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jewelry: costume by company, plastic & bakelite & rhinestones
Emmons & Sarah Coventry: Jewelry
Fashion Show.
Deborah A. Robinson.
Jewelry sold at in-home party fashion
shows from 1949-1984, Sarah Coventry
International department store jewelry
from the late 1980s-1990s, and pieces
sold on the Home Shopping Network
in 2002. Described with production
dates, identificationnames,andnumbers
provided by both companies.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
Emmons® Fashion Magic Jewelry.
Dippo & Janet Dippo. Emmons Fashion Magic
jewelry was the first to be sold at home parties,
between 1949 and 1981. 580 stunning, full-color
photographs show over 1,700 jewelry items in
groups arranged by their materials and colors for
easy identification.Markings,datingclues,design
names, construction details, and values included.
Price Guide, Index • 176 pp.
MiriamHaskell Jewelry.
2nd Edition
. Cathy
Gordon & Sheila Pamfiloff. Miriam Haskell cos-
tume jewelry is highly sought after and the
prices keep spiraling up. This gives collectors
key information to make intelligent buying
decisions. Over 600 color photos. Essential
information and breathtaking pictures.
The Art of Juliana Jewelry.
Katerina Musetti.
Enter a jewelry Magical Kingdom of theatrical
beauty, showcasing dazzling Juliana crystal
jewelry made by William DeLizza and Harold
Elster from 1947 to the 1990s. Over 375 color
photographs display striking designs revealing
many rare pieces that display great quality.
Information is provided on the makers, design
elements, and construction techniques, with
details to assist in identification.
Kenneth Jay Lane FABULOUS: Jewelry &
Nancy N. Schiffer. Kenneth Jay
Lanehascreatedhigh-fashionstyles forover forty
years for royalty, first ladies, celebrities, socialites,
movie stars, and ordinary smart-dressing women.
See his famous jewelry and accessories in over
700 beautiful color photographs. Vintage and
current styles are presented, including those
sold continuously for over 15 years on television
network QVC.
Jewelry from Kenneth Jay
Nancy N. Schiffer. Over 670 color photos
present Kenneth Jay Lane’s wide-ranging and
innovative costume jewelry, featuring designs
inspired by world cultures, ranging from Ancient
Egypt, Greece, and Rome to China, India, Byzan-
tium, and Arabia, to Pre-Columbian and Native
SouthwestAmerica,andTribalAfrica.Explore the
natural motifs and materials, including metals,
plastics, and costume gemstones.
Index • 256 pp.
Monet: The Master Jewelers.
Alice Vega,
with Photography by Terry Niefield. An in-depth
look at the Chernow brothers’ innovative and
style setting company, Monet. This visual cel-
ebration delves beyond basic gold necklaces
and earrings to show chokers, charms, cuff
bracelets, and many other pioneering looks.
A must-have for collectors, dealers, designers,
stylists, jewelry companies, and anyone with
an appreciation of costume jewelry.
Size: 9" x 12" • 420+ color and 190+ b/w images
Lea Stein
Judith Just.
Recognized as the most notable and
innovative designer of plastic jewelry
of the 20th century, here are laminat-
ed celluloid bracelets, pins, necklaces,
combs, picture frames, boxes, buttons,
and accessories in many shapes from Lea
Stein Paris. Foxes and running children
are some of her best known designs.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
jewelry: plastic & bakelite
20th Century Plastic Jewelry.
Roseann Et-
tinger. Lavish popular jewelry in many types of
plastics – from Bakelite, celluloid, and Lucite to
Plexiglas, natural plastics, and resins. Brooches,
necklaces, beads, and earrings appear in 365
color photos and period catalog pages. Popular
makers such as Trifari, Lisner, Coro, Kramer, KJL,
and Les Bernard, and more are well represented.
Price guide/Index • 160 pp.
Plastic Jewelry.
Lyngerda Kelly and Nancy Schiffer.
Revised & Expanded 5th Edition with Updated Price
Guide. More than 1,000 exciting pieces accompany the
story of plastic jewelry from the 1920s to the present in
this revised and expanded 5th edition. Original designs of
accompanied by text that gives the materials used and a
historyofthestyles.Updatedpriceguide included.(Former
Size:6"x9"•251color images•152pp.
Mid-century Plastic Jewelry.
Maxine Klein. The interesting, evolving
history of plastics used in jewelry. Over
400 beautiful color photos demonstrate
fabulous and innovative jewelry designs
from the1920s to the ’60s.Meet fashion
jewelry’s visionary major players and
learn the truth about a once-overlooked
arena of jewelry collecting.
Size: 11 x 8 1/2" • 400+ color photos •
Price Guide, Index • 176 pp.
Collecting Plastic Jewelry: A Handbook and
Price Guide.
Jan Lindenberger. With over 440 color
photos, this easy-to-use handbook and price guide is
designed to be taken into the field. It will be an invalu-
able aid at flea markets, yard collector evaluate plastic
jewelry, and providing prices to discover the best deals.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Plastic Bangles.
Lyn Tortoriello & Deborah
Lyons. An alluring dreambook and informative
handbook for collectors of plastic bangles, illus-
trated with both rare and more common pieces
in a profusion of colors and styles. Gorgeous
spreads arranged by designs and techniques
introduce the reader to the unexpected riches
of this collecting field. 415 color photos illustrate
thousands of bangles. Values are included.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
Bakelite Jewelry: The Art of the Carver.
Lyn Tortoriello and Deborah Lyons. Vintage
carved Bakelite jewelry, from the 1930s and
1940s, includes ever-popular bangles and hinged
bracelets, pins, dress clips, buckles, pendants,
and earrings as little works of art. These great
carved pieces demonstrate the art and pains-
taking craft of carving Bakelite and are hard to
find, valuable, and much coveted.
Bakelite Jewelry: Good • Better • Best.
Donna Wasserstrom & Leslie Piña. All the ques-
tions about Bakelite answered in a colorful,
richly illustrated book. Designed to inform as
well as delight, this book shows how to rate
quality-good,better,best-andexplores thebasics
of Bakelite, from dealers' secrets to historical
facts. All this, and a current price guide, will
make this a favorite of collectors.
Size:81/2"x11"•427colorphotos• 176 pp.
Bakelite Pins.
Karima Parry. Bakelite plastic costume
jewelry continues to be one of the hottest collectibles
around. An expert covers the history of Bakelite pins
including the evolution of their design, and sections on
testing, common decorative techniques, other vintage
plastic pins, and how to avoid fakes and reproductions.
It is lavishly illustrated with over 600 color photos and
has a clear price guide with every pin.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
Shultz Bakelite Jewelry.
Karima Parry. Cov-
ering the entire artistic career of Ron and Ester
Shultz, modern artists who rework vintage
Bakelite into startlingly beautiful contemporary
jewelry, this full color book shows hundreds
of pieces, including many rare earlier pieces,
along with notes on the Shultzs’ techniques
and designs, and pricing on almost every piece.
Price Guide • 160 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1662-1 •
The Best of Bakelite and Other
Plastic Jewelry.
Dee Battle & Alayne
Lesser. A treasure chest of superb jewelry
in Bakelite, Celluloid and Lucite. Drawn
from several of today’s leading Bakelite
collectors, some of the finest pieces every
produced include layered, carved, mold-
ed, translucent, painted and imbedded
jewelry styles.
Value Guide • 160 pp.
Art Deco Bakelite Jewelry & Boxes:
Cubism for Everyone.
Deborah &
Peter Keresztury and Nancy N. Schiffer.
The Art Deco style of the early 1930s in
Bakelite jewelry and boxes, with 100s
of items shown in color and described
with their current values. This book
demonstrates how Art Deco style fits
into the Depression era, providing color,
simplicity, and economy.
Price Guide • 144 pp. ISBN:0-7643-1347-9•hardcover•$39.95
The Bakelite Collection.
Matthew L. Burk-
holz. Over 750 stunning color photos illustrate
Bakelite collectors’ stories, experiences, and
lovingly assembled collections in a book to
delight every collector of this colorful jewelry.
Fantastic jewelryarraysareshowcased in luscious
detail, in a design that intensifies their beauty.
A price guide makes it a truly valuable book.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
jewelry: rhinestones
Rainbow of Rhinestone Jewelry.
Sandy Fichtner
& Lynn Ann Russell. Thousands of beautiful rhine-
stone creations illustrated in over 450 color photos.
Signed and unsigned jewelry pieces are arranged by
color and design and presented with important facts
and practical advice on the joy of owning beautiful
rhinestone jewelry, including suggestions for care,
cleaning, repair and storage.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
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