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Revelations: The Photography of Justice
Justice Howard. Tattoo photography
pioneer Justice Howard documents the American
tattoo community with her highly iconic images.
Her images enhance both the male and female
physical forms, highlighting their strengths and
prowess, and expose hidden elements of the
human condition in all its kaleidoscopic beauty.
Gracing these pages are Models Malice and Xan-
thia Pink, tattoo artist luminaries, and celebrity
Gorgeous & Gory: The Zombie Pinup
Jessica Rajs. The Zombie Pinup
Collection is a compendium of exquisitely bizarre
beauty from Gorgeous & Gory. The picturesque
undead are fashioned with sensuous abandon
and set in the vibrant, surreal, landscape of New
Jersey. This essential anthology includes images
from all four calendars, many never before seen
photos, and a special behind the scenes look.
Wings of Angels: A Tribute to the Art of
World War II Pinup & Aviation Volumes
1 & 2.
Michael Malak. A beautifully presented
the story and history of the most recognizable
aircraft of WorldWar II and the pinup girls whose
images graced these legendary warbirds. Flying
into combat with our boys, inspiring and
providing our U.S. soldiers with sweetly
seductive remindersofhome, thesepinups
are a reminder of the All American good
life GIs were fighting for.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4640-8 • hard cover •
250 limited edition boxed sets
ofVolumes 1 & 2areavailable
for $100 (isbn: 978-0-7643-4781-8). Call 610-593-1777
or order
online at
The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-up.
the girl next door to sexy switch-blade sisters, the
pin-up girls depicted in this collection of works
by 15 of today’s best artists boldly display the
full spectrum of the genre. Through masterful
use of color and media, both traditional and
digital, these artists capture the female form in
ways that remain true to their forefathers (Gil
Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, etc.) but also to their
own contemporary styles.
Size:81/2"x11"•297 illustrations•128pp.ISBN:
Contemporary Pin-Up Photography.
Denlick. This book is a visual delight with more
than 300 new photos from 25 modern photog-
raphers nationwide. The vintage images from
cheesecake pin-up to Hollywood glamour will
surely take you back in time, as will classic military
nose art and authentic WWII bomber jackets.
Alvarado’s Pin-up Nudes.
Robert Alvarado.
Here is Robert Alvarado’s second full collec-
tion of pin-up photography. Alvarado uses this
collection to focus more on the female form.
As with all of his photography, the innovative
techniques in these 145+ pin-up nudes blur the
line that distinguishes a photograph from an
illustration. With these techniques, his nod to
Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgren, and other pioneering
pin-up artists is clear.
Size:9"x12"•148 images•144pp.
Alvarado’s Classic Modern Pin-ups.
Alvarado. This essential collection of pin-ups,
from upstart photographer Robert Alvarado,
subtly combines color, form, and style and has
an allure that captivates onlookers and confounds
fellow photographers. A year of trial and error
went into achieving the look presented here:
luscious images with flat color and a shine that
accentuates the models’ key features.
Queens of Hearts: The Art of Marya García.
Marya García. Classic 1950s-style pin-ups pin-up
concepts converge with contemporary aesthetics
in this enticing collection of elegant and sensual
images of gorgeous, tattooed women by Spanish
photographer Marya García. The result is beau-
tiful pin-up and alternative photographic art
that ranges in character from smoldering to
mysterious to sweet and beyond.
Keyhole Cuties: The Pin-up Art of Celeste
Celeste Giuliano. Internationally ac-
developed a style that masterfully pays homage
to the sweet and sexy look of the classic pin-up
girl illustrations fromWWII America. In this, her
first definitive collection, she reminds us why a
flirtatious smile or a peek at a garter was what
made the girl next door the ultimate bombshell.
Ink ’N Girls.
Ákos Bánfalvi. A fascinating look
into themindsandheartsofgorgeous, intelligent,
and confident women, hailing from around
the world. In candid interviews, these inked
beauties open up to the author about their
upbringings, first tattoos, favorite and most
challenging modeling experiences, and more.
Enjoy hypnotic portraits, provocative poses, and
interesting themes that creatively and tastefully
showcase mesmerizing body art.
The New American Pin-up: Tattooed &
Brian E. Johnson & Valerie D. Stan-
ton. The tradition of the American pin-up girl,
celebrating not only the stunning beauty of
the models, but the artistry of the tattoos and
piercings that adorn their bodies. The 46 women
all wear interesting and creative body art by some
of the most talented tattooers and body piercers
in the world. They share some of their thoughts
about tattoos and life. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 120
color photos • 112 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3164-0
Undressing the Art of Playing Dress Up.
Cosplay Deviants. This enormous collection of
pin-up style photos provides a tantalizing look
at sexy female cosplayers from around the world
who shed their costumes to bring your gaming,
comics, anime and manga, and sci-fi character
fantasies to life.
Peep-Machine Pin-Ups: 1940s-1950s Mu-
toscope Art.
Don Preziosi & Tina Skinner.
The International Mutoscope Reel Company
manufactured vending machines that served
up pin-up cards for collectors. This collection
of more than 250 highly-collectible images
includes work by noted artists Zoe Mozert, Earl
Moran, and Gil Elvgren, talented portrayors of
the female form.
bunny yeager
Femmes Fatales of the 1950s.
Bunny Yeager.
60 sultry femmes fatales are captured by world
famous photographer Bunny Yeager. Each image
was hand-picked by Yeager from her vast photo
archives of seductive women. Photo locations
range from the familiar and intimate to the
wild and exotic, yet all the while maintaining
a certain 1950s style and flair. Here are the
girls you wished had lived next door, including
actress Allison Hayes.
Flirts of the Fifties.
Bunny Yeager. World
renowned photographer Bunny Yeager brings
together 144 of the most beautiful and flirta-
tious girls from the 1950s. Selected from her
vast photographic archives, these images will
awaken the senses and stir the reader to new
appreciation of their timeless beauty.
Bunny Yeager's Pin-Up Girls of the 1950s.
Bunny Yeager. This book is a celebration of all
the emancipated young women with beautiful
faces and figures who posed for Bunny Yeager
in the 1950s, just as she embarked on her career
as a professional photographer. There are nearly
200 photographs, all reproduced as Bunny took
them, including full color and beautiful black
and white works.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 69 color & 108 b&w photos
Bunny Yeager’s Bikini Girls of the 1950s.
Bunny Yeager. Model and commercial photog-
rapher Bunny Yeager forged a unique role in
1952, photographing bikinis and the beau-
tiful women who wore them. This collection
of Bunny’s work from the 1950s features 169
original photographs, including famous (Betty
Page) and more obscure models of the day.
An insightful addition to the literature on this
photographic pioneer.
Bunny Yeager’s Pin-Up Girls of the 1960s.
Bunny Yeager. Famed photographer Bunny
Yeager presents the latest retrospective of her
own work, revisiting the spirited, fun-loving
women of the flower-power decade. More than
230 color-packed images present 80 beautiful
women, captured in the 1960s in a multitude
of exciting locations. Each woman exhibits her
own style and intrigue, along with the aura and
fashions of the ’60s era.
Bikini Girls of the 1960s.
Bunny Yeager.
Renowned photographer Bunny Yeager acted as
a magnet for beautiful models in the 1960s. She
adorned themwith beautiful bikinis and carefully
photographed them in exotic and unexpected
places, in playful poses that are simultaneously
sweet and sexy. Here is a wonderful, reminiscent
look at feminine beauty 1960s style, by one of
the key characters who defined it.
Bunny Yeager’s Bouffant Beauties: Big-
Hair Pin-Up Girls of the ‘60s & ‘70s.
Yeager. Celebrity photographer and model Bunny
Yeager shares pin-up girls sporting the glorious
bouffants that were all the rage in the 1960s
and ‘70s. Sporting bikinis, lingerie, or nothing
at all, these models flout their femininity for
your viewing pleasure. In all, 127 women are
featured in big, full-color, full-page spreads.
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