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glass art • neon art
Art Glass Today.
Jeffrey B. Snyder,
editor. Unique glass artworks by in-
ternational artists. Techniques include
blown, cast, kiln-formed, lampwork,
cold work, fusing, laminating, carving,
sand blasting, and more. See installa-
tion pieces, tableware, vases, bowls,
sculptures, furniture, paperweights,
beads, and diptychs. The artists explain
their inspirations and working methods.
Size:11"x81/2"•364colorphotos• Index•256pp.
Schiffer LTD.
Creative Glass.
Danijela Kracun & Charles
McFadden. Explore the work of 108 artists
whose techniques include blown, cast, fused,
etched, layered, copper foil, enamel, paint, and
flame work along with glass blowing, casting,
fusion, etching, layering, copper foil, enamel,
paint, and flamework along with stained glass
and mosaic composition. More than 550 art
objects are shown, from intricate jewelry pieces
to architectural installations. Text reveals artists'
stories, as well as a contact information.
Glass Art From UrbanGlass.
Richard Wilfred
Yelle. Artists and designers associated with
UrbanGlass: New York Center for Contemporary
Glass, have influenced the Studio Glass Move-
ment in many ways. This volume documents the
work of 173 of these artists, and celebrates their
achievements in art and design. An authoritative
text by prominent curators, critics, and writers
round out this definitive survey.
International Glass Art.
Richard Yelle. The
works of over 175 of the top known international
artists, such as Dan Dailey, William Morris,
Linda MacNeil, Mary Shaffer, Howard Ben Tré,
Dale Chihuly, and Karen La Monte. Essays by
collectors and contemporary artists worldwide
introduce the gallery of over 780 stunning color
photographs. This book honors the support of
collectors for the artists, galleries, and museums
that promote glass art.
The Encyclopedia of Modern Marbles,
Spheres, and Orbs.
Mark P. Block. The vast
range of today’s handmade and machine-made
marbles, edition types, regular stock, open edition
production stock, prototypes, limited editions,
experimental works, and studio glass in over 900
photos, exploring the close relationships among
today’s studio art glass and the marbles of child-
hood that preceded them. Values are provided.
Price Guide/Index • 272 pp.
Contemporary Marbles & Related Art
Mark P. Block. Marbles produced by
over 130 artisans are presented in 600 color
photographs. A history of the contemporary
handmade marble movement is provided, along
with tips for the purchase and care of marbles,
a glossary, and a valuation guide. This book will
be a joy for everyone fascinated with glass.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
The Artistry of Peggy Karr Glass.
Karr. Over 500 color photos display the fused
glass products produced by the Peggy Karr
Glass company of New Jersey, beginning in
1987 including plates, bowls, trays, platters,
clocks, ornaments, and roundels decorated with
flowers, animals, fish, still life imagery, seasonal
motifs, special order patterns, and more. The
text includes a company history, rarity scale,
and a Pattern Index.
Rarity Scale/Index • 190 pp.
Women Working in Glass.
Lucartha Kohler.
Worksofover40talented femaleartists, including
Asa Brandt, Yoko Ono, and Linda MacNeill.
Coming from the 1960s to contemporary times,
their beautiful sculptures, mosaics, and delicate
creations are illustrated in over 350 dazzling
color photographs. This book is a must-have for
collectors, enthusiasts, historians studying the
studio glass movement, and especially aspiring
young artists. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 378 color and
b/wphotos•192pp. ISBN:0-7643-1807-1•hard
Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass.
CindyAnnColdiron.This“green”book isdedicated
designapplications. Includesphotosoforiginaland
content driven recycled glass craft and sculpture,
Size:81/2“x11"•375color images•208pp.
Mastering Mosaics: 19 Artists, 19 Proj-
Rayna Clark. Learn proven techniques
and successful methods of creating mosaic art
from 19 different artists. Patient professionals
give informative, specific, and even moving
accounts of their personal mosaic strategies.
This book is an informative, educational tool that
can complement a class or be the course guide.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 534 color photos & drawings
Fused Glass Mosaics: Master Class Tech-
niques with Martin Cheek.
Martin Cheek. A
practical mental tool kit to assist you in making
your own mosaics. Over 300 color images and
an engaging text will inspire ideas of color,
background, and style. Make a subtle mosaic
by using analogous colors or a piece inspired by
your favorite artist. For the seasoned mosaicist.
Mosaic Art Today.
Jeffrey B. Snyder.
Over 50 contemporary, mosaic artists
reveal the diversity of materials used
and forms created in this ever-growing
field. From tesserae, small pieces of
glass, stone, pebbles, ceramics, found
objects, and other materials, these artists
“paint” intricate and beautiful images.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 200+ color photos •
Schiffer LTD.
neon art
The Big Book of Flax: A Compendium
of Facts, Art, Lore, Projects and Song.
Christian and Johannes Zinzendorf. Learn the
fascinating story of the flax to linen process in
history, legend, song, crafts, lesson plans, and
recipes. With 414 images, this comprehensive
book offers suggestions for flax projects, collect-
ing flax-related tools and clothing, and planting
and harvesting flax.
Size: 9" x 12" • 414 images • 240 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3715-4 • hard cover • $59.99
historic glass art
The Glass of Frederick Carder.
Paul V.
Gardner. The definitive book on the Steuben
Glass Works and co-founder Frederick Carder.
The special glass for which he was famed in
the 1890-1930s era is presented, including
Aurene, Tyrian, Verre de Soie, Cyprian, Ivrene,
Cintra, Cluthra, Intarsia, Diatreta, as well as all
colors and patterns.
7,000 linedrawings,• Index•373pp.
Frederick Carder’s Steuben Glass: Guide
to Shapes, Numbers, Colors, Finishes,
and Values.
Revised 2nd Edition.
Ketchum. The tabulated format cross references
the line drawings of shapes in Paul Gardner’s
Glass of Frederick Carder,
auction records
of the last 11 years, and references to photos in
Frederick Carder and Steuben Glass:
American Classics.
Thomas P. Dimitroff,
Charles R. Hajdamach, Jane Shadel Spillman,
and Robert F. Rockwell III. Frederick Carder’s
contributions to the Steuben Glass Works and
the works he produced are presented with
over 760 photographs and 450 line drawings.
Reference material and photographs never
before in print are provided. Identification and
evaluation, signatures, relative rarity, and dating
are discussed.
Size:9"x12"•495colorphotos,720b/w images•
Index • 400 pp. • ISBN: 0-7643-0486-0 • hard
The “Lost” Treasures of Louis Comfort Tif-
fany: Windows, Paintings, Lamps, Vases,
and Other Works.
Hugh F. McKean. Tiffany’s
art in terms of his personal work-including pieces
in stained glass, mosaics, blown glass, pottery,
jewelry, and enamels, Tiffany’s pioneering efforts
in interior design, his easel paintings, and his
dream of creating a permanent residential retreat
for working artists.
Size:81/2"x11"•260photos• Index • 320 pp.
Louis C. Tiffany: The Collected Works of
Rebel inGlass,LouisC.Tiffany’sGlass-Bronz-
Louis C. Tiffany’s Art Glass
for this edition. Windows, lamps, vases, and more
are included. Art students, museum professionals,
historians, antique dealers, and art collectors will
81/2"x11"•803b/w&90colorphotos •Index•
Tiffany By Design: An In-depth Look At Tif-
fany Lamps.
the forms, patterns, and motifs were changed and
adapted in authentic Tiffany lamps made between
1900 and 1918. By closely looking at many varied
theirqualityandbeauty ismadepossible.
TheMosaics of Louis Comfort Tiffany.
Crouch. This is the first book exclusively about L.
C. Tiffany’s mosaic masterpieces, created from
1880 to 1931 at the Tiffany Studios in New York
City for clients across the country, in Mexico City,
and beyond. The book combines a fascinating
and well-researched text and photographs.
Tiffany’s magnificent glass mosaic art. New
information identifies the mosaic artists who
worked with him.
Size:9"x12"•708colorphotos• Index•320pp.
Tiffany Favrile Art Glass.
Moise S. Steeg,
Jr. Louis Comfort Tiffany’s blown art glass,
made from 1891 to 1928, satisfied his dream to
introduce objects of both usefulness and beauty
into the average household. These lovely glass
objects, which he named “Favrile,” include the
colored, gold and blue iridescent, and opalescent
forms. Interesting text and comments about
rarity accompany 240 color photos.
Value Reference • 192 pp.
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