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jewelry: Native American, silver & fine Vintage
Southwestern Indian Rings.
Paula A. Baxter.
Photography by Barry Katzen. A fascinating
variety of American Indian rings from the
southwestern United States appear in more
than 350 color photos. This book provides a
design history of these rings, beginning with
pre-contact artifacts and continuing through
to contemporary artistic innovations. A guide
to valuation issues and resources is offered
for collectors.
Zuni Jewelry.
Revised 3rd Edition
. Theda
and Michael Bassman, with photography by
Gene Balzer. The lovely stone inlay work in Zuni
jewelry is world famous and here it is shown in
popular forms for men and women. 90 brilliant
color photographs and a brand new price guide
present hundreds of Zuni jewelry forms to tempt
and delight collectors throughout Asia, Europe
and America. Modern artists are identified.
Fred Harvey Jewelry: 1900-1955.
June. With nearly 100 images of SW Indian
jewelry supplemented by early 1900s Harvey
Company Photostint postcards, this book paints
a vivid and colorful picture of life in America’s
southwestern frontier. Included is a significantly
researched timeline and “tips & tricks” to clarify
the historical subject. Provides a fresh vantage
from which to understand the complex world
of early silver Indian jewelry and its champion,
Fred Harvey Jewelry.
Mexican Silver Jewelry Details.
Leslie Piña. Over 1150 photos the most
popular silver jewelry from Mexico, in
full color. The focus is on popular and
plentiful jewelry, from lesser-known or
anonymous makers, with strong artistic
merit. Includes in-depth information,
values, hallmarks, and an illustrated
Size: 11 3/4" x 9" • 1154 color photos •
Mexican Jewelry & Metal Art.
Leslie Piña. Mexican jewelry and metal
art made of copper, brass, alpaca, and
silver. The variety in color, texture, and
form is wonderful. Detailed captions
with value ranges accompany the
1000+ color photos of jewelry, boxes,
tableware, and wall art.
Size: 11 3/4" x 9" • 1272 color photos •
The William Spratling Legacy.
Sandy Baum.
Foreword by Violante and Consuelo Ulrich. This
book concentrates on how William Spratling’s
talent for creating silver jewelry in Taxco, Mexico,
led US Interior Department personnel to invite
him, in 1945, to create a similar program for
Alaska’s natives. Thirty never-before-seen Alas-
kan models and with their original designs are
presented here along with Spratling’s original
1945 Report to the Arts and Crafts Board.
Size:81/2"x11"•294 images•168pp.
Margot Van Voorhies: The Art of Mexican
PennyC.Morrill. Inthemid-20th
century, the American Margot Van Voorhies
went to Taxco, Mexico, and established a jew-
elry design business best known for exquisite
enamelwork. Her designs are distinctive, often
based on spiral motifs inspired by vines and floral
imagery. Glorious colored enamels in brilliant
hues and original designs distinguish the work
of Margot de Taxco.
Mexican Silver: Modern Handwrought
Jewelry and Metalwork.
Revised & Ex-
panded 4th Edition
. Penny ChittimMorrill &
Carole A. Berk. The silver renaissance in Mexico
from the 1920s to the present. Over 400 color
photos showcase jewelry, tableware and art
works in silver. This book is the definitive study
of Mexican silver jewelry and decorative objects.
The newly updated price guide is helpful in
today’s market. Greatly expanded marks section.
Silver Masters of Mexico: Héctor Aguilar
and the Taller Borda.
Penny C. Morrill. Master
designers and silversmiths with particular focus
on Héctor Aguilar, and the personnel at this
workshop. Valentin Vidaurreta, Los Castillo, Wil-
liam Spratling, Antonio Pineda, Hubert Harmon,
Enrique Ledesma, and many more craftsmen
are included. Beautifully illustrated with 100s
of examples of their artistry, with current values.
Price Guide/Index • 224 pp.
jewelry: silver
Georg Jensen: A Tradition of Splendid
Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition
JanetDrucker.Anexpansivestudyof thedesignsof
Georg Jensen (1866-1935) and company, covering
jewelry, hollowware, and flatware designed and
produced from 1904 to the present. Jensen’s life
and the company he founded are thoroughly
researched and interpretation of the marks used
on Jensen silver is provided.
Price Guide/Index • 312 pp.
Jensen Silver: The American Designs.
Nancy Schiffer and Janet Drucker. Sterling Silver
jewelry and tableware that was sold at the
Jensen store in New York City included designs
by American craftsmen, especially William De
MatteoandAlphonseLaPaglia, in the late1940s.
Through newly found documentation, original
working drawings, and careful analysis, these
vintage silver items finally can be identified and
appreciated for their specialty status among the
finest luxury goods.
Size:9"x12"•495colorphotos• Index•192pp.
Georg Jensen: 20th Century De-
Preface by Janet Drucker and
William Drucker. Jewelry and hollow-
ware catalog pages from Georg Jen-
sen brings eagerly sought information
together in one volume. Hard to find,
the original catalogs provide primary
information to enable identification
of thousands of pieces found on the
vintage market today.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
Silver Jewelry Designs: Evaluating Quality
Good * Better * Best.
Nancy N. Schiffer. This
book takes the reader through the designs and
relationships of Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art
Nouveau, Art Deco, Mexican, Native American,
right up to the 1990s. Over 700 beautiful color
photographs show the details, makers’ marks,
and fine workmanship of each piece.
Silver Jewelry Treasures.
3rd edition, revised
Nancy N. Schiffer. This is a treasury of silver jewelry
from 20th century European, American Indian, Mexican,
and modern designers. The many styles of jewelry are
chronologically arranged. More than 250 dynamic color
photographs, text, and updated values in the captions
make this a handy and vital reference.
Price Guide/Index • 144 pp.
jewelry: fine vintage
Estate Jewelry: 1760-1960.
Revised & Ex-
panded 2nd Edition
. Diana Sanders Cinamon.
The revised and expanded second edition of this
popular and easy-to-follow book is a thorough
reference to antique and period jewelry, created
over a 200-year period in Canada, Europe, the
UK, and the US.
Size:81/2"x11"•688 illustrations•
I Love Those Earrings! A Popular History
from Ancient to Modern Day.
Jane Merrill,
with Chris Filstrup. A unique and spirited history,
continuous from ancient times to the present,
focusing on a single type of jewelry and its
wearers. Celebrating the subject in a style as
intimate and charming as the earring itself, the
author explores the rich cultural context of these
personal ornaments.
Size:9"x12"•325 images•224pp.
Handbook of Fine Jewelry.
Nancy N. Schiffer.
An important handbook for lovers of fine jewelry.
Hundreds of specialized terms from the jewelry
world are explored in this easy-to-use, encyclope-
dic book. From A to Z, jewelry terms from ancient
to modern are defined and lavishly illustrated with
hundreds of beautiful color photos.
Size:9"x12"•600photos• Index•224pp.
Generations of Jewelry.
Gerhart Egger. This
beautiful history of the developing trends in
European jewelry has examples from the Italian
Renaissance, Dutch 17th century, Baroque, the
19th century, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and the
important houses of Tiffany, Cartier, and Philipps
in the 20th century. Over 450 photographs
illustrate this important work.
Size:9"x12’’•465photos• Index•224pp.
The Power of Jewelry.
photos of magnificent jewelry and fascinating
legends associated with the different gemstones
are combined to form a unique, fresh approach
to antique and modern jewelry. European and
American jewelry styles spanning 300 years
proclaim the social, political, and financial power
of their owners.
Size:9"x12’’•480colorphotos Index • 256 pp.
Theodor Fahrner Jewelry: Between
Avant-Garde and Tradition.
Ulrike von Hase-
Schmundt, Christianne Weber, and Ingeborg
Becker. Stunning Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and
modern jewelry by the firm of Theodor Fahrner
is displayed in this detailed chronological study.
100s of pieces are illustrated along with adver-
tisements, original design sketches, all known
marks, and pictures of the important people.
European Designer Jewelry.
Ginger Moro.
The dramatic evolution of 20th century European
jewelry design, documenting the innovative
trends, sources, and makers. Artists’ limited-edi-
tion creations, as well as fashion and costume
jewelry,areexplored through thewell-researched
text, over 700 wonderful photos and vintage
prints. Biographical sketches are provided for
the artists and couturiers who worked closely
with the fashion designers.
Size:81/2"x11"•707photos•Price Guide • 304
pp. ISBN:0-88740-823-0•hardcover•$79.95
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