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interior design: kitchens, wine cellars, baths, bedrooms & specialty rooms
Old World Kitchens and Bathrooms: A
Design Guide.
Melissa Cardona. Captures
the textures, design, colors, and craftsmanship
that evoke European ideals of a bygone era.
Explore kitchens and baths rich in the fine
details that characterize Provencal,Tuscan,and
English country designs.
ISBN:978-0-7643-2078-1• softcover•$19.99
Contemporary Kitchens: A Style Portfolio.
Melissa Cardona. Hundreds of contemporary
kitchens demonstrate sleek space-age designs,
minimalist masterpieces, and traditional kitchens
with a modern flair. Actual projects from top
designers and cabinetry manufacturers will
keep homeowners, architects, and designers
turning the pages enthusiastically.
European Style Kitchen Design.
Tina Skinner.
Enjoy rooms replete with details carefully drawn
from stately homes in the mediterranean hill
towns of Provence and Tuscany, the Moorish
influences of Spanish Haciendas, the elegance
and extravagances of Parisian apartments, and
the time-honored traditions of panelled estates
of Britain.
Traditional Style Kitchens: Modern De-
signs Inspired by the Past.
Melissa Cardona.
Arts & Crafts, in addition toTraditional Country
and Farmhouse kitchens are shown in over 150
gorgeous color photos.
Country Style Kitchens: An Inspiring
Design Guide.
Tina Skinner. Gorgeous color
photos of country style kitchens have been
compiled to inspire homeowners, designers,
architects,andbuilderswithhundredsof ideas in
colors, finishes, cabinetry, countertop materials,
lighting, and flooring.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 250 color photos • Resource
The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Book.
Carpenter. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition.
Wood-fired ovens are enormously popular today
because of the unique taste only real wood fire
can instill into meat and fish, vegetables, fresh
bread, and of course, pizza. A wide variety of
indoor and outdoor brick, stucco, and stone
structures will inspire you to design the perfect
setting for your own oven. This second edition
features 4 new recipes.
interior design: wine cellars
Designing Wine Cellars.
Dagmar Kreutzer &Martin
Palz. Learn to determine where and how best to store
wine, which holders make for easiest wine retrieval,
collecting strategies, proper wine aging, and what
is a safe load capacity for racks. Further, the text
advises on the proper storage temperature, lighting,
humidity, vibration, tilt, and the use of cork and other
bottle closures.
Wine Cellar Design.
Tina Skinner. Over 300
images of wine cellars immerse you into the
stylish and impressive world of today’s vin-
tage connoisseur. This book is packed with
ideas and technical information for designing
safe, stylish, beautiful wine cellars. Essays by
leading designers, and a section detailing the
proper construction of a wine cellar make this
an invaluable reference.
Size:9"x12"•330colorphotos,25 illus.•256pp.
Wine Cellars: An Exploration of
Stylish Storage.
Cardona.Visit more than 100 absolutely
stunning, private wine cellars in over
200 beautiful color photographs. Peruse
racking systems,tasting tables,and artful
touches, created by leading wine cellar
designers, including PaulWyatt,Kathleen
Valentini, Gary LaRose, and Doug Smith.
200+colorphotos• ISBN:0-7643-1965-5•hardcover•$49.95
interior design: baths
The Spa Bath.
Tina Skinner. Today’s top homes
include spa-scale master bath suites that serve
up far more than the traditional 10-minute
morning routine. Today’s luxury bath suites
include whirlpool tubs, multi-faceted showers
and soaking tubs, and, above all, space. A tour
through these pages, filled with over 250 images,
will inspire designers and homeowners setting
out to create their own in-home spas.
Size:81/2"x11"•250 images•128pp.
20th Century Bathroom Design by Kohler.
Tina Skinner.A chronological tour of bathrooms;
watch as they evolve from converted closets
to luxury centers. More than 400 images are
from advertising and designer rooms created
for Kohler Co.
Beautiful Bathrooms.
Tina Skinner. Explore
designer rooms through beautiful images that
will help you choose your color palette and style.
A resource guide at the back of the book will
help you locate designers and manufacturers
who can help mesh your style with the walls
and dimensions your home offers.
interior design: bedrooms
Beautiful Bedrooms: Design Inspirations
from theWorld’s Leading Inns and Hotels.
Tina Skinner. Enter more than 250 gorgeous
rooms and get inspiration for your own sleeping
quarters. From lofty hideaways to enormous,
two-room master suites, you’ll find ideas for
linens, curtains and upholstery, wallpaper and
window seats, beds, and even fireplaces. Size:
8 1/2" x 11" • 271 color photos • 160 pp. ISBN:
Children’s Rooms: From Newborns to
Tina Skinner, Melissa Cardona, and
NathanielWolfgang-Price.Hundreds of exciting
and innovative ideas for decorating your child’s
personal space, presented in gorgeous color
imagery. Visit dozens of designer rooms. Also
includes contacts for manufacturers.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 200+ color photos • Resource
Nursery Décor.
E. Ashley Rooney, with Jo Ann
Alston. Twenty-five design professionals display
a variety of looks for fun, age-appropriate
children’s rooms that can be easily updated
with new design themes over time. Included
are nurseries, toddler rooms, and play rooms
that feature a range of sizes, colors, and styles.
This is an ideal book for expecting parents
and growing families looking for some fun
décor inspiration.
Size:91/8"x81/8"•210color images•160pp.
Kid’s Decor: Interior Inspirations, Infants
Tina Skinner.Study more than
200 inspiring designer rooms that will help
you and your family create the perfect place
for your children, be they brand new babies
or budding teens.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 250+ color photos • Resource
interior design: specialty rooms
Entertainment Rooms: Home Theaters,
Bars, and Game Rooms.
Tina Skinner. Tour
homes where owners have invested in their
own private Shangri-Las, from upgraded enter-
tainment rooms to full-out theater experiences
complete with popcorn machines. See bars
ranging from simple corner counters to sports
bars complete with multiple viewing screens and
billiard tables, along with wine cellars, tasting
rooms, and indoor pools.
Home Theaters and Electronic
CEDIA & Tina Skinner. Enjoy
flat-screenandplasmaentertainments in
pool rooms, home sports bars, and
more. Includes equipment lists for many
of the projects, an essay on the art of
wiring complicated entertainment and
Bright Ideas:Sunrooms & Conservatories.
Tina Skinner. Interior and exterior photos pres-
ent ideas for furnishing your indoor extension
into the great outdoors, from formal dining
areas to comfy family gathering spots, plus tub
and pool rooms, patio rooms and indoor gar-
dens, even kitchens and fanciful Florida rooms.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 189 photos • Resource Guide
Home Office, Library, and Den Design.
Tina Skinner.Visit more than 200 private offices,
dens,and libraries. If you are looking for design
inspiration, this book is packed with ideas for
floor layouts, paneling and shelving systems,
storage systems, and color schemes.
Making Tracks: Unique Recording Studios.
Jeff Touzeau. Tour of eighteen one-of-a-kind
in converted barns, firehouses, railroad stations,
churches, and sawmills; and on an island in a
lake and the Navy yard in Brooklyn. Written in
interview form, author Jeff Touzeau manages to
capture the personalities of the studios and the
passions of the people behind them.
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