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JEWELRY: Rhinestones, beads & glass, wood, patriotic & Reference • Gems & minerals
Rhinestones! A Collector’s Handbook and Price
4th edition, revised
. Nancy N. Schiffer.
Rhinestones comprise the most popular form of jew-
elry. Today, great designs are avidly collected, boldly
worn, and thoroughly enjoyed by people around the
world. Nearly 300 color photographs display jewelry
with rhinestones of many colors, shapes, and optical
styles in a variety of visual effects. Updated values
in the captions.
Size:6"x9"•300colorphotos•Price Guide • 160 pp.
jewelry: beads & glass
Beads of the World.
Revised 2nd Edition
Peter Francis, Jr. The best and broadest reference
on the origins and uses of beads available to
date, it explores the importance of beads in their
native settings in Europe, Asia, the Americas
and Africa. Beads of organic, stone, and glass
materials are individually discussed, and newly
revised values are provided to help the collector.
Size:81/2"x11"•272colorphotos•Price Guide
• 128 pp.
Glass Beads From Europe.
Sibylle Jargstorf. In
useofbeads isexplored.Rangingfromantiquityto
African, Bavarian, Bohemian, Dutch, French, and
evolution of the beadmaking industry. Their varied
usesassymbols, infashion,andmorecontroversial
mattersareexplored.Apriceguide is included.
Glass in Jewelry.
Revised 2nd Edition
. Sibylle
the origins of filigree and alabaster glass, the lovely
variety of bead types, artificial gems, glass cameos
and incrustations, millefiori, mosaic and aventurine
jewelry,andapplications inmodern jewelrydesigns
Ethnic Jewelry: fromAfrica, Europe, & Asia.
Africa, Alps, Baltic Sea, Russia, Afghanistan, and
Himalaya, these examples display a common sense
jewelry: wood
Wooden Jewelry and Novelties.
Jo Izard.Popularwooden jewelry&novelties
of the 1920-1950 era in 400+ color photos.
Items include bracelets, necklaces, figural
pins designed as water creatures, cowboys,
Indians, animals, and more. Advertising
and kitchen items, buttons, masks, and
more are included.
Price Guide • 160 pp. ISBN:0-7643-0540-9•softcover•$19.95
jewelry: patriotic
WWII Bakelite Jewelry: Love and Victory.
Bambi Deville Engeran. Nearly 200 images of
pins, necklaces, bracelets, and more capture
these true signs of the times; not only crafted
to express solidarity, loss, patriotism, and love,
but to make use of a new material that was
not restricted by rationing and conservation
orders. The range of colorful jewelry captured
in this book is perfect for anyone passionate
about Bakelite jewelry.
Size:91/8"x81/8"•175color images•112pp.
Star Spangled Jewelry.
Sandra J. Whitson &
Nancy N. Schiffer. Vintage American patriotic
jewelry including flags, eagles, Victory themes,
political mascots, and Uncle Sam parade across
these pages proclaiming allegiance to the United
States. Over 600 color photos display diverse
jewelry designs, including popular versions
of military insignia, that have become icons
of history.
Index • 160 pp.
Antique Sweetheart Jewelry.
Nicholas D.
Snider. Military sweetheart jewelry and col-
lectibles were important ways that those on
the home front remembered a soldier’s love
during World Wars I and II. Here are thousands
of items of colorful jewelry, banners, pillow
covers, paper items and compacts, in over 200
beautiful color photos. Also included are special
sections on the Seabee andWASP items. A value
guide is included.
Value Guide • 160 pp.
Sweetheart Jewelry and Collectibles.
Snider. Nearly 200 beautiful color photographs of
over 1,000 pieces of military sweetheart jewelry
with explanatory text show these lockets, brace-
lets, wings of love, in-service pins, “Remember
Pearl Harbor” items, Victory pins, cards, pillows,
banners, necklaces and compacts.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Christmas Tree Pins.
Over 1100 different Christmas tree pins, from the
mid-20th century to the present, made by more
than 200 designers and manufacturers. More
than 1,200 color photographs are presented and
the pins are described, identified, and valued.
The rhinestones, enamels, and metalwork are
of the finest quality. Collectors enjoy finding
Christmas tree pins all year long.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
Christmas Jewelry.
Revised 3rd Edition
Mary Morrison. Photography by James Morrison.
Over 340 dazzling photos of over 900 costume
jewelry Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen,
Santas and ornaments. This jewelry is growing
in popularity because it delights all. Company
histories and revised Price Guide.
Size: 9" x 6" • 350+ color photos • Price Guide/
jewelry: reference
American Jewelry Manufacturers.
T. Rainwater. America’s leading authority on
silver presents a comprehensive reference of
jewelry trademarks and manufacturers, with a
history of jewelry making in the United States.
It includes 1000s of marks and hundreds of
company histories, making it an invaluable
reference work for serious collectors of vintage
jewelry and silver.
gems & minerals
Gems & Minerals.
Dr. Andreas Landmann.
More than 150 photos with descriptions provide
an overview of minerals from all parts of the
world and relate how minerals originate, how
they are found, and what significance they had
in ancient times. Learn to identify the stones,
including quartz, feldspar, beryl, tourmaline,
corundum, diamond, garnet, spinel, fluorite,
precious metals, and more.
Collector’s Guide to the Axinite Group.
Robert J. Lauf. Over 90 color photos provide
examples of good specimens of axinite minerals.
This concise monograph provides a timely review,
including an explanation of the chemistry and
taxonomy of the group and an illustration of
the crystal structure and the morphologies of
real crystals. Detailed entries for each mineral
provide information on notable localities and
full-color photos wherever possible.
Collector’s Guide to the Beryl Group.
Robert J. Lauf. This book explains how beryl
is formed and the unique conditions that cre-
ate fine aquamarines and emeralds. It covers
the chemistry, structure, and taxonomy of the
minerals of the beryl group. Detailed entries
for each mineral provide locality information
and full-color photos that show what good
specimens look like and which minerals are
found with them.
Collector’s Guide to the Epidote Group.
Robert J. Lauf. Over 90 color photos display
epidote group minerals, well known to collectors
for their rich colors. The text provides a review of
all presently known species, along with detailed
entries for each of the eighteen minerals, and
extensive locality information. This book will be
of interest to those interested in developing a
better understanding of silicate minerals.
Collector’s Guide to the Feldspar Group.
Robert J. Lauf. How feldspar minerals are formed
and the conditions that create the striking colors
of amazonite, sunstone, and labradorite. It is
illustrated with over 100 color photos and covers
the chemistry, structure, and taxonomy of the
minerals of the feldspar group. Detailed entries
for each mineral provide locality information.
The photos show what good specimens look
like and which minerals are found with them.
Collector’s Guide to Fluorite.
Arvid Eric
Pasto. Over 140 full-color photos present fluorite
in a fascinating array of colors. The extensive
text provides references to fluorite’s habits,
associated minerals, availability, and locations
where spectacularly large specimens are found.
Learn information for the hobby collector or
rock hound, as well as technical information
for those who want to understand fluorite in
greater depth.
A Collector's Guide to the Garnet Group.
Robert J. Lauf. This book explains how garnet
minerals are formed and the unique conditions
that create the rarer garnet species. It covers
the chemistry, structure, and taxonomy of the
minerals of the garnet group. Detailed entries
for each mineral provide locality information
and full-color photos that show what good
specimens look like and which minerals are
found with them.
A Collector’s Guide to Granite Pegmatites.
Vandall T. King. 209 color photos and authorita-
tive text provide a thorough discussion of granite
pegmatites. The chapters cover pegmatite forms
and distributions, interior structures, crystal,
mineral, and gem pockets, and references for
further study. Examples are from North America
as well as worldwide.
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