive
look at decorative walking sticks, including
their use, history, and craftsmanship. A chapter
on materials familiarizes the reader with the
wide range of canes available. This cultural
and commercial history will become a useful
reference for historians as well as dealers and
collectors. A price guide is included.
Size:81/2"x11"•285+photos& illus.
Price Guide • 244 pp.
Victorian Costume for Ladies 1860-1900.
Revised and expanded 2nd edition
. Linda
Setnik. With nearly 30 new images, this lavishly
illustrated book provides documentation of
ladies’ fashions worn in America from 1860 to
1900. Extensively researched using 19th-century
literature, the book explores the styles including
casual wear, sports clothes, common dress,
evening attire, hairstyles, jewelry, and more.
Includes updated prices.
vintage fashions: c.1840-c. 1940
Victorian Fashions for Women and Chil-
dren: Society’s Impact on Dress.
Setnik. The styles of Victorian women’s and
children’s fashions, with an exploration of the
reasons females wore such hot, restrictive
clothing, along with their debilitating effects.
The text is based on 19th century literature
and illustrated throughout with 273 Victorian
photographs, supplemented by examples of
period clothing, picturing both the outside and
inner construction of most garments.
Victorian & Edwardian Fashions for Wom-
en: 1840-1910.
2nd Edition-revised
. Kristina
Harris. Over 450 color photos illustrate dresses,
waists, undergarments, and accessories of the
19th and early 20th century, including daywear,
sportswear, and formalwear, will help collectors
accurately identify and date their collections
by silhouette, construction, style, and details.
Price Guide • 208 pp.
Naughty Victorians and Edwardians:
Early Images of Bathing Beauties.
L. Martin and Tina Skinner. Most are modest,
some strike suggestive poses. Enjoy over 100
hand-tinted postcards taken during an era
when women may have been clothed from
head to toe, but they were women nonetheless.
Size:6"x6"•105color illustrations•96pp.
Roaring ’20s Fashions: Jazz.
Susan Langley.
Vintage images display clothing and accessories
for men, women, and children worn from 1920
to 1924. Clothing for all occasions is featured,
includingeveningwear,daywear,sports fashions,
lingerie, and even wedding attire. Fascinating
timelines describe the latest trends and how they
influenced clothing styles. A delight for fashion
and history connoisseurs alike!
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 560 color & 123 b/w photos
Roaring ’20s Fashions: Deco.
Susan Langley.
Vintage images and photos of existing garments
display clothing and accessories for men, women,
and children worn from 1925 to 1929. Includes
evening wear, day wear, coats and jackets,
loungewear, lingerie, and more. Fascinating
timelines describe the latest trends and how
they influenced clothing styles. A visual treat for
fashion enthusiasts and history buffs!
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 475 color & 117 b/w photos
Fashions of the Roaring ’20s.
Ellie Laubner.
Experience the excitement, style, and drama of
the 1920s fashion revolution! Every aspect of
women’s fashion ispresented in568colorphotos
and its origins, effect, and particular details
discussed. Changing styles during the decade are
followed so that clothing can be dated to within
a year or two. A thorough and comprehensive
insight into the complete fashion scene.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
Flapper Era Fashions from the
Roaring ‘20s.
Tina Skinner & Lindy
McCord. A resource for costume design-
ers seeking to recreate an era, collectors
looking for vintage clothing, and fashion
designers looking for inspiration.Fashion
perspectives from themid-1920s inmore
than 380 beautiful images featuring
hundreds of clothing styles from the
catalogs of Bellas Hess & Company,
and the Charles William Stores, Inc. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 384 photos • 176 pp.
Bathing Beauties of the Roaring ’20s.
Mary L. Martin and Tina Skinner. The surf
isn’t the only thing turbulent in these shoreline
images of over 100 nubile beauties. Take
a dip back in time, to an era when women
were joyfully expressing an emerging sense
of equality and freedom.
Size:6"x6"•106color illustrations•96pp.
Art Nouveau & Art Deco Fashion Post-
Edith Weber. Fabulous and diversified
women’s fashion postcard sets designed by
famous European artists. Alphonse Mucha,
Henri Meunier, Umberto Brunelleschi, and Xavier
Sager are among the 20 distinguished artists
whose work is featured. Superb unsigned images,
information on postcard history, and a section
on evaluating the fashion illustrations make this
a useful reference.
Size:81/2"x11"•233color images•PriceGuide/
French Art Deco Fashions in Pochoir Prints
from the 1920s.
Color fashion illustrations
including Charles Worth, Jean Patou, Paul Poiret,
Lucien Lelong, Joseph Paquin and many others.
Size:9"x12"•200 illustrations•160pp.
ISBN:0-7643-0474-7 •hardcover•$49.95
French Fashions of Good Taste: 1920-1922
from Pochoir Illustrations.
Original pochoir
print illustrations made for the French fashion
Gazette du Bon Ton
between 1920 and 1922, with work by Charles
Worth, Paul Poiret, and Madeleine Vionette.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 100 color illustrations • Index
Collectible Fashions of the Turbulent
Ellie Laubner. A sweeping overview of
the fashions of the 1930s, chronicling garments
of all kinds for women, men and children. Acces-
sories including jewelry, hats, and handbags are
also featured. More than 600 full color photos
spread the 1930s fashion world out before you.
An historical overview of the 1930s, values,
glossary, bibliography, and index round out
this thorough presentation.
Price Guide/Index • 244 pp.
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