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Historic Flash.
Spider Webb.
Hundreds of colorful designs are
presented ready to post. Includes pa-
triotic, nostalgic, floral, bird, animal,
romantic, religious, and naughty.
Size: 12" x 9" • 80 color photos • soft
ISBN: 978-0-7643-1606-7 • soft cover
Military Flash.
Spider Webb. Historic
flash boards pay tribute to those who
served their countries. Anchors, exotic
dancers, and more. Perforated pages
for easy removal.
Size: 12" x 9" • 85 color flash sheets •
ISBN: 978-0-7643-1538-1 • soft cover
folk art
When The Spirit Speaks: Self-Taught Art
of the South.
Margaret Day Allen. This book
introduces the reader to 32 self-taught artists
in the Southeastern United States, some who
are known by collectors and scholars and some
who are emerging. Their stories of perseverance,
struggle and triumph illustrate the strength of
the creative impulse.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 200 photos • 144 pp.
A Legacy in Tramp Art.
Clifford A. Wallach.
This book presents historical images and intro-
duces newly discovered artists of tramp art,
complete with their biographies. Made from
society’s discards, primarily wooden cigar boxes
and wooden crates, tramp art is the story of the
common man, unschooled in the arts, taking a
simple tool to carve a legacy from the heart for
all of us to enjoy and celebrate.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4106-9 • hard cover • $69.99
Schiffer LTD.
Tramp Art, Another Notch: Folk Art from
the Heart.
Clifford Wallach with a foreword
by Barbara Goldsmith. Discover the romance
of tramp art, folk art objects layer by layer, one
notch at a time, by untrained artists. Forms
range from picture frames and mirrors to boxes,
bureaus, and fantasy pieces. The designs and
colors reflect a naive sensibility and aesthetic
that is at once charming and beautiful.
Size: 9" x 12" • 640 color photos • Price Guide
ANRI Woodcarvings.
Philly Rains & Donald
by ANRI, the world-renowned Italian company.
More than 2,500 are featured, including bottle
stoppers, bottle openers and corkscrews, bar
sets, bookends, humidors, lighters, cigarette
boxes, pipe rests, salt and pepper sets, brushes,
figurines and much more.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
Black Forest Woodcarvings.
Peter F.
Blackman. The origins, artistic growth, and
dissemination of “Black Forest” carved wooden
furniture and fine decor is presented in detail.
Bears are the best known and prolific examples,
but many other animals and human figures
also comprise the style that thrived from 1815
to the early 20th century. Noteworthy carvers,
schools, companies, and the Great Exhibitions
worldwide are featured.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 936 color & 248 b/w photos •
folk art
Under Glass: A Victorian Obsession.
Whitenight. In 650 beautiful images and fasci-
nating text, many glass domes and the objects
displayed under them are revealed and discussed
here in detail. Items from glorious taxidermy
presentations of nature, seashell works, wax
flowers and fruit, and even art formed of human
hair are studied carefully. Social commentary
of the times enriches the exploration of these
beautiful art objects. Size:9"x12"•628color&
23b/wphotos• Index•288pp.
Fraktur: Folk Art and Family.
Corinne &
Russell Earnest. Fraktur celebrate Pennsylvania
German family events such as births, baptisms,
and marriages. 230+ photos present three
centuries of American fraktur interwoven with
historical details, information on the making of
fraktur, and techniques for preservation and care.
The colorful pages will delight and stimulate
curiosity among historians, scholars, and all who
appreciate art. Size:81/2"x11"•230colorphotos
Index • 192 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-0920-X • hard
Mennonite Arts.
Clarke Hess. The rich and
diverse arts practiced by the distinctive Menno-
nite communities in Europe, Pennsylvania, and
Canada over a 300-year period are presented. A
host of newly recognized Mennonite artisans of
traditional quilts, furniture, wood carvings, and
fraktur, are introduced, and many are displayed
here in the hundreds of color images.
Index • 160 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1414-9 • hard
Amish Arts of Lancaster County.
Patricia T. Herr. Introduction by Dr. Don-
ald B. Kraybill. The Amish decorative arts
shown in 328 color photographs and
informative text. Featuring furniture,
quilts, rugs, samplers, boxes, china, and
toys made by the Amish for themselves.
Dr. Kraybill introduces the history and
interpretation of Lancaster County Penn-
sylvania Amish culture today.
Index • 160 pp. ISBN:0-7643-0541-7•softcover•$29.95
Pennsylvania German Arts: More Than
Hearts, Parrots, & Tulips.
intertwining of the arts and artifacts of both the
traditional and the evolving worlds. Folk art and
quilts are here, but so is the work of Precisionist
metals! The extensive historical text is illustrated
with over 350 color photos. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" •
354 color photos • Index • 144 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-1245-6 • soft cover • $29.95
Folk Art of Cape Cod and the Islands.
Jeanne Marie Carley. In over 560 color pho-
tos, this book recounts the histories of the
entrepreneurial people of Cape Cod, Martha’s
Vineyard, and Nantucket, as told through the
folk art they produced from the 18th to the 20th
centuries. Among these items are: paintings;
maritime art; trade figures; carousel art; wood
carvings; weathervanes; religious art; textiles;
and gravestones.
Nautical Antiques.
W.D. Ball. Hundreds of
antique nautical treasures related to the lives
of seamen include a variety of scrimshaw items,
sailor-made ship models, nautical instruments,
whaling implements, furnishings, ship’s figure-
heads, sternboards, billet heads, ship’s journals,
paintings, and much mor rtifacts to delight any
seafaring enthusiast.
Size:81/2"x11"•387 illustrations
Price Guide • 240 pp.
Ships’ Figureheads.
Hans Jurgen Hansen & Clas
Broder Hansen. Many different types of figureheads
are pictured in color and b/w photos with a fascinating
historical text that explains their use and the sculptors
who made them. Figurehead lions, dragon heads,
and human forms are primarily from the nineteenth
century. Court sculptors and independent figurehead
carvers are introduced whose work appears on royal
pleasure craft.
Sailors’ Valentines: Their Journey Through
Grace L. Madeira, Constance Marshall
Miller, Mary S. Page, & Ann T. Schutt. This
stunningly beautiful book showcases sailors’
valentines assembled by shell artists. These
octagonal-framed plaques were said to have
been made by Victorian sailors as love tokens for
their sweethearts at home. Learn their history,
lore, and reality, and be introduced to exquisite
designs, both antique and contemporary.
Index • 192 pp.
Scrimshaw: The Whaler’s Legacy.
Lawrence. Scrimshaw, or whale tooth carving, is
historical, beautiful and complex. Over 400 color
photos of American scrimshaw folk art pieces
and a fascinating text relates the hard, daily life
of the nineteenth century sailor/scrimshander
aboard whaling ships. The materials, patriotic
and romantic themes,and toolsusedarecovered.
Also, modern scrimshaw artists are presented.
Price Guide • 240 pp.
Folk Art in America.
Adele Earnest. A classic
reference to the rise in popularity of folk artists
in America, this book presents 258 photos of
early folk art pieces, including decoys, whirligigs
and carvings, and tells the history of the folk art
movement from the early 20th century and the
founding of the Museum of American Folk Art in
New York. Anecdote is blended with history as
pioneer collector Earnest shares her experiences
and folk art treasures with readers.
Size:81/2’’x11’’•251photos• Index•256pp.
Butter Prints and Molds.
Paul E. Kindig. A
most comprehensive work on wooden butter
shapers. Detailed chapters on handmade, craft-
shop-made, and factory-made prints and molds
help to identify the methods of construction and
patterns associated with each type. A fascinating
section on European collections presents many
variations from continental Europe and Great
Britain, bringing the study around to confront
its origins.
Size:9’’x12’’•916photos• Index•248pp.
The Art of the Weathervane.
Steve Miller.
From classic folk art styles to never-before-seen
designs, weathervanes frommany sources illus-
trate the distinctive vitality of this artistic form.
60 color plates bring many weathervanes to life
visually, as they serve as both practical wind
direction indicators and decorative architectural
ornaments. Manufacturers are identified and
their backgrounds are explored.
Country and Folk Antiques.
Don and Carol
Raycraft. Gathered from Maine to California
by veteran folk art enthusiasts, these antiques
of country origin include kitchen furnishings,
stoneware, baskets, toys, garden ornaments and
even Christmas decorations. So many examples
are included that it is easy to compare the items
through over 500 color photos and the Price
Guide. The book is informative and fun.
Price Guide • 176 pp. ISBN: 0-88740-828-1 •
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