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historic architecture: regional
Cape May’s Gingerbread Gems.
Tina Skinner
& Bruce Waters. Sixty-five color images of summer
cottages and guesthouses: a treasured souvenir of
New Jersey’s southern cape, and an indispensable
reference for Victorian Era architecture and exterior
ornamentation. Examples of Carpenter Gothic, Gothic
Revival, Italianate,SecondEmpire,Edwardian,American
Bracketed Villa, and Stick Styles are presented, with
work by architects Frank Furness, Samuel Sloan, and Stephen Decatur Button.
Gingerbread Gems of Ocean Grove, NJ.
Tina Skinner. Explores Ocean Grove, N.J.,
listed by the National Register of Historic
Places as the richest concentration of Victorian
architecture in the nation. Over 200 pictures
of seaside cottages and hotels festooned with
scrollwork in high Victorian fashion.
Size:81/2"x11"•226colorphotos •128pp.
ISBN:0-7643-2394-6 •softcover•$24.95
Colonial Architecture: Early Examples
from the First State.
George Fletcher Bennett.
Details the influence of Dutch, Swedish, and
English colonization on examples of colonial
architecture built between 1660-1840. Frame,
brick, and stone residences, churches, public
buildings, and even outhouses are shown along
with scores of architectural details.
Size:81/2"x11"•317b/wphotos,40illus.• 224pp.
Historic Architecture of Pennsylvania.
Scott D. Butcher. Pennsylvania buildings, from
Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Leb-
anon, and York Counties, showcase excellent
examples of Colonial, Early Republic, Victorian,
and twentieth-century architectural movements.
Includes three dozen styles as well as a variety
of building types, including farmers’ markets
and train stations, all brought to life by more
than 180 full-color photos.
Chateau Country: Du Pont Estates in the
Brandywine Valley.
Daniel DeKalb Miller.
Originally from France, the du Pont family settled
in the Brandywine River Valley. Their first home
had six rooms. One hundred years later, their
largest house had 176 rooms and thirty-six
servantson2,300acresof land.ChateauCountry
is an intimate, informative portrait of the houses
built by this Delaware dynasty.
Size: 9" x 12" • 174 b/w & color photos, 29 prints,
Historic Architecture in West
Philadelphia, 1789-1930s.
Minardi. A comprehensive look at the
rich, classical architectural history of
neighborhoods inandaroundUniversity
City and biographies of the architects
who made it possible. In more than
500 images, see this area transition
from humble beginnings to a street-
car suburb and haven for esteemed
educational institutions.
Historic Architecture in Northwest
Philadelphia: 1690 to 1930s.
Minardi. A colorful and comprehensive
look at the rich architectural history of
NW Philadelphia and the Wissahickon
Valley. From the colonial period to the
1930s, this architectural tour explores
450 structures, many still standing
and well preserved, in the area from
Germantown to Chestnut Hill.
Historic Architecture in Philadel-
phia: East Falls, Manayunk, and
Joseph Minardi. The
beautiful architecture and history of this
dynamic region of Philadelphia. Includes
the buildings of East Falls, the European
hill town character of Manayunk, and
the Victorian-era Roxborough, and the
rural setting of Upper Roxborough. The
complete story is told here with full
color and archival images.
Early Domestic Architecture of Pennsylva-
Eleanor Raymond, A.I.A. Introduction by R.
Brognard Okie. Beautiful examples of meeting
houses, homes, barns, mills, spring houses,
and other outbuildings in Pennsylvania. Heavy
beams, stonework, and detailed paneling are
shown. 25 pages of measured drawings detail
cabinetry work and molding profiles.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 307 b/w photos & 25 illus. •
ISBN:0-7643-2590-6•softcover •$29.95
A Guide to Baltimore Architecture.
3rd Edition
. John
Dorsey & James D. Dilts. Grouped by neighborhood, more
than two hundred notable Baltimore buildings are pictured
and described with commentary on their history and style.
Photographs, maps, and tours as well as biographies of
Baltimore architects.
Baltimore’s Cast-Iron Buildings & Archi-
tectural Ironwork.
James D. Dilts & Catharine
F. Black, editors. This celebration of a unique
aspect of Baltimore’s architectural and industrial
history, examines cast-iron buildings, showing
how the material was fabricated and the build-
ings erected. The heavily illustrated, includes
ironwork catalogs from the mid-1800s.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 4 color & 69 b/w photos/maps
Turning Pens and Desk Accessories.
Mike Cripps.
Every step necessary to create elegant pens (fountain
and ball point alike) in turned hardwood. Each step is
illustrated from the turner’s perspective with detailed
color photographs. Additional instructions are provided
for creating desk accessories including letter openers
and magnifying glasses with beautiful hardwood
handles. A gallery highlights the finished products.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 221 color photos • 64 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-0051-2 • soft cover • $12.95
Casas to Castles: Florida’s Historic
Mediterranean Revival Architec-
Justin A. Nylander. 40 stunning
Mediterranean revival homes in Florida,
captured inside and out in over 350
images. Architects featured include
Addison Mizner, Maurice Fatio, Marion
Sims Wyeth, John Volk, James Gamble
Rogers II, Richard Kiehnel, and John
Elliot.Thehomes range from family-scale
creations to mammoth oceanfront palaces.
Florida’s Historic Victorian Homes.
Justin Nylander. Featured inside are
forty-one historic houses in Florida
built in the Victorian era of the late
nineteenth and early twentieth centuries,
brilliantly captured in all their beauty,
and accompanied by riveting tales of
their original (often famous) owners.
Florida’s Historic Victorian Homes
delivers a feast for your eyes and mind,
a showcase of the most enduring Victorian architecture in Florida.
Size:11"x81/2"•350color illustrations•144pp.
South Beach Architectural Photo-
graphs: Art Deco to Contempo-
Paul Clemence with Foreword
by Michael Hughes. Explore some
of the world’s most extraordinary
architecture. Highlighting the ele-
ments that create and define the
Art Deco style, this collection of 64
black-and-white photographs is a
cross between fine art photography
and a travel book.
Art Deco Architecture: Miami
Beach Postcards.
Paul Clemence.
Photographer Paul Clemence cap-
tures the emblematic forms of Miami
Beach’s Art Deco architecture in 20
dramatic black-and-white postcards.
Mail them or frame and hang as the
fine art they are!A great gift for lovers
of South Beach,Art Deco, architecture,
and photography.
Louisville Architectural Tours: 19th Century
Lisa Westmoreland-Doherty. Visit Louisville,
Kentucky’s historic districts, replete with antebellum
and Victorian homes that will take your breath away.
Tour Old Louisville to see the Conrad Caldwell House
and the Pink Palace. Rest in a Gothic Revival-styled
bed-and-breakfast at the Inn at Woodhaven. Revel in
architectural details and learn about Kentucky’s history!
Mississippi Valley Architecture: Houses
of the Lower Mississippi Valley.
Schuler. Overview of the magnificent homes
of this region between 1700 and 1865. Shows
adaptations of French Colonial, Greek Revival,
and vernacular styles with facades, floor plans,
and details.
Size:81/2"x11"•347photos• Index•240pp.
ISBN:0-916838-96-X •hardcover•$30.00
New Orleans and Its Environs: The Do-
mestic Architecture 1727-1870.
Ricciuti, photos by Rudolf Hertzberg. More than
260 images explore the wide verandahs, hipped
and gabled roofs, and lavish iron lacework
that give this region its unique architectural
character. Includes architectural drawings and
molding profiles.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 190 b/w photos, 78 drawings
Houses of New Orleans.
Alex Caemmerer.
Foreword by John Michael Vlach. New Orleans
delivers beauty and style in its architecture, even
the simple shotgun houses in poor, working
neighborhoods. Houses of the Garden District
and the plantations beyond are simply stunning.
Enjoy rich detailing that was lavished on even
the most simple structures, and learn how tastes
changed and homes evolved over the nineteenth
and twentieth centuries.
Old Places, New Spaces: Preserving, Re-
modeling, Decorating San Antonio Style.
David Strahan, AIA, Katharine Kaye McMillan,
Ph.D., and Patricia Hart McMillan. Foreword by
Phil Hardberger. In 545 color images, this book
presents a sampling of residences embodying
a living and evolving history of the Alamo City
(including repurposedcommercialsites).Different
in size, style, and locations, these varied living
spaces share a similar sensitivity to the past and
dynamic engagement in San Antonio’s future.
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