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native american arts & crafts
Neil David’s Hopi World.
Ron Pecina
& Bob Pecina, with art by Neil David, Sr.
A series of pen and ink drawings present
a history of Hopi Indian life from the
Pueblo Rebellion to the challenges of
coping with modern societal changes.
Artist Neil David, Sr., interprets these
important events and milestones in an
imaginative, often witty way.
•128pp.• ISBN:978-0-7643-3808-3•hardcover•$29.99
native american arts & crafts
Navajo Silversmith Fred Peshlakai: His
Life & Art.
Steven Curtis. Through hundreds
of images, the life and art of legendary Navajo
silversmith Fred Peshlakai is explored, as are the
individual, technical, and artistic expressions
of his beautiful silver artwork. See why Fred
Peshlakai is one of the most influential Navajo
artisans to impact the creation of Navajo Silver
Art and his art the world-class art treasures
they truly are.
Eddy Hulbert, Silversmith: Artistry in
Dryhead Country, Montana.
E. Helene
Sage. Eddy Hulbert (1898-1960) was an
accomplished, self-taught blacksmith and
silversmith whose output is highly sought after
by today's collector of Western antiquaria.
Known for his spurs, bits, belt buckles, and
jewelry, his style is distinctive and bold, and
his designs unique. Many commissions from
local ranchers and families in the Dryhead
area of Montana.
Northwest Carving Tradition.
Karen &Ralph
Norris. Here over 400 color photographs of old
and recent artwork include totems, drums, rattles
boxes, canoes, and many masks of traditional
designs. Master carvers as well as younger artists
are featured. The text gives a better understand
of the complex society, its artwork, and current
values. Size:9"x12"•415colorphotos
Value Guide/Index • 240 pp. ISBN:0-7643-0799-1
of over 50 contemporary Salish, Nuu-Chah-Nulth,
andMakah tribal artists of the Northwest Coast is
highlightnewdesigns incanoes,paddles,weaving,
baskets,andwovenhats;and inspirationsfromthe
wellas in jewelryandglass itemsofexquisitedetail.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3641-6 • hard cover • $59.99
Schiffer LTD.
Native American Horse Gear: A Golden
Age of Equine-Inspired Art of the 19th
E. Helene Sage. With informativetext
and 206 color photos, readers will discover the
techniques and materials used to create often
Included in this study are bridles, saddles, saddle
quirts, masks, and equine imagery in utilitarian
objects. Includesexamples fromthePlains,Prairie,
Great Basin, Plateau, and the Southwest.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 206 color photos • 160 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4210-3 • hard cover • $49.99
Pueblo Dancing.
Nancy Hunter Warren &
Jill Drayson Sweet. This book explores Pueblo
dancing, illustrated with photographs of danc-
ers in traditional costumes from Pueblos San
Ildefonso, Santa Clara, San Juan, Jemez, Taos,
Pecos, Acoma, and Tesuque. Nancy Hunter
Warren took these sensitive images before the
Pueblos created a ban on taking photographs
of their ceremonies. Size:9"x12"•99b/wphotos
• Indexofdances•176pp.
Hopi Kachinas: History, Legends, and
Ron Pecina and Bob Pecina. Chronological
vignettes and text encompassing Hopi history,
culture, ceremonies, and legends provide a
background for the remarkable paintings and
sculptures of Hopi artists that surfaced from
the Pecinas' studies and visits with the Hopi.
Distinctive pieces of Hopi art, Kachina carvings,
and peerless paintings of Katsina celebrations
are the centerpiece for the story of the Katsinam
and the essence of this work.
Size:81/2"x11"•155color images•192pp.
Contemporary Hopi Kachina Dolls.
Nancy Schiffer. The identities of 250+
kachina dolls made by contemporary
Hopi artists and on the market today.
They represent spirits and dancers in
ceremonies for rain, fertile crops, and
the goodness of life. The descriptive text
and over 500 color photographs present
Hopi and English names, artist identity,
and current market value ranges.
Price Guide/Index • 208 pp.
Hopi Kachina Dolls and their Carvers.
Theda Bassman. Contemporary Kachina dolls
are beautifully illustrated with over 150 color
photos. The lives of the carvers who make them
are explored in depth. Twenty-five of today’s
most important Kachina carvers have been
interviewed forafirst-handglimpseat theirwork.
Index • 192 pp.
The Hopi Approach to the Art of Kachina
Doll Carving.
Erik Bromberg. The beautiful
diversity of Hopi Kachina dolls is pictorially
presented to show past, present, and evolving
styles. These carved representations of cere-
monial figures taking part in celebrations of
the Kachina religion are popular collectibles.
This book explains, compares, and presents
the variety of dolls through color pictures, line
drawings, and text.
Index • 94 pp.
Native American Fetishes.
Revised & Expanded
2nd Edition
. Kay Whittle. From Beast Gods to Direc-
tional Guardian Spirits, this book explores the magic
and mystery behind the charismatic, mostly stone,
animal figures or fetishes skillfully carved by artists
from the Southwestern Pueblos. Hundreds of pictures
and insightful text highlight the impressive variety of
forms, materials, and traditional and contemporary
styles available to collectors. A price guide is included.
Plains Indians Regalia & Customs.
Hand. An original study of Plains Indian cultures
of the 19th century, using period writings, paint-
ings, research, and photography to relate how
lives were spent and to bring the past to life.
Covers Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Comanche, Crow,
Hidatsa, Mandan, and Lakota tribes. Dances,
hunting, horses, weapons, and trade goods
featured. Readers learn basic similarities of all
people, ancient to present, including today’s
multi-cultural society.
The New Four Winds Guide to IndianWeap-
onry, Trade Goods, and Replicas.
Miller & Carolyn Corey. Authentic weapons and
weapon cases, horse gear, tools, stone pipes,
and ceremonial items; also trade goods such as
Hudson’s Bay collectibles, trade beads, cloth,
and blankets; and contemporary replicas of
traditional Indian clothing, blankets, pouches
and bags, parfleches, and more. All values reflect
actual auction estimates and results.
The New Four Winds Guide to American
Indian Artifacts.
Preston E. Miller & Carolyn
Corey. Authentic Indian-made items of both old
and new vintage are showcased. Nearly 800
color photos present clothing and accessories,
basketry, pottery, musical instruments, toys &
games, textiles, and beadwork, with detailed
descriptions, current pricing, bead glossary. An
essential and comprehensive reference for every
collector’s bookshelf.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
The Navajo Art of Sandpainting.
vised & Expanded 2nd Edition
. Douglas
Congdon-Martin. Sandpainting has its origin
in the religious tradition and practice of the
Navajo people. Over 400 sandpaintings, from
the most traditional to the newest forms, are
illustrated here in full color. The sandpaintings
are organized by artist, making this an important
reference for collectors.
Navajo Arts and Crafts.
Nancy N. Schiffer.
This book investigates the diverse and lively
crafts of today’s Navajo people. This celebration
of Navajo art has over 250 color photos and
explanations of the crafts, including weaving,
pottery, basketry, jewelry, dolls, sandpainting,
wood carving, stone sculpture, and fetishes.
H.L.Jameswithan introductionbyFrank
Waters. Acoma, the “sky city” of NewMexico, is
presented with an enchanting text and beautiful
color photographs in this revised edition of the
Southwest classic book. Acoma mesa pueblo,
located 65 miles west of Albuquerque, is said to
be the oldest continuously inhabited community
on the North American continent.
Indian Dolls.
Nancy N. Schiffer. Here dolls
are grouped according to their geographical
origins, including Iroquios, Seminole, Cheyenne,
Navajo, and Eskimo Indian dolls shown along
with early photographs of the people and places
they represent. Also, Skookum dolls, which
were made as commercial items, are presented.
Price Guide/Index • 112 pp.
Miniature Arts of the Southwest.
N. Schiffer. The delightful arts of American
Indian tribes in the Southwest are occasionally
made in miniature by especially talented art-
ists. This book presents a wide array of these
miniatures of all the major craft styles of the
region, with hundreds of color photographs.
Arranged in sections devoted to beadwork,
rattles, sandpaintings, weavings, basketry,
Kachinas, paintings, and pottery.
Hallmarks of the Southwest: Who Made
Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition
. Bar-
ton Wright in association with the Indian Arts
and Crafts Assoc. A comprehensive source for
identifying the marks of the American Southwest
Indianartistsworking inmetal,clay,wood,textiles,
and paint. Alphabetically arranged, with personal
data, tribal affiliations, working dates, materials
used, and the artists’ marks. The 2nd edition has
40 new pages.
Size:81/2’’x11’’•36colorphotos/520marks •
6 Indices•244pp.
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