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landscape structure & accessories • contemporary landscape & garden design
Outdoor Wood Works: With Complete
Plans for Ten Projects
. Tina Skinner. Hundreds
of home project ideas in wood presented in
full-color photographs. Ten complete project
plans range from the simplest of constructions-a
screen around a utility box, a mailbox stand with
planter, and a bench-to more advanced projects
including a chair, a picnic table, and an outdoor
storage shed. Designers and homeowners alike
will love this idea-filled compendium of outdoor
plans and projects.
Fences, Gates &Walls.
a wall or fence to your property can be a major
decision. It requires good design and good
thinking to identify the style, design, and material
that meets your needs. Hundreds of examples
are shown in 316 full color photos, offering
a comprehensive reference for homeowners,
architects, landscapers, and builders.
Beach Boundaries: Fences and Gates
of Southern California.
Linda Byrne and
Robert Scott. Tour gardens and homes of Los
Angeles County: Hermosa Beach, Manhattan
photographs that act as a guide for homeowners
and gardeners who are looking to define their
outdoor spaces.
1000 Fences and Gates.
Jo Cryder.
Packed with fences and gates of every
kind and description, from practical and
functional to purely ornamental, from
rustic to sophisticated, from unusual
to inspired. A wealth of wrought iron
as well as wood and mixed materials
are represented in this huge portfolio.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 708 color photos •
Fancy Fences & Gates: Great Ideas for
Backyard Carpenters.
Tina Skinner. This
rich resource shows dozens of beautifully
crafted fences and gates. A how-to section
helps you plan, plot, and execute your own
project. Included are ideas for privacy fences,
fence/planter combinations, built-in seating,
and arbor gates.
The Big Book of Gazebos, Pergolas, and
Other Backyard Architecture.
Tom Denlick
& Tina Skinner. Over 400 photos illustrating an
inconceivable quantity of architectural additions
for the backyard, from arched gateways to
grand gazebos, pretty pergolas, picture-perfect
pagodas, and fascinating follies. An illustrated
glossary gives you the language and historical
reference to achieve a more interesting home
and garden.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 422 photos & 40 illustrations
ISBN:978-0-7643-3170-1•soft cover•$29.99
Garden Ornaments: Pots, Pergolas, Ped-
estals, and More
. E. Ashley Rooney. Statues,
fountains, sundials, and obelisks--garden
ornaments can breathe life into a garden, no
matter its size. Experience an insider’s tour of
garden ornaments and learn from five notable
artists as they describe their philosophies of art.
ISBN:0-7643-1956-6 •hardcover•$34.95
Antique Garden Tools and Accessories.
Myra Yellin Outwater, with photography by Eric
Boe Outwater. 200 years of garden history are
presented in the hundreds of tools and acces-
sories that gardeners used to dig the soil, cut
scrub, harrow fields, and trim borders. With over
750 color photographs, concise captions, and a
guide to prices in today’s antique marketplace,
this is a useful as well as beautiful exploration
of garden implements.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
Garden Ornaments and Antiques.
Yellin Outwater & Eric B. Outwater. Visit
hundreds of beautiful gardens and enjoy
marble and stone walkways, garden walls,
tiered fountains, statuary, architectural ruins,
birdbaths, sundials, urns, garden furnishings,
and iron gates.
The Original Pink Flamingos: Splen-
dor on the Grass.
Don Featherstone.
Text by Tom Herzing.100+ color photos
of pink plastic flamingoes in amazing,
funny, and strange settings provide fun
and laughter.“In1957,DonFeatherstone
sculptured the first three-dimensional
pink plastic flamingo, thereby making
affordable bad taste accessible to the
American public.”
Making Concrete Sculpture.
T. J. Neil. Over
370 color photos display concrete sculptures,
both complete and under construction, providing
valuable insights into the creation of concrete art.
The many subjects portrayed provide artists with
inspiration for projects large and small, including
fishermen, alligators, dolphins, manatees, frogs,
grizzly bears, whales, horses, panthers, cows,
sharks, elephants, and dragons.
Sculpting Concrete Garden Ornaments.
Neil. With 177 clear color photos and informative
text, readers learn to make four concrete garden
ornaments: a turtle planter, a gnome planter,
a tree stump planter, and a working dolphin
fountain. Discover the techniques for mixing
concrete, creating wire armature frameworks,
applying and detailing the concrete, and painting
the piece once the concrete mix has set.
Sand Casting Concrete: Five Easy Projects.
Tina Skinner, Bo Atkinson, & Jeff Snyder. Starting
with a pile of sand, a pile of gravel, some water,
cement, and reinforcement, Bo Atkinson demon-
strates how simple it can be to create anything
you fancy from concrete. Projects shown include
a fairy lantern, a birdbath, a toadstool seat, a
bench, and even a small footbridge.
Basic Topiary: A Living Approach.
Myers. The art of topiary is made accessible to
every gardener. With well illustrated, easy-to-un-
derstand instructions, three projects are offered:
apeacock (with instructions for its transformation
into an angel), a Gothic arch, and a duck. The
projects shown use small potted plants from the
nursery, but the techniques are readily adapted
to shrubs and bushes in the garden.
Size:81/2"x11"•262color images•64pp.
Espalier Fruit Trees For Wall, Hedge and Per-
gola: Installation • Shaping • Care.
Karl Pieber
& Peter Modl. By training fruit trees and shrubs you
accomplish two goals: improved appearance and
increased productivity. Espalier fruit stands can offer
privacy, weather protection, and decoration, not
to mention an abundant and delicious harvest. All
types of trellises, including wall-covering cordons and
free-standing pergolas, are featured here.
contemporary landscape & Garden design
The Sustainable Landscape: Recy-
cling Materials • Water Conser-
Damon Lang. More than 300
color photos detail 10 diverse projects.
Each incorporates recycled materials
and principles of water efficiency. A
valuable resource for home-owners,
landscape designers, contractors, and
architects, this will help create a personal
and ecologically responsible paradise.
The Rain Garden Planner.
Terry Wallace.
Teaches methods to conserve water by restoring
natural processes for filtering and returning
rain to groundwater reservoirs. In addition to
detailing the installation and maintenance of
rain gardens, this book provides garden plans
and plant lists for different conditions and styles,
including wildlife habitat, a pretty cottage border
rain garden, and a formal garden.
Petscaping: Training and Landscaping
with Your Pet inMind.
Scott Cohen & Carolyn
Doherty. Through 170 images, you'll be treated
to residential landscape designs nationwide that
feature "pet friendly" zones, including shade
and sun areas, a pet shelter, an edible garden,
and containment. The designs will inspire your
own layout ideas. For landscapers, architects,
and anyone who owns a dog, this book is a
great resource and offers plenty of ideas for
Size:81/2"x11"•170 images•128pp.
Landscape Design for Architectural Style:
European Influenced.
Scott Bradstreet. Over
350 color photos and 87 line drawings illustrate
landscape design possibilities that complement
architecture. Includes Classical, Gothic, Early
American, Georgian, Victorian, Italian, and
French styles. Site elements and suggestions for
appropriate plant color palettes for each style.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 344 color photos & 87 illus.
Landscape Design for Architectural Style:
United States Original Styles.
Scott Brad-
street. Over 320 beautiful, color photos and
96 line drawings illustrate landscape design
for specific architectural styles: Pueblo, Span-
ish Revival, Ranch, Cabin, Craftsman, Prairie,
Cape Cod, and Mediterranean styles. Includes
paving, shade covers, fences, and seating with
suggestions for appropriate plant color palettes.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 324 color photos & 96 illus.
Mexican Gardens & Patios.
Baum. Over 325 full color photos take
you into a little-known world of magic,
mystery, and color, behind the walls
of some of the most exclusive homes
in Mexico. Mexico’s private gardens
and patios illustrate outdoor living and
dining rooms, rooftop terraces and
shelters, garden walks and sculpture,
outdoor fireplaces, and gardens in all
the colors of the rainbow.
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