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interior design: fireplaces
Color Perception in Art.
Faber Birren. The
relationship of visual perception to color expres-
sion in art is presented here in clear detail. Pho-
tographs of representative paintings, explanato-
ry line drawings, and abstract, geometric color
plates supplement the text.
Creative Color.
Faber Birren. Knowledge of
perception is the springboard to more inventive
use of color in art. Interesting experiments at the
endofeverychapter, teachyouhow toconsistently
produce effects that artists have rarely achieved.
Includes a list of Munsell-coded palettes.
Fire Spaces: Design Inspirations for
Fireplaces and Stoves.
Tina Skinner. Shows
fireplaces and stoves in almost every room,and
the yard too! Most are shown in room settings,
helping you to envision a fireplace as part of
your overall decor. The biggest book on the
market offering hundreds of wonderful images
of fireplaces and stoves.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 417 color photos • Resource
for Contemporary to Classic Styles.
to create your dream fireplace, be it contemporary
or a classic design. Step-by-step instructions walk
you through the process from start to finish, from
locationand installation tofinishing.
20 diagrams • 120 pp.
Constructing a Fireplace Mantel: Step-by-
Step from Plywood and Stock Moldings.
Steve Penberthy with Lawrence S. Welsh. A step-
by-stepguide forbuildingabeautifulmantelpiece
with a recessed face plate, paneled designs on
the legs and face plate, and the possibility for
an infinite number of variations. Using plywood
and stock moldings, each action is illustrated
with a color photo and a clear explanation.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 330 color photos, + drawings
Step-by-step to a Classic Fireplace Mantel
Steve Penberthy with Gary Jones. Build a classic
mantel from stock materials and moldings, and
tools found in the most basic of workshops. From
measurement to the finished product, each step
is illustrated with color photos and concise
instructions. In the back are photographs of
many design variations that can be made using
the same building techniques.
Line drawings • 64 pp.
Design Theory
Resources for decorators & Interior Designers
Geometric Ornament in Architecture, Art,
and Design.
Thomas & Claudia Weil. Long
before the recently occurring renaissance of the
ornament, the Weil's Studio developed 1,000
contemporary ornaments in 14 groups. These
are introduced here, together with applications
in architecture, art and design, as well as an
overview in the history of the modern ornament.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 670 designs & 55 color photos
Evolution in Color.
Frans Gerritsen. An overview
of the theories of color from antiquity to the
present. An indispensable study for all who work
with color including artists, glazers, architects,
decorators, designers, ceramic and textile artists,
and the student of color theory.
Size: 7 3/4" x 10" • hundreds of b/w and color illus-
Principles of Color.
Faber Birren. Dealing
with traditional principles of harmony as well as
advanced principles derived frommodern studies
of the psychology of human color perception. A
well-organized approach to achieving harmony
with color.
Size: 8" x 8" • 8 color plates, 36 b/w photos, 41
The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of
Colors: and Their Applications to the Arts.
M.E. Chevreul with new material by Faber Birren.
This masterwork by the renowned 19th century
scientist and authority on color is unquestionably
one of the greatest books ever written on color.
The original color is restored. An introduction and
explanatory notes by Faber Birren.
Color Theory
Light, Color & Environment.
Faber Birren. A
classic study of the profound effect of color in the
places we inhabit, our homes, offices, factories,
hospitals and schools. The author shares his
findings and the practical applications toward
healthier and more creative environments.
42 linedrawings•128pp.
The Window Treatment Workbook.
Fitch. Over 600 artful watercolor renderings of
window treatments combined with a CD of all
the images make this the most useful, practical
book available. Professional decorators and
homeowners alike will love it.
600+ watercolor paintings • 2 CD Roms
AWallpaper and Textiles Playbook
for Interior Design: Tropical & Exot-
240 double-sided full color flip panels
allow you to create unique combinations
for interior decor. Wallpaper and textile
swatches illustrate tropical and exotic
designs from palm trees to elephants
to exotic birds.
AWallpaper Playbook for Interior
Design: Country.
allowyou tocreateuniquecombinations
for your home decor. Color wallpaper
swatches in country patterns including
Tuscan, French, British, and Americana
inspired patterns. The book features 30
complete room shots for inspiration, 37
borders and 250 wall and trim designs,
and thousandsofpossiblecombinations.
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