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French Bronze Clocks: 1700-1830.
Niehüser. Beautiful gold and bronze pendu-
lum clocks not only tell time but also depict
sculptures of Greek and Roman mythology,
American Indians, and African figures. Over 200
color and many black and white photos display
these fabulous clocks. An important additional
feature is a visual directory of 1365 bronze
clocks with bibliographic references that will
make researching the field much more efficient.
272 pp. ISBN:0-7643-0943-9•hardcover•$89.95
Vienna Regulator Clocks.
Rick Ortenburger.
Since their introduction around 1780, Vienna
Regulatorclocksbecamea familiarstyle inhomes
and public spaces around the world. Produced
in Vienna, Austria, the forms have moved from
their early and transitional designs to serpentine,
altdeutsch, Baroque, and factory-made types.
In continuous production until the 1930s, they
continue to be popular with collectors and
decorators today. A value guide is included.
Value Guide/Index • 180 pp.
for over 300 years. A thorough yet concise text is
accompanied by over 275 photographs of clocks
which demonstrate each fascinating development.
Georgian, Regency, and Victorian advances are
shown tohavecontributed to theeventualsuccess
ofaccuratelymeasuringtime,that issocrucialtothe
successof today'shighly integratedsociety.
Size:9"x12"•277photos• Index•224pp.
English Precision Pendulum Clocks.
Roberts. A fascinating look at precision time
keeping in England, with over 700 photos of his-
torically significant regulators by Shelton, Ellicott,
Arnold, Cumming, Earnshaw, the Vulliamys, Reid,
Hardy, and others. Explores the development of
the cases from the early Georgian to Victorian
styles. Concise, thorough text informs and
engages the reader in the history of accurately
measuring time.
Size: 9" x 12" • 541 color & 214 b&w illustrations
• Index•320pp.
Precision Pendulum Clocks: France, Ger-
DerekRoberts.Thehorologicalworkcarriedout in
France, Germany, and North America, completing
the history of precision timekeeping in recent time.
Over 500 color and b/w photographs illustrate the
historical contributions of renowned clockmakers,
chronicling precisiontimekeeping,alongwithrecent
Size: 9" x 12" • 535 color & b/w images • Index •
Mystery, Novelty, & Fantasy Clocks.
Roberts. Over 300 clocks, for buildings or ta-
bletops, are presented with concise historical
explanations, detailed drawings, and clear color
photography. 700 years of clocks are studied,
clocks thatdisplaymagicalacts,appear to require
no power to drive them, or have no apparent
connection between the movement and the
hands. These mystery clocks are fascinating
288 pp.
British Longcase Clocks.
Derek Roberts. The
longcase clock has a special place in horological
history. Here, illustrated with over 300 photos, is
valuable information detailing its British origin
and evolution, and the range of longcase clocks
produced since the sixteenth century. Included
are clocks of the Victorian, Edwardian, and
modern times. A glossary of terms and index
of makers complete this important reference.
Index • 400 pp.
Carriage and Other Traveling Clocks.
ek Roberts. Nearly seven hundred traveling
clocks illustrated with beautiful photos are
accompanied by explanations of all the major
designers’ work in this form, beginning from
the 17th century. Special chapters present the
work of noted clockmakers. The book displays
these fantastically stunning works of art and
more common popular styles available today.
Size:9"x12"•685+photos• Index•368pp.
Continental and American Skeleton Clocks.
Derek Roberts. Skeleton clocks celebrated their
mechanical workings, leaving them visible for all
to marvel at. The style attracted the attention
of some of the finest clockmakers, particularly
those working in France from circa 1760-1860.
Here is a beautifully illustrated exploration of
these fascinating clocks from European and
American makers.
Size:9’’x12’’•249 illustrations
Index • 288 pp.
A Life With Antique Clocks.
Derek Roberts.
This book reflects the period from 1960 to the
present, from when clocks and other antiques
were plentiful and modestly priced and dealing
was fun to the present time, when good examples
are difficult to find and higher priced. Clear advice
is given on buying and selling clocks. Many of the
rare clocks that have passed through the author’s
hands and been carefully restored are illustrated.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 66 color and 13 b/w photos •
Electrifying Time: Telechron & GE Clocks
Jim Linz. Over 700 Telechron and
General Electric clocks produced between 1925
and 1955 are chronicled. Repair and restoration
tips are given, including an astonishing method
for breathing new life into dead rotors. Designers
are included, and celebrities are pictured in early
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 430 color & 476 b/w photos
: “Wind-up”.
Jim Linz. Over 790
images of 100s of Westclox® spring wound
clocks and watches produced from 1885 to 1970,
including Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and
Mid-Century Modern styles including “Big Ben,”
“Baby Ben,” and “Pocket Ben” alarm clocks, and
“Sleep-Meters,” “Waralarms,” and the “Clock of
Tomorrow.” Values are in the captions.
: Electric.
Jim Linz. 100s of
Westclox electric clocks, corded and cordless,
after-market automobile clocks, and weather
instruments in over 720 images, with over 200
store displays including Art Nouveau, Art Deco,
and Mid-Century Modern designs. Among the
clocks featured are the “Big Ben Electric,” “Hus-
tler Electric,” “Silent Knight,” “Sphinx,” “Oracle,”
“Moonbeam,” and the “Wee Winkie” nursery
clock series. Values are provided in the captions.
Price Guide/Index • 256 pp.
Westclox®: An Identification and Price
Gary Biolchini. Over 400 color photo-
graphs illustrate hundreds of Westclox clocks,
pocket watches, and wristwatches. Big Ben,
Baby Ben, Key Wound Alarm clocks, Bull’s Eye
Pocket Watches, early wristwatches and more
all dating from 1885 to 1980 are included. A
must-have collectors guide for novice as well as
veteran collectors. A price guide for all models
shown is included in the captions.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
Legged Alarm Clocks.
Dennis Sagvold. Alarm clocks
with legs, produced between 1880 and 1935, shown
in over 375 b/w photos and catalog pages. Clocks from
American clock makers Ansonia, Attleboro, Gilbert,
Ingersoll, Ingraham, Lux, New Haven, Parker, Scott,
Sessions, Seth Thomas, Waterbury, Welch, &Westclox,
as well as international alarms and private label dials.
Values are found in the captions.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
antique writing instruments
The Chronicle of the Fountain Pen: Stories
within a Story.
João P. Martins, Luiz Leite,
& António Gagean. A beautifully illustrated,
well-researched presentation of the evolution
of fountain pens, the trends in their evolution
process, and competition, fights, and mergers
among manufacturers. With more than 3000
fountain pens, in 606 full color photographs,
competing models are shown side-by-side,
revealing their similarities and differences.
Size:9"x12"•606colorphotos• Index•320pp.
Fountain Pens and Pencils: The Golden
Age of Writing Instruments.
Revised &
Expanded 3rd Edition
. George Fischler &
Stuart Schneider. The premier study of fountain
pens and pencils, with over 1000 fountain
pens illustrated in full color photos. Extensively
researched, it chronicles the history of fountain
pens, the companies that made them, and the
many innovations that made them practical in
everyday use. Current prices are included for the
collector. •Size:9’’x12’’•1000+colorphotos•
Price Guide/Index • 320 pp. • ISBN: 978-0-7643-
The Book of Fountain Pens and Pencils.
Stuart Schneider & George Fischler. Over 700
pens and pencils, pictured in full color, with
valuable information from two of the world’s
leading authorities. They also deal with pen
company advertising, pen repair, decoration,
and valuation. Hundreds of manufacturers are
Price Guide • 276 pp.
The Illustrated Guide to Antique Writing
Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition
Stuart Schneider & George Fischler. A quick and easy
reference for pen and pencil collectors. Over 500 pens
and pencils in beautiful, nearly full-size color photos.
Short histories of the 19 main companies are provided.
Concise, helpful information with each photo includes
a guide to the current price of each.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Parker Pen Repair Manual No. 5115.
8th edi-
. Repairing a fountain pen is not as simple as
it seems. After learning the parts and mechanical
characteristics of a pen through the directions in this
service manual, one can quite easily remedy most of
the ordinary complaints. Clear drawings and simple
instructions are provided.
Victorian Pencils: Tools to Jewels.
Crosby. A groundbreaking study of the develop-
ment of mechanical and metal cased pencils in
the nineteenth century. Illustrated with over 700
photographs, the book provides examples of the
extraordinary variety of propelling pencils that
were created between 1800 and 1920. Readers
will be struck by the ingenuity of the inventors
and creators of this (until now) forgotten form
of decorative art. Includes value ranges.
Price Guide/Index • 224 pp.
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