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green architecture & energy • historic architecture
Eco-House Renovations: 45 Green Home
Lucy D. Rosenfeld. This design
book shows 45 aesthetically pleasing and prac-
tical renovation projects that address everything
from the size of the building’s footprint, its energy
needs, its use of sustainable or even reused
materials, and its pollution emissions. Learn
about the top ten considerations necessary to
the success of an eco-renovation.
The Hybrid Electric Home: Clean • Efficient
• Profitable.
Craig Toepfer. Through a combina-
tion of wind, solar, and other clean and renewable
energy technologies, individuals, businesses, and
communities can invest in equipment to produce
electricity for themselves. This book explains how
to reduce reliance on the power companies, re-
store market forces, increase economic security,
create jobs, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 105 color & 62 B/W photos •
Natural Building: Creating Communities
Through Cooperation.
Timothy Rieth & Bob
Ferris, Editors. Basics in foundations, framing,
wall systems, and roofs are explored through
the shared experiences of teachers, students,
and seekers who came together one summer to
build a low-impact building. Share with them in
this primer course on natural building techniques,
materials, and approaches.
Award-winning Green Roof Designs:
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.
Steven W.
Peck.Over100photosdisplay theaward-winning
roof designs for private homes, businesses, and
public spaces that integrate natural and artificial
systems, resulting in more sustainable buildings.
Details about the plants used, growing media,
drainage and irrigation systems, and water-
proofing, along with descriptions of challenges
overcome, and innovations developed, are
all provided.
Green Homes: Dwellings for the 21st
E. Ashley Rooney with David Hartke
& John C. McConnell. An indispensable guide
to commonsense strategies of solar orientation,
natural ventilation, and recycling of household
water, as well as cutting-edge materials and
building technologies such as earth sheltering,
thermal mass, super insulation, geothermal
heating and cooling, and photovoltaic electrical
goals.Morethan50greenhomes inapproximately
400 color photos.
Mexican Style, Sustainable.
Tina Skinner.
Take a visually rich tour through a burgeoning
community on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, and
learn how the dream of visionaries is shaping
the community of Loreto Bay as a model for
the future. That place is wonderfully illustrated
here, from the colorful adobe architecture and
Spanish mission furnishings, to the scenes
presented by the white sands of the Sea of
Cortez and the fertile desert beyond.
Exploring Sustainable Biodiesel.
Amy Townsend,
Billy Broas, Chelsea Jenkins, & Kevin Ray. This book
introduces readers to some of the challenges facing
biodiesel alternative fuel production, focusing specifi-
cally on small-scale producers. The text discusses issues
of quality, safety, storage, waste disposal, regulation,
and cooperative politics. A perfect introduction to
anyone interested in producing alternative fuels.
Size:6"x9"•16color illus.•320pp.
Offshore Windpower.
Christopher Gillis. This
comprehensive survey includes over 140 photos
and illustrations that examine the history of
the wind turbine and the current movement to
place turbines in coastal waters. The process of
building an offshore wind farm is explored. An
extensive list of resources enables individuals,
businesses, and advocates to tap into wind
as a free, natural, and clean source of energy.
Christopher Gillis with Foreword
by R. Nolan Clark. Wind energy is today’s most
developed form of “green” power on the planet,
with plenty of room to grow. This comprehensive
survey examines the history of wind power, from
early peoples technology to harness the wind for
basic mechanical tasks, such as turning grain to
flour through today’s “Wind Rush.”
The Passive Solar Primer: Sustain-
able Architecture.
David Wright, AIA.
graphics and language to illuminate
concepts that include greenhouse effect,
heat storage, surface-to-volume ratio,
ventilation, and cooling. Tips, rules-of-
thumb, regional characteristics, and
many other considerations are presented
to help readers, from initial site selection
to visionary design.
Coal Heat.
Stanley Schuler & Cary Hull. Practical
ideas and facts on the safe and efficient use of coal.
This handbook discusses the types of coal and their
use, the equipment, installation, maintenance and
conversion of furnaces to coal.
Size:6"x9"•51photos&drawings• Index158pp.
historic architecture: general
Wood in Traditional Architecture.
Campbell. See howwood has shaped traditional
architecture around the world in a panorama
of more than 400 color images. From France to
Russia, fromNorway to Romania, see landmarks
built in traditional architecture of wood, and
learn the carpentry techniques of the Old World.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 407 color images & 31 b/w
Stone in Traditional Architecture.
Campbell. An overview of traditional stone
architecture of many nations, ranging from
simple stone homes and practical farm buildings
to imposing town halls and vaulting cathedrals.
Learn the history, styles, and techniques of
a stone cutters’ and masons’ arts. Includes
arches, vaults, stone types, rough dressing
hard stones, moldings, and wall-building with
cut or uncut stones.
Walker & Gillette, American Architects:
From Classicism through Modernism
(1900s - 1950s).
illustrate the first book about the architectural
practice of Walker & Gillette, covering the range
of their work and featuring unpublished works
by the firm. Residential country estates, urban
mansions, town homes, and apartments are
explored, as are commercial, corporate, and
governmental architecture, Art Deco skyscrapers,
and unique commissions.
Lilian J. Rice: Architect of Rancho Santa Fe,
Diane Y. Welch. Lilian J. Rice was
given the opportunity of a lifetime in 1922, when
she began to design and develop Rancho Santa
Fe, the master-planned, high class community
in Southern California, now renowned as one
of the wealthiest zipcodes in the USA. 394
illustrations, floor plans, architectural renderings,
and stunning photographs included.
Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth
Paul Clemence with Foreword
by Dirk Lohan. A revered icon of modern
architecture, the Farnsworth House,
located near Plano, Illinois, is the only
private residence designed by famed
modernist architect Ludwig Mies van
der Rohe. Striking architectural details
are captured in over 70 eye-catching
color and black-and-white photos and drawings.
Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth
House: Postcard Book.
Paul Clem-
ence. Striking architectural details of
the Farnsworth House are captured
in 20 eye-catching B & W postcards.
Whether mailing or framing the stun-
ning images, this book is a must-have
for devotees of architecture, design,
Modernism, the Bauhaus, Mies van
der Rohe, and photography.
RadfordArtistic Homes.
Tina Skinner, editor.
Here are 252 renderings of Arts and Crafts
period homes, including bungalows and larger
homes in a broad spectrum of styles. Each
home has a frontal view, as well as floor plans.
Shaker Architecture.
Herbert Schiffer. For a
small religious community the Shakers had a
major impact on American architecture and
furniture design. In this study,each of the Shaker
communities is represented with very interesting
photographs of the buildings that made up
their world.A detailed text completes the study.
Size:81/2"x11"•282b/wphotographs• Index•
Architectural Details from Victorian
Stanley Schuler. More than 400
photographs and illustrations and tips to guide
the remodeller of Jacobean,Colonial,Georgian,
and Federal homes.
VictorianArchitecture: Original Plans for
Cottages, Small Estates, and Commerce.
A rare catalog of residential designs with over
250 house plans, including bungalow, stick-
style, Gothic revival, chateau style, Queen
Anne, and Eastlake.
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