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contemporary architecture • log & Timber frame • adaptive • alternative • green architecture & energy
Timber Frame Hybrids.
Diener. Over 200 photos and 106 line drawings
depict the merger of traditional timber frame con-
struction with conventional building materials to
create modern hybrid homes. The text provides a
history of timber frame construction, details the
range of choices available in timber frame hybrid
construction, and provides a photo essay of 50
building projects showing many configurations,
styles, surfaces, and finishes.
Barn-Style Homes: Design Ideas for
Timber Frame Houses.
Tina Skinner and
Tony Hanslin. Includes stunning images from
38 custom-built homes complete with floor
plans.Furnishing and decorating ideas for great
rooms, master bedrooms, dining rooms, home
offices,kitchens and baths,and lofty hideaways.
Barn Style Living: Design and Plan In-
spiration for Timber Frame Homes.
Skinner & Tony Hanslin. Explore exquisite timber
frame homes. Floor plans serve as your tour
guide to 30 homes created with the aesthetic
of the barn as its inspiration. Enjoy gorgeous
great rooms, kitchens, dens, living rooms, and
spacious master suites.
Size: 8-1/2" x 11" • 298 color photos & 30 floor
Room by Room: Designing Your Timber
Frame Home.
Tina Skinner & Tony Hanslin.
Any couple or family planning a custom
designed home should start here. Examples of
great rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining areas,
loft spaces, home offices, and living areas.
Exterior shots, 20 floor plans, and advice for
crafting your own living space.
Log & Timber Frame Homes.
for any home-builder or interior designer
who wants to incorporate ancestral folk archi-
tecture in a modern home. Tour more than 35
houses, inside and out, through beautiful color
photographs. Most are shown with floor plans.
A helpful aid for home builders planning their
custom dwelling.
Cedar Homes: Ideas for Log
and Timber Frame Designs.
Skinner & Roger Wade. An intimate
tour of more than two-dozen exquisite
top-end log and timber frame homes.
Stunning overviews of private kitchens,
great rooms, master suites, home
offices and entertainment rooms.Each
home is shown with floor plans.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 350+ color photos
Cedar Style: A Look at Lovely Log
Tina Skinner & Roger Wade.
Take a tour of high-end log homes in
this inspiring compendium of 25 very
fine homes found throughout the United
States. More than 200 full-color photo-
graphs and detailed floor plans act as a
guide in negotiating these exquisitely
designed, expansive residences.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 200+ color photos
Authentic Log Homes: Restored
Timbers for Today’s Homesteads.
Ferris Robinson. Each gorgeous log
home shown was built with reclaimed
timbers. The way log homes are sup-
posed to look: dove-tailed corners,
weathered barn wood, antique heart
pine, and ancient beams.
27 floor plans •
176 pp.
ISBN:0-7643-2191-9•hardcover• $34.95
Log Home Inspirations.
Roger Wade &
TinaSkinner.Explore18private loghomes
and getaway cabins with acclaimed ar-
chitectural photographer Roger Wade.
Illustrates the tremendous possibilities
of furnishings and decor, as well as the
opportunity to study architectural details
graced by different log styles, corner
systems, and finishes.
Floorplans •160pp.
Log Home Lifestyles.
Revised &
Expanded 2nd Edition
. Tina Skinner.
Nearly 50 homes are pictured in
complete with floor plans as well as
gorgeous imagery of both interiors
and exteriors. Study dazzling spaces
and compare house profiles, room
layouts, and decorating and furnish-
ing ideas.
The Best of Today’s Log Homes.
with the Log Homes Council. Here’s a wonderful
opportunitytotour28beautiful loghomesthrough
sumptuous photographs and floor plans. This is a
building a log home, with hundreds of ideas to
sift through. These are real homes, chosen for
real-life, lived-in practicality.
Log Cabins: Past & Present.
Tina Skinner
& Tommi Jamison. An incredible collection of
imagery takes you on a tour of old and new
log homes, offering restorers and new home-
builders alike a chance to recreate architectural
traditions in a home for today’s family. Examine
details from log finishing and chinking, to the
staircases, windows, doorways, and floors that
work together to frame the log home lifestyle.
contemporary architecture: adaptive
Yesterday’s Structures: Today’s Homes.
Lucy D. Rosenfeld. 56 innovative adaptations
of old, abandoned structures, with more than
290 images and plans. Among the structures
restored to use are homes, condos, churches,
schools, factories, barns, a lighthouse, a giant
gas tank, and even a missile silo.
Living Barns: How to Find and Restore
a Barn of Your Own.
Ernest Burden. This
inspiring guide for adaptive restoration in-
cludes a survey of the types of barns, and
advice for salvaging barn timber and moving
structures. A stunning selection of residential
and commercial projects.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 500+ color & b/w photos and
Barn Again: Restored and New Barns for
the 21st Century.
E. Ashley Rooney. Over 240
color photos and informative text explore the
possibilities for transforming the barn from a
storage space for large equipment and hay to
living and working space featuring unique sight
lines and vaulting open spaces. Barns converted
into residences, offices, retail establishments,
nonprofit centers, and much more are all dis-
played and discussed.
Old Barns–New Homes: A Showcase
of Architectural Conversions.
E. Ashley
Rooney. Presents over thirty barn conversion
projects by creative architects,developers,and
homeowners, providing fresh design ideas for
the conversion of barns into residences and
business spaces.
ISBN: 0-7643-2132-3 • hard cover • $34.95
contemporary architecture: Alternative
Handmade Houses.
Steven P. Whitsitt & Tina
Skinner. Twelve exciting homes expressive of
individuality as well as artistry. Homes featured
include Eliphante near Sedona, Arizona, a four-
acre art installation complete with free-form
rammed-earth buildings and handmade stained
glass; the sculpted grounds and meditation huts
of a recycling artist and guru, and the mystical
home and gardens of Gnome Countryside in
southern Pennsylvania.
Boathouses: Architecture at the Water’s
E. Ashley Rooney with a foreword by Jef-
frey D. Peterson. 260 beautiful color photographs
capture the beauty and charm of both historic
and recently designed boathouses belonging to
private residences, rowing clubs, and preparatory
schools and colleges. Together, they provide
an historical appreciation and architectural
inspiration of this classic building form.
Houseboats: Aquatic Architecture
of Sausalito.
Kathy Shaffer, AIA. Visit
over 100 houseboats, inside and out. A
celebration of the refreshing, inspiring
forms created in the free-thinking spirit
of houseboat architecture.
& illustrations•192pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-2722-3 • hard cover
Built to Last: A Showcase of Concrete
Tina Skinner. ICF construction com-
bines concrete and steel for a rock-solid house
construction that can withstand hurricanes,
drastically cut energy costs, and provide air
and sound quality.
green architecture & energy
Green Roofs: Ecological Design and Con-
Earth Pledge. Examine possibilities
for city-wide green roof development using
335 color photographs, 40 in-depth building
case studies, and 7 municipal case studies
around the world.
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