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Contemporary Landscape & Garden design • Historic Garden Designs
Kinder Gardens: Autumn Fun.
Lisa Ely
& Michael Glassman. With a little planning
and a bunch of fun ideas, you can extend your
gardening season and exploration into the
autumn. Karden® is there waiting to make
garden glove puppets and garden art brushes,
go on a scavenger hunt, or play garden tic tac
toe. With over thirty projects, the possibilities
are endless!
Size:81/2"x11"•235color images•64pp.
Kinder Gardens: Games and Adventures.
Lisa Ely & Michael Glassman. Kinder Garden
shows adults and children how gardening is a
great form of exercise that will help kids learn
about good healthy eating and building brain
muscles by stimulating all the senses. Includes
over 25 games for fun-in-the-sun gardening days
to play along with Karden®, the puppet pal.
Kinder Gardens: Growing Inspiration for
Michael Glassman & Lisa Ely. Join
Kinder, a puppet pal who teaches a bucket-load
of fun activities that encourage experimentation
in the garden. Fun projects include turning
umbrellas, rain boots, and old toys into gardens.
Learn where vegetables come from, then grow
your own. Nearly 200 color photos bring the
book to life, and start your children on their
own horticultural adventure.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 198 color photos & drawings
Scott Cohen’s Family Friendly Landscapes:
Backyards Built for Fun and Games.
Cohen. Illustrated with 265 color photos and
friendly text, the author’s sense of outdoor
design is evident. He provides the guidance you
need to help you make the most of your space
outdoors, creating the proper landscape for the
games you choose to play. Successfully create
the ideal setting for ping-pong tournaments,
imaginative space to inspire kid’s games, or add
splash-happy features to your pool.
Creating Curb Appeal.
Michelle Valigursky
& Lisa Vail with Photography by Theresa M.
Grant. Create personality and presence for
your home. 300 full-color photographs and
well-researched text explore design elements
from lighting, color, and landscaping, to doors,
windows, paths, driveways, and accessories.
Discover and magnify the design impact of your
home’s front spaces.
Designs for Garden Paths.
Howcroft. Using diagrams, layouts,
and brilliant color photographs, the
innumerable possibilities for garden
walkways, terraces, steps, and cozy
sitting areas are shown. Includes nat-
ural stone, modern concrete, and fan-
tasy-filled mosaics, as well as wooden
decks and other garden structures.
pp.• ISBN:0-7643-0383-X•hardcover•$29.95
Landscaping for the Mid-Atlantic.
Wallace. Celebrated landscape designer Terry
Wallace guides you in the creation of the land-
scape of your dreams in the Mid-Atlantic United
States. Create a garden that complements and
enhances your lifestyle. This book guides you
step-by-step through the process of creating a
beautiful and sustainable garden, with basic
design, planning, and maintenance advice.
Size:81/2"x11"•232colorphotos •144pp.
ISBN:978-0-7643-2700-1 •softcover•$24.95
Atlanta’s Garden Plants.
Roy Heizer. Photographs
by Nancy Heizer. This botanical guide to the greater
Atlanta region is teaming with more than 200 color
photographs, informative gardening tips, and fun
facts and stories about the diverse garden flora of
the region. Whether used as an identification guide,
gardening reference, or as an informative and enter-
taining botanical encyclopedia, green thumbs from all
over will appreciate the abundance of Atlanta’s plant
life featured in Atlanta’s Garden Plants.
Savannah’s Garden Plants.
Photography. For more than 275 years Savannah has
served as a gardener’s paradise. Enjoy original tales
and folklore pertaining to the history and science of
Savannah’s flowers, plants, and trees, and enjoy more
than 160 photographs of flora from the Historic District,
squares, the house museum gardens, the Savannah
Botanical Garden, Bamboo Farm, and Coastal Gardens.
Coastal Garden Plants: Florida to Virginia.
Roy Heizer. Photography by Nancy Heizer. Learn the
history, folklore, and ethno-botany of 131 of America’s
coastal plants from Florida to Virginia. The plants are
arranged in alphabetical order by botanical name
with a common name cross-reference guide for easy
use. Over 230 full color photographs make plant
identification easy and accurate.
Size:6"x9"•243color images• Index•160pp.
Coastal Garden Plants: Maine to Maryland.
Roy L. Heizer. Photography by Nancy Heizer. In this
informative book, over 400 color photos taken in
natural settings around the northern coastal region
allow readers to see the flora in the garden. While this
book contains historical, mythological, and original
tales about garden plants of the northern coastal
region, with a cross reference names index, this book
is also a quick reference guide.
Diplomatic Gardens of Washington.
Photography by Ann Stevens. Text by
Giles Kelly. An exclusive look behind
the embassy walls of Washington, DC,
and the gardens found there. Included
are the residences at the embassies of
Australia, Great Britain, Denmark, the
European Union, France, Germany, the
Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See,
Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea,
Norway, and Sweden.
Size:11"x81/2"•168color images•128pp.
The Architect’s Garden: 45 Original
Lucy D. Rosenfeld. Take a
pictorial tour of 45 landscapes. Ranging
from traditional to contemporary in style,
these innovativedesign ideascanbeusedto
expand your outdoor living space. Included
in this idea book are ecologically friendly
strategies like roof planting and container
gardening as well as water features and art
All the Garden’s a Stage.
Jane C. Gates.
Enjoy discovering the hows and whys behind
growing a beautiful garden through nearly
300 color images. Learn how to choose the
right plants, with tips for lighting, temperature,
drainage, and developing a sustainable land-
scape. This book is great for both the beginner
and seasoned gardener.
Sacred Gardens.
Michel & Judy Marcellot.
Find the joy expressed within and through gar-
dens. Personal stories show how the simple
act of gardening changes lives and individuals.
Examples illustrate varied elements of sacred
sites and suggest ways readers might create
the sacred in their own gardens and attain their
own backyard bliss.
Size:8-1/2"x11"•320colorphotos •144pp.
Sky Gardens: Rooftops, Balconies, and
Signe Nielsen.Great design ideas are
combined with practical tips on transforming
an outdoor living space into a personal oasis.
Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of examples,
this book guides you through steps toward
composing a sky garden, beginning with key
principles of design.
ISBN:0-7643-2004-1 •hardcover•$39.95
Heavenly Hydrangeas: A Practical Guide
for the Home Gardener.
Joan Harrison. A
comprehensive hydrangea handbook for the
home gardener with expert advice on selection,
planting, pruning, propagation, and providing
basic care. More than 250 vivid color photos
clarify such topics as flower color and seasonal
changes. With single topic chapters and answers
to frequently asked questions, this is a handy
and easily accessible guide for both beginning and experienced gardeners.
Hydrangeas: Cape Cod and the Islands.
Joan Harrison. Over 340 striking color photos
introduce readers to the quintessential flower
of the Cape and the Islands, the hydrangea.
This book inspires as it captures the beauty of
hydrangeas used both outdoors and indoors,
including appearances in wedding bouquets.
Hydrangeas grace gardens throughout the
region from early spring’s climbing hydran-
geas to the rich burgundy flowers of late fall.
Geraniums: The Complete Encyclopedia.
Faye Brawner.This beautiful and comprehensive
volume on easy-to-grow geraniums (pelargo-
niums) provides a wealth of new information
for hobby growers from all climates, including
valuable tips on the challenges each region
Size:81/2"x11"•490colorphotos •176pp.
ISBN:0-7643-1738-5 •softcover•$19.95
Anyone for Orchids?
Georgiana Webber. A manual
of orchid growing, this book covers all you need
to know in order to grow the queen of flowering
plants, the orchid.
Size: 6" x 9" • 10 line drawings, 24 color plates, 66 b/w
historic garden designs
Olmsted Parks in New Jersey.
Jeanne Kolva.
A historic overview of the parks in New Jersey
that the Olmsted landscape architects created
primarily for three county park commissions.
Illustrated with more than 200 historic and
contemporary photographs, vintage postcards,
and Olmsted sketches and plans, this survey
chronologically details the development of each
park or reservation as it was transformed from
former farmland, swamp, forest, or previous park.
Size:81/2"x11"•205 images•176pp.
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