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Interior design: period decor & kitchens
Delicious Christmas Decorations at His-
toric Houses and Your Home.
Patricia Hart
McMillan.Usingdecorationsof fruitsandgreens
from historic homes across the nation, this book
provides essential details to creating colorful
decorations for your entryways, consoles, man-
tels, bedrooms, dining rooms, and the kitchen.
Color photos showcase authentically made and
faux botanical decorations, with instructions
for drying your own fruit.
Size:91/8"x81/8"•75color images•96pp.
Decorating for Christmas at Historic Hous-
Patricia Hart McMillan & Katharine Kaye
McMillan. The beauty of Christmas displayed
through decorated historic homes from around
the country. Tour 27 houses and see how history
comes alive in a festive way during the holiday
season. With more than 300 color images, both
magnificent estates and simple residences offer
a variety of styles, tastes, and ideas to inspire
your own celebrations.
Size:81/2"x11"•328color images•224pp.
Christmas at Historic Houses.
Revised 2nd
. Patricia Hart McMillan and Katharine
Kaye McMillan. In this second edition, see how
Christmas is celebrated in some of the thirty
specially decorated houses from across America.
Engaging text and over 420 color photos provide
the history, customs, and traditions of these
historic homesteads. Both magnificent estates
and simple residences offer a variety of styles,
tastes, and ideas to inspire your own celebrations.
California Revival: Vintage Decor for To-
day’s Homes.
Carole Coates & Annie Dietz. A
new movement, featuring vintage furnishings,
art pottery, tile, paintings and decorative arts
from California’s Spanish Revival period of the
1920s to 1940s, in today’s homes. Go inside
ten “real” homes, showing you how to achieve
this enlivening and color-saturated style. Over
600 color images with detailed captions and
an engaging text.
Art Decoscapes: The Art of Displaying
Yesterday Today.
Wallace. Art Deco and 20th Century design
groupings by manufacturer, material, color,
or function are all illustrated with over 120
stunning full color photographs, each with an
accompanying diagram to explain the techniques
used in their composition. Over 1000 individual
pieces including furniture, lighting, pottery, glass,
and a wide variety of decorative accessories.
Inside Art Deco: A Pictorial Tour of
Deco Interiors from Their Origins to
Lucy D. Rosenfeld. Celebrates an
era of brilliant architecture, striking interior
design, elegant furniture, and superb objets
d’art during the 1920s and 1930s.This amply
illustrated survey traces the origins of Deco
interiors in Europe and follows its American
• Index•256pp.
Inspiring Interiors fromArmstrong: 1950s.
C. Eugene Moore. Over 250 photographs of room
interiors thatappeared inpopularmagazines from
the ‘50s, inspiring the looks we now associate
with that decade. Each one offers new decorating
ideas that set the standard for the 1950s with
furniture, floor coverings, accessories, and home
improvements. A crash course in imaginative
interior design of the 1950s.
Interior Solutions from Armstrong: 1960s.
Eugene Moore. Beautiful, idea-filled room interiors
seen in American popular magazines in the 1960s
are shown in photos with detailed identification.
These rooms reflected the changing culture inAmer-
ica where homes were enlarged to accommodate
growing families and rooms were decorated with
provided solutions from which people today can
draw useful ideas.
interior design:kitchens
Fine Kitchens & Cabinetry.
Tina Skinner.
Kitchen designers from coast to coast show off
what they have accomplished in custom design.
This collection of high-end kitchen images will
delight and inspire you as you plan your new
kitchen or the renovation of an older space. A
wide variety of styles are explored, from sleek
contemporary kitchens to richly ornate classical
styles. Each is sure to impress and awe.
Kitchen Design: A Visual Library.
Skinner. Beautiful color images help you choose
cabinet door styles, wood finishes, floor textures,
and colors to suit your tastes. Special emphasis
is placed on the small to mid-size kitchen, with
great examples of storage solutions and space
enhancing designs.
Resource Guide • 144 pp.
Big Book of Kitchen Design Ideas.
Skinner. Over 300 color photographs of
kitchens including award-winning and fancy
product ideas from manufacturers of cabinetry,
countertops, windows, appliances, and floors.
Contemporary,country,classic European,early
American, and Art Deco kitchens.
Size:81/2"x 11"•321colorphotos•144pp.
Great Kitchens.
Jack & Oleta Neith. The
dreamiestkitchensarepresented in thiscollection
of over 325 exquisite photographs. This visual
library of ideas includes examples of storage
solutions, unusual surfaces and colors, and
creative ways to utilize space efficiently and
elegantly. Go ahead, let yourself be inspired!
The Kitchen Guide.
Laura Jensen & photog-
rapher Steven P. Whitsitt. The 427 color photos
display many kitchen styles designed by special-
ists.Treatments foreveryaspectofkitchendesign
are explored, including architectural elements,
work space, and details. This book is both an
idea generator and a means of facilitating clear
communication between design professionals
and their consumers.
The Best of Today’s Kitchen Design.
Skinner. Leading designers and manufacturers
share their best work in this compendium of
extraordinary designs. All styles and schools of
design are represented, from contemporary to
traditional, from Southwestern to Old World.
Creating Your CustomKitchen.
Tina Skinner.
Enter more than 50 kitchens, each carefully
planned and perfectly primped to inspire you.
These pages are packed with professional design
ideas to help you create a culinary paradise, with
an emphasis on fine cabinetry and built-ins.
Great Kitchen Designs: A Visual Feast of
Ideas and Resources.
Tina Skinner. Full-color
pictures of hundreds of beautiful kitchens help
you create your own unique environment.All the
elements of beautiful kitchens—flooring, cabi-
netry, windows, walls, lighting, appliances, sur-
rounds, backsplashes and more—are pictured.
Custom Kitchens: 50 Designs to Satisfy
Your Appetite.
Melissa Cardona & Nathaniel
Wolfgang-Price. Explore 50 custom kitchens
through gorgeous color photography. Kitchen
design professionals detail the planning process
and address layout and style in relation to the
lifestyles and needs of homeowners.
ISBN:0-7643-2396-2 •hardcover•$29.95
Dream Kitchens: The Heart of the
John Olson & Cassidy Olson.Visit
hundreds of kitchens.Each chapter high-
lights a particular design theme. Color
schemes, design layout, and accessories
are just some of the areas covered.
Remodeled Kitchens & Baths: Dramatic
Tina Skinner & Melissa Cardona.
Images and interviews with professional design-
ers illustrate the dramatic results of changes,
big and small, in over 50 projects. Floorplans
address common structural problems and var-
ious solutions.
The Countertop Book.
Mary Anne Piccirillo.
This book displays and discusses today’s most
popular countertop surfacing materials, including
glass, concrete, ceramics, laminates, repurposed
materials, stones, metals, and wood. Over
390 color photos present these materials and
innovative countertop features, such as optics
embedded in concrete, backlighting semi-pre-
cious gemstones, unusual textures, and colors.
Spectacular Small Kitchens: Design
Ideas for Urban Spaces.
E. Ashley Rooney.
Experts offer advice on the right choices of
cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting,
and storage for compact spaces. Learn how
professional designers tackle the problems
of a small kitchen.
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