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interior design: showhouses, international influences, period decor
interior design: general
Shore Décor: Design at theWater’s
E. Ashley Rooney, with Andreas
Charalambous. Homes that sit on the
water’s edge offer tranquility and tra-
dition that have long been part of the
American dream. For those looking to
pursue that dream as a vacation home,
a vacation to retirement home, or pri-
mary residence, this image-driven decor
book presents more than 50 waterfront
homes in the continental USA. •Size:113/4"x9"•345+colorphotos•208pp.
Best of Today’s Interior Design.
Tina Skinner.
Tour the private work of interior decorators
around the United States, visiting rooms ranging
from luxury spa baths to grand living rooms and
incredible kitchens. Additionally, there are media
rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, dens, and
dining areas to explore. The pages are packed
with ideas for window and floor treatments,
furnishings, and color combinations.
Small Space Living.
Christine Brun. Over
300 color photos display small homes and their
furnishings. Read the history of small homes, the
concept of dual-use space, as well as flexible
and built-in furnishings. Chapters are devoted to
the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom,
and bathroom.
Gracious Living: Home Design for Your
Naomi Neville and E. Ashley Rooney.
Foreword by Dr. Jill M. Bjerke. Over 200 color
photos illustrate the variety of architectural
designs for “aging in place” created by many
architects and designers. The general concepts
brought forward help to create flexible, per-
sonal space, highlighting solutions that can be
utilized in multiple contexts. The goal is to give
homeowners increased independence, allowing
them to envision and create their own future.
Size:9"x12" •207colorphotos• Index•160pp.
Design on the Fly: Quick and Easy Home
Décor Tips for the Busy Household.
Molly B.
McLean. Simple and quick home design tricks
that are easy to achieve, no matter how tight
your time! Each room is given its own chapter
of design ideas and projects, streamlined into
time-specific categories: one hour, two hour,
and weekend-length commitments. This book is
a must for any busy family that wants to create
a stylish home while maximizing their meager spare time.
Inspired High-End Interior Design.
Shane Reilly. A collection of interiors
by 77 of the country’s leading interior
designers. Examining the different
sources of inspiration for design, au-
thor Shane Reilly unveils the intricacies
of what forms the concept behind the
look of a room. Over 300 photographs
of beautiful rooms enrich the reader’s
understanding of the interior design
creative process. •Size:11"x81/2"•300+colorphotos•192pp.
Hollywood Bachelor Pads.
Carol Kipling.
When you’re a bachelor rock star, the bedroom
can be a very, um, significant feature. 300 vivid
color photographs reveal an insider’s view of
these killer bachelor pads of rock stars, actors,
producers, and financiers. Get an inside look at
the roomswherediscerningmenwithdemanding
careers let loose at home.
Basic Carpentry and Interior Design Proj-
ects for the Home and Garden: Make It
Anna and Anders Jeppsson. An in-
spiring do-it-yourself guide. With its almost 50
projects and many lovely interior photos, this
manual is an idea bank for the hobbyist as well
as the interior designer to dip into. Emphasis is
placed on form and function. Finished projects
are not just aesthetically pleasing but safely
stable as well.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 278 color photos & diagrams
interior design: showhouses
Showhouses 1: A Decorators’ Tour.
Skinner. Over 370 color photos capture dynamic
rooms created by today’s interior designers in
historic homes across the nation for Decorator
Showhouse events. Every room that has received
the designer’s touch, from the foyer to the master
suite, is displayed. Also provided are lists of the
participating designers and Showhouse events
occurring around the nation.
Showhouses 2: A Decorators’ Tour.
B. Snyder. 330 color photos reveal the recent
works of talented interior designers at twenty
Decorator Showhouse events around the country.
These designers transform rooms in historical
houses into works of art. Readers will move
through the showhouses room by room. Also
provided are lists of participating designers and
Showhouse events around the U.S.
Showhouses 3: A Decorators’ Tour.
frey B. Snyder. Over 200 color photos reveal
the recent contributions to interior design by
talented designers participating in Decorator
Showhouse events across the United States.
volunteers, transform rooms of historical houses
into masterful works of art. Tour these historic
homes from the foyer to the upstairs bedrooms
and lofts for new trends in interior design.
Showhouse Review: An Exposé of Interior
Decorating Events.
Tina Skinner. Travel coast
to coast and witness many of the country’s pre-
to over 30 different events and highlights the
work of over 150 designers featured in glorious
color. Enjoy your tour!
Decorator Show Houses: Tour 250 De-
signer Rooms.
Tina Skinner, Melissa Cardona,
& Nancy Ottino.For the price of admission to one
show house and a modest luncheon, you’ll get
to tour 50 different show houses and over 250
spectacular rooms, where designers have pulled
out all the stops to showcase their very best.
Designer Showcase: Interior Design at its
NewYork,presentinga fascinatingarrayofdesign
styles. Foyers, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms,
baths, livingrooms,outdoorareas,kidspaces,wine
cellars, media rooms, and studies are all included.
interior design: international influences
San Miguel’s Mexican Interiors.
Sandy Baum. San Miguel retains old-
world charm as many of its elegant
buildings have been preserved. In its
extraordinary homes see charming
doors, living rooms, kitchens, dining
rooms, bedrooms, stairways, lighting,
art, and talavera ceramics.
Traditional Mexican Style Interiors.
Text by
of some of the most beautiful old, new, and re-
modeledMexican-style homes are compiled here.
Twelve chapters illustrate beautiful entryways,
living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms,
bathrooms, ceilings and floors, stairways, niches,
fireplaces, lighting, and arts.
Colores: Mexican Interiors.
Baum. The blank exteriors of many
Mexican houses conceal interiors alive
with rainbows of color. Over 300 col-
or photos present fascinating doors,
interior rooms, stairways, fireplaces,
lighting, ceilings, floors, and details to
inspire today’s homeowners, architects,
and decorators who seek to live with
authentic Mexican character.
Size:11" x81/2"•241colorphotos•160pp.
interior design: period decor
Victorian Decor.
Martin M. May. The best
craftsmanship in home furnishings of the late
19th century is documented in this beautiful
study. An overview of Victorian architectural
antiques, stained glass windows, furniture, art
glass, lighting devices, match holders, and poster
art appear in chapters that explain the develop-
ment of the forms and show examples in over
400 color photographs. Period room settings as
well as single items are featured
Today’s Historic Interiors.
E. Ashley Rooney,
with Caroline Dunlop Millet. Tour historic homes
and other buildings that have been altered to
accommodate 21st century lifestyles. Through
388 images, 42 architects and designers provide
tips for turning yesterday’s old building into your
dream home, including an 1855 Gambrel and
a 20th century Georgetown house.
Size:81/2"x11"•338color images•192pp.
25 Gunfighter Patterns for Carvers.
Photography by Jack Lisiecki.
Al Streetman goes west with a new carving and
pattern book. This time he shares the secrets of
carving the western gunfighter, and provides
the carver with 25 creative patterns...enough
for the O.K. Corral and more!
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 150 color photos
25 patterns • 64 pp.
ISBN: 0-88740-783-8 • soft cover • $12.95
Passion for Primitives: Folk Décor for
Interior Design.
Franklin & Esther Schmidt. This
book shows the wide range of design possibilities
using these one-of-a-kind primitive furnishings
in every style of home, from the rustic country
to modern. Through lush photography, it covers
everything from furniture toarchitecturalelements
to displaying country collectibles and folk art.
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