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Historic Garden Designs • hardscape
The Art of Garden Design in Italy.
H. Inigo
Triggs. Study great gardens in Rome, Florence,
Milan, and visit the Vatican, royal palaces, and
secluded cloisters at the turn of the century
with one of Britain’s most important architects.
Inspiration for anyone planning an estate garden
and an indispensable reference for historians.
Size:9"x12"•156b/wphotos&94 linedrawings
Spanish Gardens & Patios.
Mildred Stapley
of ideas in the forms of architecture, hardscaping,
and landscaping. It is also a wonderful tour of his-
toricgardens, includingtheAlhambra,andgardens
of notables including the Duke of Medinaceli, the
Duke of Alva, Seville, and the Marques de Viana,
Cordova.Regionscovered includeGranada,Ronda,
Las Ermitas, Sierra de Cordova, and Majorca.
Victorian Gardens.
Caroline Holmes. Many
restorations and re-creations of Victorian gar-
dens are highlighted, including Osborne House,
on the Isle of Wight (Queen Victoria’s country
home), Biddulph Grange in Staffordshire, and
Down House in Kent (home to Charles Darwin).
AuthenticVictorian writings, design instructions,
and illustrations guide the modern gardener.
California Gardens of the Arts & Crafts
Eugene O. Murmann. Historic Cali-
fornia garden design as recorded by Eugene
O. Murmann (1900-1962). Released in 1914,
the book details 50 garden plans with 103
photographs of actual gardens. This book is
a wealth of imagery and ideas about Arts &
Crafts era sensibilities, Japanese gardens, and
Mission-influenced landscape design.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 154 b/w photos & illustrations
Built with Stone: Eight Contemporary Ar-
Steven Paul Whitsitt & Jesse Marth. This
design book showcases the work of eight master
stoneworkers in a wide variety of interior and
exterior projects. Large, full-color photography
captures stone constructions including retaining
walls, steps, fireplaces, patios, water features,
and free standing structures.
Petite Patios & Intimate Garden Spaces.
Gisela Keil, Nik Barlo Jr., and Christa Brand.
Explore innovative ideas for designing and
decorating private porches, patios, pagodas,
and decks that provide the perfect space for
outdoor living and the intimacy of a small
room. Packed with inspiration for spaces that
provide escape, relaxation, meditation, and a
small refuge for gathering.
The Patio Portfolio: An Inspirational De-
sign Guide.
David R.Smith and ICPI.Over 200
beautiful color photographs show patios of all
shapes and sizes, from quaint and picturesque,
to grand and elegant, for any kind of budget.
Visually explore dozens of patios,studying their
shapes, colors, textures, and patterns.
ISBN:0-7643-2050-5•softcover• $19.95
Creative Patios.
Tina Skinner. This collection
of beautiful photographs showcases the
artistry of those who sculpt outdoor living
environments with solid rock, impressed and
tinted concrete, and brick in many forms. This
will help you choose a patio style suitable for
your home, learn to speak your contractor’s
language, and pick a plan that fits your style.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 310 photos • Resource Guide
Patios, Driveways, and Plazas: The Pat-
tern Language of Concrete Pavers.
R. Smith & Interlocking Concrete Pavement
Institute.Concrete pavers are one of the hottest
pavements around homes, commercial build-
ings, and urban spaces. 300-plus color photos
demonstrate how specific patterns, colors, and
textures enhance every outdoor environment.
Size:81/2"x11"• 327colorphotos•192pp.
ISBN:0-7643-1561-7•softcover• $29.95
Paver Projects: Designs for Amazing
Outdoor Environments
. Melissa Cardona &
PaverModule. Over 300 full color images show-
case innovative paver shapes, textures, colors,
and finishes, as well as a wide variety of classic
pavers in a stunning collection of residential and
commercial projects by professionals.
Pavers 101: Patios and Other Projects You
Can Do.
Tina Skinner. Includes a wonderful
circular patio centered around a firepit, to a
demonstration walkway that illustrates how to
lay basketweave, running brick, and herringbone
patterns, along with a special chapter on per-
meable paving. Clear photos detail every step
in the process, and a gallery of more than 100
finished projects will inspire you to get to work.
Walkways & Drives : Design Ideas for
Making Grand Entrances.
Tina Skinner.
Forget the plain old, unadorned concrete slabs
of the past! Today’s landscape designers add
curb appeal and value to homes using a wide
pallet of colorful and textural products. Shows
how hardscaping improves the appearance
of a home.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 300 photos • Resource Guide
Building Dry-stack Stone Walls.
Rob Gal-
lagher, Sean Malone & Joe Piazza. Provides
thorough, step-by-step procedures for three
projects using stones of various sizes form the
smallest all the way up to boulders, with a focus
on a safe work environment. A gallery of wall
images will inspire you to start stacking.
Retaining Walls: A Building Guide and
Design Gallery.
NCMA & Tina Skinner. The
essential guide to constructing segmental
retaining walls with detailed, easy-to-fol-
low diagrams and charts for do-it-yourself
homeowners and landscape contractors alike.
Expertly written step-by-step guide, and offers
a plethora of landscaping ideas.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 146 color photos, 22 b/w dia-
Building Outdoor Environments with
Retaining Walls.
Tina Skinner. Step-by-
step instructions will walk you through the
process of creating these showpieces using
concrete products widely available on today’s
landscaping market. Over 250 color images
display outdoor kitchens, front entry courtyards,
water features, patio settings, flower beds,
and raised seating.
Backyards and Boulevards: A Portfolio
of Concrete Paver Projects.
David R. Smith,
Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.
Paver patterns, colors, and textures enhance
the smallest backyard patio to the grandest
streets, plazas, and shopping centers. Perfect
for architects, landscape architects,contractors,
and homeowners.
Size:81/2" x11"•332colorphotos•192pp.
ISBN:0-7643-2007-6•softcover• $29.95
Carving Comic Clocks.
Larry Green & Mike
Photography by Steve Smith.
Time will fly when you open the pages of
Carving Comic Clocks. In fact, you’ll find
yourself whittling away the hours carving
these whimsical creations. The book features
10 clock patterns carved in the relief style
from 3/4" wood.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 279 color photos • 64 pp.
10 patterns with 60 faces
ISBN: 0-88740-846-X • soft cover • $12.95
Hardscaping with Decorative Concrete.
Skinner. More than 200 color images take you on
a journey into the ever-evolving world of deco-
rative concrete. Explore techniques that recreate
favorite paving options for hardscaping projects
around the pool, patio, driveway and entryway
and walkways. This book is packed with ideas
for adding curb appeal to the front of your home.
Paving with Pervious Concrete.
Garber. Learn how pervious concrete prevents
runoff and ponding on sidewalks, bike paths,
driveways, parking lots, roads, and more. This
guide covers design and construction including
placing methods, selection of aggregates, and
hydrologic design. Over 100 color illustrations
display the paving process and results.
Decorating with Concrete Outdoors: Drive-
ways, Paths & Patios, Pool Decks, & More.
Tina Skinner.The rich look of stone, brickwork, and
worn cobble paving can be duplicated in concrete,
usually for less initial cost,and with vastly improved
walkways,and driveways,and much more.
Concrete Flatwork: For Homeowners
and Contractors.
George Garber. Learn all
you need to know to plan and complete small
concrete pavement jobs around the house, in-
cluding footpaths, driveways, patios, sports
surfaces, and indoor floor slabs. Covers basics
like ordering concrete, adding joints, and cur-
ing, with specialized topics including pervious
concrete and exposed-aggregate finishes, and
problem solving.
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