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Fashion design & Technique • contemporary artists
Europe’s Rising Fashion Designers 2.
Patrick Gottelier. Over 460 images and incisive
text illustrate the work of students from top
schools, who present their best work, creating
fashions that will inspire readers, firing their
imaginations as they get a glimpse of what the
future may bring. Top flight fashion design
colleges and universities from the United King-
dom, Ireland, Denmark, The Netherlands, and
Sweden participated in this new edition. Size:
81/2"x11"•461color&5b/w images•200pp.
The SFP LookBook: Merceds-Benz Fash-
ion Week Fall/Winter 2014 Collections.
Alexander L. Potter. For this third installment
in the successful LookBook series, Schiffer
Fashion Press presents the Fall/Winter 2014
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This exhaustive
compilation showcases not only women's ready-
to-wear and eveningwear, but also menswear,
beauty and hair styling trends, and accessories.
The added Trend Guide observes recurring
themes in color, pattern, textile and texture,
and silhouette this season.
Size:81/2"x11"•2,894 color images • 392 pp.
The SFP LookBook: Merceds-Benz Fashion
Week Spring 2014 Collections.
Jesse Marth.
Spring 2014 runway looks fromMercedes-Benz
FashionWeek. Ideal for identifying trends incolor,
fabric, embellishment, styling, and silhouette.
Images of more than 3,200 looks from more
than 125 of today’s top designers.
Size:81/2"x11"•3,200color images•384pp.
The SFP LookBook: Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Week Fall 2013 Collections.
Jesse J. Marth.
Schiffer Fashion Press launches its inaugural
LookBook with Fall/Winter 2013 runway looks
from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Ideal for
identifying trends in color, fabric, pattern, and
silhouette, here are images of thousands of looks
from more than 85 of today's top designers.
International Steampunk Fashions.
toriana Lady Lisa. A tour of the fashion world,
steampunk style. This fashion backward collec-
tion features hundreds of intricate, creative, and
visionary steampunk looks from top names in
the business and fans from around the world.
Presented in high-quality fashion photography,
the looks in this compendium include head-to-
toe Victorian-era style coupled with futuristic
concepts as well as hats, jewelry, and other
fashion techniques
in Professional Design.
Marta R. Hidalgo and
color photographs and illustrations, sketches, and
currenttrends intheaccessoriesoffootwear,purses,
andhats through to itsdesignandmanufacture.
Size:9"x12"•575 imagesandpatterns•192pp.
Fashion Print Design: From the Idea to the
Final Fabric.
Angel Fernández & Daniela Santos
Quartino. This illustrious guide to modern print
design is an art book and reference for designers
as well. Advice, instruction, and hundreds of
vibrant examples will inspire designers with
an open mind. Serigraphy, digital printing, a
wide range of embroidery combinations, and
thermotransference are just some of the proven,
popular print techniques described in detail.
Size:9"x12"•490 illustrations•192pp.
contemporary artists: regional
Miami Contemporary Artists.
Paul Clem-
ence and Julie Davidow. Takes readers through
significant highlights of Miami’s art history,
showcasing the works of over 100 key artists
who have helped bring the cultural evolution to
fruition. This selection of contemporary artists
reveals diversity that breathes creative energy
into the sultry, scintillating city of Miami.
100 Southern Artists.
E. Ashley Rooney with
Paula Allen. View works by 100 living artists
living in AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, and WV. Artists
tell their personal stories and inspirations, and
show examples of their works. In oil, pastels,
sculpture, and wood, a diversity of styles and
influences, including pop surrealism, realism,
contemporary, abstract, alternative, and others,
exemplify rich imagery that affects culture,
society, and our environment.
Size:81/2"x11"•628color images•224pp.
South Beach: Two Decades of Deco
District Paintings by Mark Rutkow-
Mark Rutkowski. Over 115 original
images reveal theArtDecobuildingsand
decorations in Miami’s South Beach the
artist’s eyes. It’s a view like no other!
Pace yourself and prepare to enjoy two
decades in the Deco District! Includes
a preface by Ben Stein.
Outsider Art of the South.
Kathy Moses. An
intimate glimpse into the lives and work of 34
self-taught artists. Over 400 color photos show
a wide range of artwork that has been called
Outsider, Visionary, and Folk. Whatever the
labels, the work is passionate, religious, fantastic,
heartrending, cryptic, naive, and compelling.
What could be more exciting?
Price Guide/Index • 240 pp.
100 Artists of Washington, D.C.
F. Lennox
Campello. Award-winning artist and prominent
critic and commentator, F. Lennox Campello,
has compiled more than 600 works by 100
contemporary established and emerging art-
ists in the Washington, DC, capital region. A
primer for both the savvy art collector and the
beginning collector.
Size:81/2"x11"•735+ images•224pp.
100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlan-
Gary Pendleton. Over 400 color photos
of paintings by contemporary, living plein air
landscape artists. It includes a history, in words
and pictures, of painting in the Mid-Atlantic. A
fine introduction to regional painters, it has a
broad appeal to anyone who loves landscape
painting, representing some of its most talented
100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic.
E. Ashley
Rooney, with Foreword by Charles Yoder. With
oil, glass, multi-media, metal, and other mate-
rials, 100 contemporary artists explore the rich
imagery created by the culture, society, history,
and environment of the American Mid-Atlantic
region. 480+ images display strong, exciting,
and passionate works in this region with a long
tradition of American artistry.
Size:81/2"x11"•585+color images•224pp.
100 Artists of the Brandywine Valley.
Catherine Quillman. Explore works and the
lives of 100 contemporary artist from Penn-
sylvania's Brandywine Valley, including magic
realists, impressionists, modernists, and more.
With more than 400 images, the book features
nationally known artists, graduates of the Penn-
sylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (the nation’s
oldest art school), and self-taught artists who
have built successful careers with compelling,
story-filled paintings. • Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 450
color images•256pp.•ISBN:978-0-7643-3674-4
100 NewYork Painters.
Presents an overview of styles, mediums, sub-
jects, even philosophies of art found in galleries,
museums, and artists’ studios of present-day
New York. Features well-known artists as well
as those less celebrated but no less deserving of
attention. Brief biographical sketches accompany
each artist’s work. Experience for yourself this
visual feast showcasing the unique works of 100
gifted New York painters.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 408 color & 17 b/w photos •
100 Artists of New England.
E. Ashley
Rooney. Oil paintings, glass and metal sculp-
tures, and woodworks survey the work of New
England artists. While they offer a fresh look at
the region’s mountain vistas, fishing villages, and
magnificent coastline, they also venture into the
more contemporary, avant garde realms of art.
Features 100 artists and 590 images.
100 Boston Artists.
Chawky Frenn. This survey
of 100 artists, including 463 color photos, fea-
tures works ranging from large installations to
hand-carvedfiguresand fromholographic images
to carefully choreographed moving sculptures.
The text includes an introductory essay from art
critic Debbie Hagan and brief statements from
each of the artists about their works.
100 Boston Painters.
Chawky Frenn.
Boston Painters
celebrates the wide-ranging
talents, approaches, and personalities of the
vibrant world of Boston arts. A labor of love by
George Mason University Art Professor Chawky
Frenn, this exciting new book features the work
of 100 Boston painters selected by an extensive
review of Boston arts both past and present.
Includes works of realism, expressionism, and ab-
straction fromwell-known and upcoming artists.
Size:81/2"x11"•480+ images•232pp.
Nantucket Portrait: Fun & Games
with the Super Rich...The Birth of
Hard-Edge Realism.
tie as told to J.W. Nostrand. The story of
artist Jim Cromartie in the first person,
tracing the trials and joys of the struggle
to find his style and acceptance in the
world. It is heavily illustrated with 73
color reproductions of the artist’s work.
Size:12"x9"•95color images•192pp.
Contemporary Cape Cod Artists:
Images of Land and Sea.
Forman. Fifty Cape Cod artists, includ-
ing Anne Packard, Salvatore Del Deo,
Bao Lede, Tabitha Vevers, and Carmen
Cicero, represent a spectrum of styles
andmedia, includingpaintings,sculpture,
and photographs. They are influenced by
the glories of nature and find mood or
mystery in the landscape, always within
a frame of reference of life on Cape Cod.
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