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historic architecture: barns, International influences & lighthouses
Tobacco Sheds: of the Connecticut
River Valley.
Darcy Purinton & Dale F.
Cahill. Over 200 color photos provide
a detailed look at tobacco sheds in the
Connecticut River Valley. Get a unique
look at tobacco sheds from a historical,
personal, and agricultural perspec-
tive. Text explores the construction
and unique features of tobacco sheds
and how some have been transformed,
given new life and new uses.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 225 color photos • 144 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3204-3 • hard
American Barns.
Stanley Schuler. A hand-
some, richly illustrated look at 240 barns from
throughout the United States. Here are huge
barns and small barns, Pennsylvania Dutch
barns and New England barns, horse barns
and carriage houses, and countless others
presented with gorgeous pictures and detailed
information and descriptions.
historic architecture: international influences
Asian Influenced Architecture &
E. Ashley Rooney. Over 340
colorphotos revealmanyways toemploy
Asian materials, including cypress, silk,
and stone, for Western homes. Architect
Barney Maier and designer Charlene
Keogh explain the influence of the Asian
aesthetic on Western culture today.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 344 color photos •
German Architecture in America:
Folk House, Your House, Bauhaus,
and More.
Irwin Richman. From log
houses, corner beer halls and restau-
rants, and modern theme parks to
the Brooklyn bridge and the Seagram
Building in New York, German-inspired
architecture coversAmerica and defines
a cultural heritage.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 285 color and 55 b/w
photos• Index•256pp.
Half-Timber Architecture.
Tina Skinner. Amaz-
ing assembly of historic images of half-timbered
buildings from across Northern Europe, ranging
from humble cottages to turreted estate houses.
Offers opportunities to study the decorative
applications of original, exposed framework.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 100 color, 176 b/w & sepia, &
37 linedrawings•208pp.
Old World Inspiration for American Archi-
New Edition. Richard S. Requa, A.I.A..
This classic resource for authentic Mediterranean
and Spanish architecture was compiled in 1929
by the pioneer architect of its revival style. Its 144
plates display many country and city dwellings,
interiors, exteriors, and architectural, garden,
and ironwork details.
Size: 9" x 12" • 144 b/w photos • 344 pp. ISBN:
Architecture of Old Mexico.
Martin & Tina Skinner. More than 300
antique images take readers through
Mexico’s streets and palaces, churches
and courtyards. Architects, design-
ers, and landscape professionals will
find endless inspirations in images of
stucco walls, wooden doors, carved
columns, tiled fountains, and more.
andsepia images•144pp.
San Miguel’s Mexican Exteriors.
Baum. San Miguel’s elegant buildings display
Mexican history and architecture. Tour outdoor
living at its finest in extraordinary homes usually
closed to visitors. Facades, gates, patios, gardens,
fountains, columns, pools, cantera, windows,
walls, cupolas, wrought iron, street graphics,
construction. Include Mexican details into your
next building project.
Traditional Mexican Style Exteriors
. Text by
of beautiful new, old, and remodeled traditional
style homes and gardens are presented. From
Spanish Colonial facades in San Miguel de
Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, to the best of
the Mission and Spanish Eclectic homes, this
volume is a must for everyone interested in
Mexican architecture.
Size:81/2"x11"• 309colorphotos•192pp.
ISBN:0-7643-1726-1•hardcover •$39.95
Doors of Oaxaca.
Devon Fekete. Over
700 images create a portal into the archi-
tectural style of Oaxaca, Mexico’s most
colonial city. Explore great wooden doors,
studded with hand wrought iron hardware
set in walls of desert-hued sandstone
dating back to the early 17th century.
The rich textures and colors of the diverse
doorways will inspire anyone in search of a Southwestern palette.
Size:9"x6"•703colorphotos •272pp.
Architecture of the Panama Ca-
nal Zone: Civic and Residential
Structures & Townsites.
Crouch. The architecture of the Ca-
nal Zone and its unique legacy are
examined through 20th century civic
and residential structures. With over
1000 images and detailed text, major
American architectural achievements,
their architects, and the townsites and
military installations are highlighted.
Size:12"x9"•1000+ images•480pp.
Spanish Revival Architecture.
“Jerry” S.
F. Cooke III & Tina Skinner. More than 500
period photographs explore the Spanish Revival
movement (1915-1940) in architecture. Work
by celebrated architects is featured, including
GeorgeWashington Smith,Wallace Neff,Gordon
Kauffman, Morgan, Walls and Clements, and
many others.
Architectural Details: Spain and the
“Jerry” S. F. Cooke III &Tina
Skinner.Architect Richard S.Requa traveled the
Mediterannean, documenting authentic archi-
tecture and published his portfolio of images
in 1926, helping to fuel architecture’s Spanish
Revival movement (1915-1940).
Mediterranean Architecture:
A Sourcebook of Architectural
Jock Sewall, A.I.A. More
than 1,100 images explore and record
elements of Mediterranean architec-
ture in detail.This is a comprehensive
visual reference for architects, interior
designers, real estate developers, and
students, and a look book extraordinaire
for the homeowner.
GuyLowelltouredItaly intheearly20thcenturyand
herehisphotographsanddrawingsarerevived ina
illustrations that record the Italian countryside for
great classic Mediterranean buildings.
Size: 9" x 12" • 483 b/w photos, 66 drawings •
historic architecture: lighthouses
Lighthouse Views: North America’s Best
Beacons as Captured on over 400 Post-
Tina Skinner, Mary Martin Postcards.
Images dating back to the turn of the 20th
Centurydocumenting lighthouses fromCalifornia
to Alaska, and the Florida Keys to Nova Scotia.
Keep Your Glow On: A Com-
prehensive Guide to America’s
wendy brewer. Color
images of lighthouses across the United
States with detailed information cover-
ing lighthouses of all sizes, lightships,
lighthouse lenses, keepers, recycled
lighthouses. A resource guide provides
links to various lighthouse societies and
groups. Valuable information about
lighthouses found throughout the United States is provided in a detailed.
Lighthouses: Maine to Florida.
David Biggy.
This photographic journey fromMaine to Florida
provides 200 stunning color photographs of
lighthouses and ideas for driving trips of great
pleasure. You will see what makes a lighthouse
such an attractive object of affection for those
who care about them and put forth effort to
keep them shining. A state-by state list of the
organizations that preserve them is included.
Lighthouses of the Pacific.
Jim Gibbs. Histo-
ry and good, entertaining reading are combined
in this presentation of all the lighthouses along
the coasts of Washington, Oregon, California,
Hawaii, Alaska, and British Columbia.
Size:81/2"x11"•399photos• Index•256pp.
Twilight on the Lighthouses.
Jim Gibbs.
Sentinels from California to British Columbia
are pictured and discussed historically with
dramatic photos of stark coastal landscapes
and shipwrecks, along with portrayals of the
heroic lighthouse keepers.
Massachusetts Lighthouses: Past & Present.
Arthur P. Richmond. This must-have book for
the lighthouse enthusiast, maritime buff, and
anyone who is interested in Massachusetts
history, describes the more than sixty light-
house stations that were/are found along the
coast, from Fall River in the south to Salisbury
in the north. The lighthouse station locations
are identified using navigational charts and
their characteristics, including date established,
tower structure, optics, fog signals, and more.
Size:81/2"x11"•454 images•160pp.
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