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2015 new books
Contemporary Cape Cod Artists—On Abstraction
Deborah Forman
• Presents 45 Cape Cod artists who work in abstraction in a variety of media
• Includes more than 400 images of their work, as well as interviews with the artists
• Explores the value, relevance, and impact of abstract art
This book features 45Cape Cod artists working in abstraction, displayingmore than 400 images of their
work. Based on her interviews with the artists, the author writes about their aspirations and approaches.
The art, which includes paintings, photographs, sculpture, and prints, shows a range of approaches to
abstraction, fromthose that include an interpreted element of the real world to others that are completely
non-objective. Learn about the artists’ lives, their inspirations, how they proceeded on the path to
abstraction, and the ideas behind their works. Abstraction’s place in art history is explored, as well as
its relationships to other movements. The narrative gives insight into the creative talents of the artists
and provides an understanding of abstract art in relationship to the world art scene.
Deborah Forman
is the author of several books on Cape Cod artists and has written for
Art New
Boston Magazine
, and other publications. She also wrote the script for a documentary film
about the Provincetown art colony that aired on PBS.
Size: 12" x 9" • 401 color images • 208 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4865-5 • hard cover • $59.99
The Art of Peter Sculthorpe:
Paintings Spanning Four Decades
Peter P. Sculthorpe
• A monograph featuring 116 paintings, spanning four decades
• Paintings capture early domestic architecture,farms,vast landscapes,rocky coastlines & changing weather
• The artist provides heartfelt essays as his introduction to timeless refuges that continue to renew
This compilation of the classic artwork of Peter Sculthorpe spans four decades. By considering light,
the passage of time, the use of different mediums and sizes, and inspiring locations, Peter brings to life
moments and subjects that are important to classic art. Here, find 116 beautiful paintings that capture
early domestic architecture, vast open landscapes, the rocky coastline, changing weather, and domestic
farms—the cornerstones of his work. Alongwith pure landscapes; historic buildings; innocent creatures;
the still of the moon; the wind, weather, sea, and stone of seacoasts; and found and cherished still life,
Peter provides heartfelt essays as his introduction to timeless refuges that continue to renew. Whether
the painting captures amoment when the late afternoon sun strikes the side of a building or themorning
sun shimmers on a body of water, you will find these treasures significant to time and its passage.
Peter Sculthorpe
is a leading American artist working in both watercolor and oils. Born inCanada,
Sculthorpe attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. His paintings can be found in many
important museums and private collections. He resides in Rockland, Delaware.
Size: 12" x 9" • 116 color images • 176 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4914-0 • hard cover • $50.00
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