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Contemporary Cape Cod Artists:
People and Places.
Deborah Forman.
Contemporary Cape Cod artists go be-
yond the landscape for inspiration. They
are inspired by people in their insightful
portraits; by the dynamic activity of
figures; by the calm of a still life; and
by the fascination of an interior view.
Deborah Forman interviewed forty-five
artists, representing a spectrum of me-
diums and styles, who shared with her their inspirations and approaches,
their personal lives, and their art.
100 Artists of the Midwest: Illinois, In-
diana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and
E. Ashley Rooney. In oil, pastels,
sculpture, and wood, talented, living artists from
the AmericanMidwest explore the richness of the
homegrown imagery of their region, including its
culture, its society, and its environment. These
artists’ works are captured in this book in over
600 full color images.
100 Artists of the Southwest.
Douglas Bullis.
The work of 100 important painters, sculptors,
photographers, potters, weavers, and jewelers
living and working in New Mexico and Arizona
today. Their stories and works of art will amaze
as well as illuminate. This book provides the most
vibrant picture of contemporary Southwestern
art that you can find anywhere.
Contemporary Art of the Southwest.
E. Ashley Rooney, with Julie Sasse. This book
surveys in text and over 600 photos the con-
temporary artwork from Arizona, New Mexico,
Oklahoma, and Texas. The book’s intent is to take
a fresh look at the magical and insightful ways
in which the area’s artists have interpreted life
in this region. Included are paintings, sculpture,
ceramic art, prints, collage, jewelry, photography,
and kinetic percussion electronic assemblages.
100 Artists of the West Coast.
Bullis. 100 of the most important artists of our
time from the American west coast, San Diego to
Vancouver. Each artist shares with you, in their
own words, the thinking and feelings that are
the essence of their work and their world. This
fine art compendium is sure to delight your eyes
and imagination. For collectors, museum and
gallery visitors, or merely curious.
100 Artists of the West Coast II.
Skinner. A mix of emerging, mid-career, and
established artists makes this a valuable tool
for galleries and collectors. Meet each artist as
they share, in their own words, the thoughts
and feelings expressed in their work, shown in
over 400 full color photographs of vividly hued,
conceptually stimulating artworks.
100 Artists of the Northwest.
E. Ashley
Rooney, with Karla Matzke. One hundred con-
temporary artists offer a fresh look at life in this
region of natural beauty. Through sculpture,
glass, oil, clay, wood, and other contemporary
mediums, the artists combine, redesign, and
transform their materials into art that not only tell
the stories of today, but also create excitement
for tomorrow.
Chinese Artists: New Media,1990-2010.
Xhingyu Chen. A retrospective of works and
brief introductions to 19 Chinese artists work-
ing in performance and conceptual art, film
and video, installation, sound art, and digital
art. This is a select group that has created the
landscape of contemporary Chinese art and are
dictating its future.
China! New Art & Artists.
Dian Tong. By the
mid-1980s an active, experimental art movement
appeared in China, which one critic dubbed the
“85NewWave.”Here isanexpansiveoverviewof
the painting in China over the past twenty years.
Featured are works by over 80 contemporary
Chinese artists in 250 full color photographs,
with important information about the evolution
of the fine arts in China.
Size:9"x12"•324 images• Index • 256 pp.
Masterpieces of Haitian Art.
Candice Russell.
A celebration of the best examples of Haitian art
produced in the last seven decades. This mixture
of work by masters like Hector Hyppolite and
younger, emerging artists demonstrates the
importance of the bond between past, present,
and future generations. This historically import-
ant book explores how this resilient nation is
rebuilding itself while thoughtfully preserving
its heritage and culture through art.
contemporary artists: general
Behind the Easel: The Unique Voic-
es of 20 Contemporary Represen-
tational Painters.
Robert C Jackson
with Pamela Sienna. Using an interview
format, Robert C. Jackson introduces 20
of today’s top representational artists.
This beautifully illustrated book includes
more than 140 images of these artists’
paintings, as well as photographs of the
artists in their studios.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4747-4 • hard cover•
Robert C. Jackson Paintings.
Eliasoph. The paintings of Robert C.
Jackson are introduced by Philip Eliasoph
in the artist's first monograph. This
beautifully illustrated book includes
more than 130 images of the artist's
paintings with details, photographs of
the artist at work, studio shots, sketch-
book reproductions, and an interview.
Size:12"x9"•206 images•240pp.
man’s vivid and complex visual narratives explore
what realities might exist beyond the traditionally
accepted bounds of gravity and linear time, social
of many of the figures and elements works as a
foil to the larger, murkier suggestions of journey,
escape,absenceandpresence,further illuminated
Size:10"x10"•96color&b/w images•192pp.
Contemporary Painters.
Danijela Kracun
and Charles McFadden. Over 500 striking color
images display the artwork of 100 contemporary
painters from around the world. The works
of these talented individuals range from very
traditional pieces representing their mother
country to emerging styles that are new on
the world scene. The painters are arranged
alphabetically, allowing readers to view all the
work of each artist together.
The Art of Carmen Cicero.
Phyllis Braff,
with contributions from Deborah Forman
and Bill Evaul. Carmen Cicero is a veteran
acclaimed painter who has been a vibrant
member of the New York art scene since the
late 1950s. Filled with over 300 beautiful
pieces in multiple mediums—watercolors,
paintings, drawings, and collages—this fine
book offers an expansive survey of the life
work of Carmen Cicero.
100 Artists of the Male Figure: A Contem-
porary Anthology of Painting, Drawing,
and Sculpture.
E. Gibbons. Introduction by
Grady Harp. With nearly 400 art works that
capture classical masculine beauty in many
styles, this resource presents paintings, drawings,
and sculpture of the male figure by artists from
around the world. Candid personal statements
reflect each artist’s approach to the subject.
Size:81/2"x11"•375+color images•224pp.
Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views.
Lauren P. Della Monica. Using engaging text
and over 200 color images, this book explores
the scope of contemporary landscape painting
in America. This volume profiles sixty artists.
Their contributions distinguish important as-
pects of the genre and address land use, nature
appreciation, and ecology. All art styles are
represented, ranging from realism to abstraction
and non-objectivity.
Size:81/2"x11"•206colorphotos•Index•176 pp.
The Contemporary Art of Nature: Mam-
E. Ashley Rooney. Foreword by Donna
Dodson. Introduction by Carel P. Brest van
Kempen. From traditional works to the fan-
tastical, from sporting art to kitsch, the nearly
100 U.S. and international artists included hope
to combine their own magic with the natural
spirit of animals in their work. Over 500 of
their pieces are represented here in stunning,
full-color photographs.
Green Art: Trees, Leaves, and Roots.
Ashley Rooney, with Margery Goldberg. Artists
combine, redesign, and transform their materials
into art that changes the way we perceive the
world. Their artworks grab our attention and
give us a promise of renewal and beauty; their
work with trees, roots, and leaves creates magic
and mystery for our delight.
historic painting & painters
All Aboard: The Life and Work of Marjorie
Gary Fillmore. The first comprehensive
account of the unusual life and fine paintings of
Marjorie Reed. Beautifully illustrated with over
300 color plates of her paintings and scores of
never-before-published personal photographs,
this tracks her beginnings as a 16 year-old com-
mercial artist in LA until the last painting on her
easel at the time of her death six decades later.
Shadows on the Mesa: Artists of the
Painted Desert and Beyond.
Gary Fillmore.
Using over 390 illustrations, this book explores
the similarities and differences in the lives, artistic
styles, and beliefs of the men and women who
visited the Wetherill-Colville Guest Ranch in
Kayenta,northernArizona.Among theartistswho
visited were Maynard Dixon, William Robinson
Leigh, James Swinnerton, Carl Oscar Borg, and
Gunnar Widforss.
Size:9"x12"•273color&118b/wphotos• Index
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