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Color: Light, Sight, Sense.
Moritz Zwimpfer.
A classic color theory reference. Arranged to
follow light from a stimulus outside the human
body, through the reaction of the visual organs
of the body, and ultimately to the occurrence of
the visual experience in the brain.
Size: 9 1/4" x 12" • 100s of color & b/w photos and
Book of American Types: Standard Faces.
More than 300 printing type fonts, each shown
in its entirety, along with examples of body fonts
in various sizes and leadings, and a host of initials
and monograms. A standard reference in any
graphic design library. Includes a wonderful
assortment of Art Deco faces.
Size:81/2"x11"•300+ fonts•208pp.
Paper Textures: Royalty Free Art for De-
With two CDs. A treasury of textures,
this beautiful book and its accompanying Mac
and PC Compatible CDs are filled with 114 colorful
images of handmade papers, from soft and subtle
to deeply marbled and highly textured. Ready-
to-use high resolution images.
96 pp. • With CD-Rom
World Designs: 1200 Historic Patterns with
Royalty-free CD
. Decorative designs, from
civilizations over 3000 years, are displayed here
and on CD. The designs, most shown in beautiful
color and exquisite detail, display Ancient, Gothic,
Renaissance, and Classic styles. A classic reference
and source for designers.
Size:9"x12"• 1203 images• 160pp.
With CD-Rom
Art Nouveau Era Graphics: Ornamental
Figures, Flowers, Emblems, Landscapes,
and Animals with DVD.
A rich treasury of
designs to inspire and enrich decorative arts
projects. Originally presented in the 1890s for use
in home interiors, ceramics, textiles, stationary,
stained glass, and ironwork.
Size:9"x12" •152pp.
500 color and 275 b/w graphics with CD-Rom
ISBN:0-7643-2042-4 •softcover •$34.95
Historic Christmas Art.
Mary L.
Martin and Tina Skinner. Enjoy charm-
ing clip-art dating back through the
turn of the century and up through
the Arts and Crafts movement of the
early 1930s. More than 300 royalty
free images are ready for application
to your professional projects or casual
communications, in a format suitable
for Mac or PC use.
Size:9"x6"•330color illustrations•176pp. 
Chinese Flower Art: Line Drawings with
Centuries of flower arrangement wisdom in
exquisite calligraphic representation. Each image
a perfect arrangement, delicately balanced within
an imaginary frame. Perfect for adaptation to art
projects in want of Asian flair. Traditional Chinese
characters accompany each.
Heraldic Designs: Royalty-free
Thousands of wonderful
motifs drawn from historic reference
works. Includes state seals, royal
seals, coats-of-arms, college frater-
nity emblems, and societal emblems
nautical and military motifs, armor,
rosettes, crowns, and much more.
Size:11"x8-1/2"•2,180b&w images
The Clothing Label Book: A Century of De-
Tina Skinner & Jenna Schuck. A wonderful
gallery for artists, textile manufacturers, and
graphic designers. Includes history and technical
information as well as a diverse selection of
actual labels to look at and be inspired by. A
resource guide lists many of today’s leading
clothing-label manufacturers.
Royalty-Free Art Resources
Foliage Textures: Royalty Free Art for
Compiled by Ginny Parfitt. This
beautiful book and its accompanying Mac and
PC compatible CD contain over 150 photographs
of summer, autumn, and evergreen foliage, as
well as grasses, groundcovers, and tropical and
succulent foliages.
Size:81/2"x11"• 150+colorphotosn
160 pp. • With CD-Rom
Fabulous Floor Patterns with
. “Jerry” S. F. Cooke III & Tina
Skinner. Explore hundreds of floor
patterns, from checkerboards and
wild tile configurations to florals,
faux marble, and fantastic par-
quetry. The enclosed CD-Rom
presents the images in various
formats, making it easy to exper-
iment with, manipulate, and apply.
Size:9"x6"• 400+color illustrations
w/ CD-Rom • 160 pp.
ISBN:0-7643-2291-5• hardcover• $34.95
Historic Holiday Art.
Tina Skinner
and Mary L. Martin. Charming clip-art
through the Arts and Crafts movement
of the early 1930s. Royalty free images
are perfect for today’s messages from
goneby.Nearly300 imagesareavailable
in a format suitable for Mac or PC use.
Size:9"x6"•295 color illus.•176pp.
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