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nature photography • Sports Photography
nature photography
Seaduction: The Sensuous Side of
the Sea.
Beverly Factor. A collection of
stunning abstract photographs of sea
life that explode with color, texture,
and visual excitement. Photographed
by world-renowned underwater pho-
tographer Beverly Factor, the images
are so otherworldly that they capture
one’s attention immediately
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4501-2 • hard cover
Visions: Earth’s Elements in Bird
and Nature Photography.
K. Karl-
son, L. Spitalnik, & S. Elowitz. A varied
collection of more than 450 bird and
naturephotos from10othercontributing
photographers. Set to the elements of
earth, fire, air, and water, it includes
an assortment of exciting action and
moody nature photographs.
Size: 11 3/4" x 9" • 460 color photos •
Birds of Cape May, New Jersey.
Kevin T. Karlson. Cape May, New Jersey,
is one of the best bird-watching locations
in the world. Exquisite photographs
represent birds commonly seen here,
with action and flight themes. Birds
are shown in foliage appropriate to
different seasons, with anecdotes and
natural history in concise photo captions.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 446 color photos •
New Jersey Birds and Beyond.
Puder. New Jersey offers ample viewing
opportunities forbirders,photographers,
andnature loversalike.358strikingcolor
images and delightful observations of
over 180 bird species, along with other
native flora and fauna.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 434 color photos •
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4021-5 • hard cover
• $34.99
The Nature of the Meadowlands.
Jim Wright, The New Jersey Meadow-
lands Commission. The 30.4-square-mile
Meadowlands has transformed from
ravaged landscape to a place of daily
surprises and small miracles, that birds,
Ospreys, ducks, and other wildlife call
home. This is the story of a region’s
triumphant return.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 158 color & 17 b/w
images• Index•128pp.
Birds of Cape Cod & The Islands.
Roger S. Everett. A field guide, trav-
elogue, and photo-essay, this book
features nearly 300 varieties of birds,
visitors from far-off lands, in their Cape
and Islands habitats. The images reveal
beauty, both in the birds themselves and
the artistic eye of the photographer.
Size:11"x81/2" •404photos•224pp.
Birds of Cape Cod & the Islands in Postcards.
Roger S. Everett. Forty of the birds of Cape Cod, Nan-
tucket, and Martha’s Vineyard, captured by noted
bird photographer, Roger S. Everett, are gathered
in this book of beautiful color postcards. Perforated,
they can be detached and sent to friends (at 40 cents
apiece they are a good bargain), framed and hung on your wall, or kept intact
as a souvenir of your summer vacation.
Birds of Coastal South Carolina.
Roger S. Everett. Birds along the South
Carolina shore displayed in beautiful, full
color images. Organized by habitat, the
Whilenotafieldguide, itwillaiddedicated
that surrounds them.
pp.• ISBN:978-0-7643-2845-9•hardcover•$29.95
Wading and Shore Birds of the
Atlantic Coast.
Roger S. Everett. Not-
ed bird photographer Roger S. Everett
has selected his best for this new book
of postcards. Perforated, they can be
detached and sent to friends, framed
and hung on your wall, or kept intact.
The perfect gift for the bird enthusiast.
Favorite Songbirds.
Roger S. Everett. 120
Songbirdsoffers imagesofthebirdsweknowand
love the best: cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches,
robins,andorioles.Thesearethebirdsthat inhabit
this collection of clear accurate images.
Wading and Shore Birds: A Photographic
. Roger S. Everett. One of New England’s
foremost bird photographers presents here
for the first time a study of wading and shore
birds, with over one hundred full-color pictures.
The pictures delight the eye while providing
an important resource for naturalists, artists,
carvers, and taxidermists. Over 38 varieties of shore and wading birds are
shown, most in several poses and perspectives.
Faces of the Susquehanna: A
Photographic Study of Natural
Stephen W. Pidcock.
The Susquehanna River takes on a life
of its own in this photographic study
of rock and water reflections. With
a “verti-zontal art” approach to the
images, more than 240 color photo-
graphs show the beautiful scenery,
details of rocks, plants, and shapes,
and colors of the seasons.
Size:•11"x81/2"•212color images•128pp.
nature photography techniques
A Guide for Exploring the Natural
World through Photography.
Morello. Over 220 color photos present
stunning nature photography and the
equipment used to capture it. A detailed
reference designed to prepare readers
for photo adventures in the wild.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 222 color photos •
The Art of Flower Photography.
Lucian Niemeyer. Vivid color photos illus-
trate the steps necessary to create artful
color photographs of the world’s flora,
including the right choice of setting,
lighting, the color palette, equipment,
techniques, and the documentation
and storage of the resulting images.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 215 color photos •
Underwater Photography: A Guide
to Capturing the Mysteries of the
Trent Burkholder. The world of
underwater photography, covering the
technical, mechanical, and compositional
factors that produce quality images. 120
beautiful color photos and 18 instruc-
tional images illustrate the techniques
described. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 138 color
images• Index•160pp.
sports photography
Horse Racing: Photography by
Arthur Frank.
Essay by Joe Drape.
168 photos depicting the development
of thoroughbred race horses from their
days as foals, through training sessions,
and then to the track. Highlights the
unique relationship between the horse
and those who bred them, own them,
train them, care for them, and bet on
them. by sportswriter Joe Drape.
Sailing Fascination.
Heinrich Hecht.
Text by Hans-Harald Schack. Sailing
competitions fascinate professional pho-
tographer Heinrich Hecht, whose work
over 20 years is presented. Twelve chap-
ters highlight the sport: the sail, speed,
classic beauty, dinghies and keelboats,
the crew, regattas, sailors, the wind,
waves, and light are themes illustrated
by over 300 dynamic color photographs.
Scars & Stripes: The Culture of
Modern Roller Derby.
Seymore, Foreword by Suzy Hotrod.
Through photographs on and off the
track, as well as commentary from
nearly 100 skaters, coaches, fans, and
referees, this book captures the entre-
preneurial spirit of the participants, the
extraordinary bonds that form, and the
invigorating and infectious fanaticism
that characterizes every bout.
No Mercy: Roller Derby Life on the
Jules Doyle. This visual record
gives a comprehensive view of mod-
ern roller derby, through 353 images
capturing all the crushing hits, stifling
blocking, and nimble jamming. Fans
of roller derby and fast-paced, contact
sports will enjoy modern roller derby’s
history while photography buffs will
appreciate Doyle’s artistic prose with
the camera. Size:113/4"x9"•353 images•208pp.
Puerto Rico’s Surf Culture: The
Photography of Steve Fitzpatrick.
Steve Fitzpatrick. When photographer
Steve Fitzpatrick relocated to San Juan,
the island’s surf culture had a dedicated
documentarian.Pulled fromanarchiveof
more than 50,000 captures, these 160+
dramatic images presents the best surf
Puerto Rico has to offer.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 285 color photos •
Flying Through the Clouds: Surf
Photography of Jim Russi.
Jim Russi.
Enter the surfing world through the lens
and prose of Jim Russi. He captures the
action in over 180 photos in Hawaii,
Tahiti, California, Puerto Rico, Mexico,
Fiji, Bali, Indonesia, and islands off South
Africa, with stories from his global trav-
els, including encounters with celebrities
in and out of the surfing world.
Sa i l i ng
FaSc i nat i on
Heinrich Hecht
text byHans-Harald Schack
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