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pools & water features • landscape structure & accessories
International Award Winning Pools,
Spas, and Water Environments IV.
Joseph A. Vassallo, Mary Vail, and Jo-
seph M. Vassallo. Over 180 color photos
display award-winning pool, spa, and
water environment concepts created
in rural and urban, beachfront, and
villa properties. These 66 projects are
memorable, distinctive, and notewor-
thy applications by architects, interior
designers, builders, and designers from across the globe.
Scott Cohen’s Poolscapes: Refreshing
Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Resort.
Scott Cohen, with Elizabeth Lexau. Over 400
color photos and text with hundreds of backyard
design ideas that will introduce readers to the
many possibilities for backyard pools. Whether
you are looking for an hydrotherapy spa, a place
for family fun, an exercise pool or a setting for
outdoor entertaining, you will discover it in these
high-performance pools and spas.
Picture Perfect Pools.
Tina Skinner & Dinah
Roseberry. Choose a picture-perfect pool to
complement your landscape. Browse through
this collection of 200 pools from some of the
world’s top builders. You will see gated pools,
fountains, spas, bridges and decorative additions,
and greenery that flatters pool landscapes. The
swimming pool has never been more alluring!
Garden Pools and Swimming Ponds: Design,
Construction, and Landscape.
Richard Weixler.
Instructive text and 275 color photos guide readers
through creating garden pools and swimming ponds.
Step-by-step explanations for the pond, planning,
installation, filling, and final planting are included. The
swimming pond options range from natural designs
to employing some technology.
International Award-Winning Pools, Spas,
& Water Environments III.
Virginia Martino,
Joseph M. Vassallo, and Mary Vail. Now in its
third year, the Global AquaTekture Visionary
Awards (GAVA) features 59 exceptional installa-
tions. View magnificent visions of artisans who
garnered a coveted GAVA. Over 190 color photos
take you on a private tour around the globe to
view awe-inspiring, prized design applications.
International AwardWinning Pools, Spas, &
Water Environments II.
& Virginia Martino. Forty-eight award-winning
pool, spa, and water environments showcase
the visions of architects, landscapers, artists,
designers, inventors, and contractors from four
continents. The latest winners of the water-in-
spired design GAVA competition that celebrates
AquaTekture, the discipline of erecting water
environments with consideration to functionality,
space, and aesthetics.
Size:81/2"x11"•250color images•176pp.
International Award-winning Pools: Spas
and Water Environments.
Virginia Martino,
Joseph M. Vassallo, & Mary Vail. Showcases
innovative designs of water-inspired applica-
tions from around the globe, winners of Global
AquaTekture Visionary Award. The 39 projects
shown masterfully blend natural landscapes
with native and man-made materials. Includes
exceptional commercial and residential envi-
ronments, and information on the visionaries
who created them.
Size:81/2"x11"•236colorphotos•160 pp.
Swimming Pool Innovations.
Duane Forte
& Darlene Claire Preussner. With more than 300
images, this resource guide provides the latest
in creative design ideas, equipment, features
to enhance your enjoyment in and around the
water, and tips for keeping your pool or spa
clean. Whether you’re a landscaper, architect,
or a homeowner pondering the possibilities, this
book will inspire you to achieve the ultimate
backyard paradise.
Living Spaces: Luxury by Master
Pool Builders.
Tina Skinner &Melissa
Cardona. This book will show you how
to transform your lawn into a person-
al paradise. Over 400 beautiful color
photographs of spectacular backyard
environments feature pools, spas, and
fountains. Indulge your senses with ex-
citing ideas in backyard design, intended
to pamper and please even the pickiest home owners.
Size:11"x 81/2"•410+colorphotos•256pp.
Swimming Ponds: Natural Pleasure In
Your Garden.
Frank von Berger. A swimming
pond is beautiful all year round, for it lives and
changes with the seasons. Plants, animals, and
the water make it an experience for young and
old. A swimming pond has practical advantages:
it is easy to care for and needs no expensive
technology or chemicals. The swimming-pond
ecosystem regenerates itself. This book is a
source of inspiration for all who dream of having
a swimming pond.
Creating Ponds, Brooks, and Pools: Water
in the Garden.
Ulrich Timm. A quiet pond, a
babbling brook, or a dramatic pool can make a
garden unique; to achieve such beauty, however,
requires careful planning and design. Using
over 150 color photographs, this inspiring book
presents the variety of possibilities for using
water in the garden. Advice on waterproofing,
the shore formation, attractive plantings, and
even fish are presented.
Natural Swimming Pools: Inspiration for
Harmony with Nature.
Michael Littlewood
FLI, FSGD. This book is a necessary resource
for people who want a natural swimming
pool. It shows how the natural system works
to provide environmental, health, and safety
benefits. Drawings, diagrams, and charts help
explain their planning, design, biology, mate-
rials, construction, planting, and maintenance.
Master Built Pools & Patios: An
Inspiring Portfolio of Design Ideas.
Tina Skinner. Nearly 300 spectacular
swim-able waterscapes by the world’s
top builders range from sweet little
oases and brief lap pools to luxurious
environments complete with waterfalls,
fountains, spas, and tiki bars. Explore an
endless array of shapes to complement
your landscape and architecture.
Hot Tubs & Spas: An Inspirational Design
Tina Skinner. This colorful portfolio of
nearly 200 custom-made spas embodies the
best in stone, concrete, tile, and brickwork
married to the latest technological gadgetry --
remote controls, decorative lighting, and outdoor
sound systems.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 189 color photos • Resource
landscape structure & accessories
Fairy Homes and Gardens.
Barbara Purchia
and E. Ashley Rooney Introduction by David
D. J. Rau. Using natural and contemporary
mediums, 30 designers portray their fairy
worlds in a variety of settings. More than 200
images take you on a virtual wonderland tour
around the world. Sit back and revel in their
creativity or be inspired to make your own
fairy home or garden.
Size:91/8"x81/8"•256color images•128pp.
Children’s Playhouses: Plans & Ideas.
Skinner.Picturing hundreds of colorful,creative
children’s playhouses, from fancy Victorians to
neo-classical creations,all built in a child’s scale.
Plans and blueprints for six playhouses are pro-
vided, and a resource guide to manufacturers.
Size:81/2"x11"•192color&b/w images
The Deck Book: Inspirational Design
Explores hundreds of custom-built decks in over
300 inspiring color photographs. Includes ideas
for planters, railings, privacy screens, deck skirt-
ing,firepits,gazebos,pergolas,built-in spas and
barbecue areas, large steps,and lighting options.
Size:81/2" x11"•300+colorphotos•128pp.
All Decked Out...Redwood Decks: Ideas
and Plans for Contemporary Outdoor Liv-
Tina Skinner. Over 200 color photographs
of decks from around the country are presented
with plans and ideas for overcoming slopes,
incorporating trees, encircling spas, creating
conversation pits, and enhancing gardens.
Planner and hints to get started.
Size:81/2"x11"•212colorphotos/31 illus.160pp
Pure Deck-adence: A Guide to Beautiful
Tina Skinner.Here is a fantasy collection
of real-life deck photos from all over the United
States. Barbecue-centered constructions to
hot tub creations. More than 240 full-color
photographs provide a rich resource of ideas.
Outdoor Carpentry: Make it Yourself.
Anna & Anders Jeppsson and Hans-Ove Ohlsson.
Outdoor Carpentry is the first “tool” you need
to fulfill all your dreams for a large terrace, a
flowerbox, an outdoor kitchen, a fence, a shed,
a small bench, an entire carport, or a whole array
of other projects for the yard. The 65 projects
outlined here have varying levels of difficulty,
so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a
practiced hobby woodworker.
Garden Projects for the Backyard Car-
Tina Skinner. Thirty great project ideas!
Illustrations and step-by-step instructions make
it easy to create over 30 projects: decks and
shade shelters, gazebos, work and storage
areas, decorative arbors, planter boxes and
garden borders, benches and a swing, a picnic
table, doghouses, and a bluebird nesting box.
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