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historic architecture: lighthouses • architectural details • outdoor rooms • pools & water features
Cape Cod Lighthouses and Lightships.
Arthur P. Richmond. Step back in time and
observe the lighthouses and lightships that
marked the shores and guided mariners through
the dangerous waters surrounding Cape Cod
and the islands. This comprehensive book has
more than 500 images and a visitor’s guide.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 316 color, 200 b/w photos
Lighthouses and Lightships of Rhode
Island: Past and Present.
Arthur P. Richmond.
Through more than 300 images feature over
thirty lighthouse stations fromWatch Hill, near
the Connecticut border in the south, to the inner
harbor of Providence. They’re described using
navigational charts and their characteristics,
including date of establishment, tower struc-
ture, optics, and fog signals. “Past” images,
some more than 130 years old, are paired with
present-day photographs of these beacons.
Lighthouses of Cape Cod & The
Arthur P. Richmond. Forty
views of the lighthouses of Cape Cod,
Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.
Active lights and inactive lights are
presented as beautiful color postcards.
Perforated, they can be detached and
sent to friends (at 40 cents apiece they
are a good bargain), framed and hung
on your wall, or kept intact as a souvenir of your summer vacation.
Lighthouses of New York.
Rick Tuers. Superb
photographs and graphics illustrate fascinating
historical facts about heroic rescues, heartwarm-
ing stories about keepers and their families, en-
gineering and construction details, lost beacons,
and travel information. This is a complete guide
to New York State’s 69 lighthouses.
Size:81/2"x11"•352color images•160pp.
Cape May Lighthouse.
David Biggy. Cape
May’s favorite beacon shines brightly in 90
picturesque scenes. Trace the history of how
the lighthouse came to be and the danger
that mariners faced as they tried to navigate
around the shoals off of Cape May Point. See
why the tower has been a popular landmark
for more than 150 years.
Size:91/8"x81/8"•90color images•80pp.
Barnegat Lighthouse Perspectives.
Biggy. Over 100 color images provide views
of New Jersey’s Barnegat Lighthouse and
surrounding scenery in every season. Lighted
for the first time on January 1, 1859, Barnegat
Lighthouse has endured fierce storms and the
threat of erosive conditions at “Breakers Inlet”
over its 150-year history. The text provides an
engaging history of this important lighthouse.
Touring New Jersey’s Lighthouses.
Mary Beth
Temple and Patricia Wylupek. Plan your adventure,
from the Sandy Hook lighthouse in the north (the
nation’s oldest beacon) to popular tourist destination
Cape May Point on the southern tip of the state. A
general history of lighthouses, and a thoroughly
researched overview of the each light.
Size:6"x9"•67 images•96pp
Pat Vojtech. With more than 100 color
photographs and informative historical narrative,
learnthehumansagaof life inthebay’s lighthouses.
with ice,cold, injury,and lonelinessallcomprisethe
difficult jobofguardingthepeopleandkeepingthe
Size:9"x12"•104color ,59b/wphotos&1map
architectural details
1000 Shutters & Awnings.
Jo Cryder.
100s of homes illustrate an inspiring va-
riety of shutters and awnings, including
traditional Colonial forms, decorative,
operational, and hurricane styles, along
with a broad selection of awnings. This
book will benefit architects, designers,
builders, present and future homeown-
ers, and craftsmen seeking to create
their own architectural embellishments.
1000 Dormers.
JoCryder.Colorpictures feature
homes and structures adorned with eve gable,
double gable, hipped-roof, arched, round, oval,
eyebrow, pediment, triangle, flat, turret, deck,
inset dormers, and more. A wonderful reference
work for professionals involved in architecture,
design, remodeling, or construction.
Size:81/2"x11"•735colorphotos •192pp.
Entryways and Doorways.
Jo Cryder. A
pictorial survey of the many and varied forms
of doorways and entryways in various locations
around the United States with over 800 color
photos. Twenty different front door styles, outer
doors ranging from louvered to security, varying
entryway styles, stairways, and walkways and
driveways appear here. A glossary of useful
terms is included.
Towers, Turrets, Cupolas, & Belvederes.
Cryder. With 470 color photos and informative
text, readers discover towers, turrets, cupolas,
and belvederes found on homes, churches, and
barns dating from the nineteenth through the
early twenty-first century. Readers will find the
range of shapes and adornment on these archi-
tectural features both surprising and inspiring.
A grouping of widow’s walks and parapets
complete the book.
Historic Slate Roofs: With How-to Info
and Specifications.
Tina Skinner, Editor. The
National Slate Association compiled a compre-
hensive overview of slate roofs in 1926, covering
everything from characteristics and important
data with regard to slate and the specifics of
construction. This book is updated with con-
temporary color images of historic slate roofs
and a color-section detailing a contemporary
roof being installed.
Size:81/2"x11"•144b/wphotos& linedrawings,
outdoor rooms
New Ideas for Living Outdoors.
mon Lang. Packed with inspiring ideas to
turn any outdoor space into a personal
paradise. Over 330 beautiful color images
present hardscape design elements to suit
almost any personality or purpose. Tour
gorgeous outdoor kitchens, fantastic
fireplace gathering areas, and to-die-for
pool settings.
Thisdelightfulbookprovides ideastocreateoutdoor
roomsfor lounging,dining,kitchens,andchildren’s
spaces infrontandbackyards.“Before”and“After”
Outdoor Spaces in the Southwest.
mon Lang. Over 400 beautiful color images
feature 12 actual projects, inspired by Tuscan
and Mediterranean to Vegas and Asian styles,
constructed in the American Southwest that can
be installed anywhere, in any climate. Discover
unique ideas for creating a relaxing retreat or a
lavish entertaining area.
Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces.
Tina Skin-
ner. Here is the largest collection of images of
outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces available on the
market today, and with those gorgeous photos
come hundreds of ideas. Live vicariously as you
leaf through these pages, and make the dream
come true in your backyard with the inspiration
found here.
Size:81/2"x11"•200-plus images•112pp.
The Al Fresco Life: Pools, Spas, Bars, and
Joe Vassallo and Mary Vail. Beautiful
and convenient spaces for relaxing and enter-
taining outside. Landscape ideas, custom pool
designs, and outdoor structures are shown in
340 gorgeous color photos. Grilling recipes from
Master Chef Gustav Mauler and trendy cocktail
recipes from Mixologist Shawn Barker.
Outdoor Rooms: Fresh-Air Kitchens and
Living Areas.
Tina Skinner & Melissa Cardona.
Hundreds of images illustrate creative ideas
for turning a simple lawn into a fresh-air room.
Many topics are covered, including landscaping,
commonoutdoor landscapingmaterials, ideas for
decorating permanent structures, and furnishings.
Fire Outdoors: Fireplaces, Fire Pits, &
Cook Centers.
Tina Skinner &Melissa Cardona.
Over 200 images of outdoor fireplace, fire pit,
and kitchen designs by professional landscape
architects, contractors, custom homebuilders,
kitchen designers, and hearth product manufac-
turers provide inspiration in the most complete
book on the subject ever published.
pools & Water Features
Water Gardens and Natural Pools: Design
and Construction.
Peter Himmelhuber. Over
300 color photos and detailed text provide
practical knowledge for planning, building, and
care of garden water features. From design to
maintenance, all necessary steps are covered,
including planning, building processes, material
uses and techniques, and using rainwater as
they apply to fountains, biotopes, brooks, and
swimming pools.
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