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The Alarm Wristwatch: The History of an
Undervalued Feature.
Michael Philip Horlbeck.
The complete history of the alarm wristwatch,
presented in depth and illustrated with clear
and accurate color photographs. Nearly every
model ever produced is chronicled, in words
and pictures. Clear photos of the case and dials
are presented, along with detailed photos of
the movements, often at multiple levels. The
technical data for each watch is recorded.
Size:9"x12"•535color images•232pp.
The Illinois Watch: The Life and Times of a
Great Watch Company.
Frederic J. Friedberg.
A rich history of the Illinois Watch Company, and
record of nearly every wristwatch design they
ever created, and their variations, in beautiful
full color photographs. Each is accompanied by
complete information about the watch and its
production. Size:9"x12"•433color&b/wimages
Sports Watches: Aviator Watches, Diving
Watches, Chronographs.
Martin Häusser-
mann. A sports watch is a sporty-looking
timepiece, made of steel, that stays on your
arm whether you’re racing, diving, or flying. In
this guide to modern sports watches, discover
honest assessments of luxury sports models,
many varieties of chronographs, GMTs, and
extreme diving watches, represented by the
best sports brands in the world, including Patek
Philippe, Breitling, Omega, and more.
Electrifying the Wristwatch.
Lucien F. Trueb,
Gunther Ramm, & Peter Wenzig. The electrifi-
cation of the watch led to massive upheaval in
the watch industry as mechanical chronometers
built by Old World masters developed into
electromechanical devices mass produced in
Asia. In nearly 600 images and in-depth text,
this book retraces the often circuitous paths that
led from the electromagnetic pendulum clock
to the modern quartz wristwatch.
Size:9"x12"•580b/w&color images•320pp.
American Wristwatches: Five Decades
of Style and Design.
Revised 2nd Edition
Edward Faber & Stewart Unger, with Ettagale
Blauer. The development of the wristwatch
styles in America, from the early 20th century
to the age of quartz. Richly illustrated with 700+
color photographs, the original research brings
life to some of the persons who influenced its
development. Current prices make this a valuable
collector’s reference.
Size:9’’x12’’•710photos•Price Guide • 272 pp.
Wristwatches: History of a Century’s
Revised 5th edition
. Helmut
Kahlert, Richard Muhe, and Gisbert L. Brunner.
This respected reference includes hundreds of
wristwatches in nearly 2000 photos, celebrating
both the style and mechanics of the designs.
Watches from around the world, their makers,
technological changes, construction, and auto-
matic features all are discussed. A current price
guide by noted authority Gordon Converse is
included. Size:9"x12"•1994photos&illus.•Price
Guide/Index • 400 pp. • ISBN:0-7643-2137-4•
Wristwatches: A Handbook and Price
Revised 6th Edition
. Gisbert L. Brunner
& Christian Pfeiffer-Belli. This classic reference
book includes an historical survey, description
of how mechanical wristwatches work, and
thorough glossary. Updated price ranges for
various wristwatches are included, along with
a chapter on fakes, knock-offs, and hybrids,
and information on the preservation, care, and
repair of watches.
Time in Gold: Wristwatches.
Gerald Viola &
Gisbert L. Brunner. The history of the 18 leading
luxury wristwatch companies of Switzerland richly
illustratedwithbeautifulphotos.Themost important
Vacheron Constantin, and Technisches Kapitel. An
indispensable reference forcollectorsandhistorians.
Russian Wristwatches: Pocket Watches, Stop
Watches, Onboard Clocks & Chronometers.
Levenberg. Over 500 watches manufactured in Russia
faces commemorate all the great moments of Russian
Automatic Wristwatches from Switzer-
land: Watches that Wind Themselves.
Hampel. The automatic mechanism became the
hallmark of the skilled Swiss watchmaker as the
technology developed in the years from 1926 to
1978.200watches fromall theSwissmanufactur-
ers are illustrated with three photos, the dial, the
completeand thepartlydisassembledmovement.
Informationon theirmechanismandconstruction
is offered along with a current price guide.
Size:9"x12"•500+photos •Price Guide • 352
pp. • ISBN:0-88740-609-2•hardcover•$79.95
Hampel. While often associated with Switzerland,
isexplored.Atotalof123watchesare illustrated in
three different views and are described in detail. A
priceguide isprovided.
Chronograph Wristwatches: To Stop Time.
Gerd-R. Lang & Reinhard Meis. Hundreds of
photographs illustrate this outstanding look at
the history, development, and identification of
wrist chronographs-mechanical wristwatches
that, in addition to their normal clockwork, have
a mechanism that allows them to time short-
term events. Both the technological and design
achievements are explored and celebrated. A
price guide is included for collectors.
Size:9"x12"•675+photos& illus.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
Wristwatch Chronometers: Mechanical
Precision Watches and Their Testing.
von Osterhausen. A richly illustrated account
of wristwatch chronometers and the rigorous
testing they undergo to become certified. Over
400photosdocument thiscrowningachievement
of the watchmakers art. A list of makers based
on Swiss Testing Agencies’ yearly reports from
1925 and the Swiss Observatories’ reports is
included as is a guide to current values.
Size:9"x12"•414photos •Price Guide • 214 pp.
Comic Character Timepieces: Seven De-
cades of Memories.
Hy Brown with Nancy
Thomas. Comic character timepieces from the
earliest clocks to the present day quartz wrist-
watches have delighted children and adults alike,
with some of the more creative or popular ones
being avidly sought after by collectors. With
hundreds of beautiful color photos, this is a
celebration of American imagination and artistry.
A price guide completes the work.
Value Guide • 280 pp.
Comic Character Wristwatches.
Debra S. Braun.
The first Mickey Mouse™wristwatch in 1933 inspired
thousands of other comic character watches. Collectors
are eager to find them because of their connection
with pop culture. Here over 375 color photos, de-
scriptions, and pricing, present advertising, movie
promotion, and contemporary comic characters on
watches manufactured between 1970-2000. Size: 6"
x9"•387colorphotos Price Guide • 160 pp.
Marine and Pocket Chronometers.
von Bertele. The development of the chronometer
was an important step in the development of the
navigational arts. Nearly 350 of these handsome,
complicated timepieces are illustrated here with
a special emphasis on their movements. The
book follows the history of the chronometer,
with short biographies of the most important
manufacturers and an extensive appendix.
216 pp. • ISBN: 0-88740-303-4 • hard cover •
antique clocks
Clock & Watch Companies 1700s-2000s.
Steven R. Mallory. Two volume reference
work dedicated to clock companies from
the late 1600s through the early 2000s.
The comprehensive text explores mechan-
ical and electric clock companies; clock
retail and part supplier firms; clock related
foundry companies; clock label printers;
and trademarks, trade names, and brand
names. Over 400 trademarks illustrate the
text. Size:81/2"x11"•429b/wphotos•Index
American Shelf and Wall Clocks: A Pic-
torial History for Collectors.
Revised &
Expanded 2nd Edition
. Robert W.D. Ball.
Over 1250 American shelf and wall clocks in a
variety of forms and designs are each beautifully
illustrated and accompanied by an informative
text. This historical overview covers the centuries
and is an important guide. The up-to-date price
guide is useful. Size: 9" x 12" • 1250+ clocks •
Price Guide • 272 pp. • ISBN:0-7643-0905-6•
European Pendulum Clocks.
Klaus Maurice
& Peter Heuer. Nearly 450 beautiful photos
illustrate pendulum clocks from France, England,
Holland, Scandinavia, and the German-speaking
countries. Wall, cabinet, and free-standing styles
are included, accompanied by full explanations
of each clock in this authoritative study.
Size:81/2’’x11’’•448photos• Index•248pp.
Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks.
Justin J. Miller. This book is the most compre-
hensive single-volume treatment of Black Forest
horology ever written for the English-speaking
enthusiast. Over 700 images display the finest
examplesofclocks from the region.Thedefinitive
text provides information about preeminent
clockmakers, explains the workings of clock
mechanisms, identifies clocks by type, and
provides a detailed history of Black Forest pro-
duction. Size:9"x12"•721colorphotos• Index
Schiffer LTD
Black Forest Clocks.
Rick Ortenburger. Over
600 Black Forest clocks are illustrated in this
important horological study. Many wonderful
cuckoo and singing bird clocks, early glass bell,
trumpeter, Jockele, animation, and picture
frame clocks all have been made in this region
of Germany for 300 years. This book, with its
guide to current prices, has been welcomed by
collectors around the world. Size:81/2"x11"•
600+BlackForestClocks•Price Guide • 300 pp.
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