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iron art • ironwork • wood art • glass art
historic iron art
Edgar Brandt: Art Deco Ironwork.
Kahr. A premier early 20th century metalsmith
in France, Edgar Brandt (1880-1960) designed
and fabricated some of the most beautiful ar-
chitectural and decorative ironwork of his age.
This elegant book recounts his life and work
with scholarly text and over 300 photographs.
Lyricalgates,doors,and tables, includinghismost
famous screen L’Oasis, appeared at the seminal
1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris.
Size:9"x12"•306photos• Index•240pp.
Art Deco Ironwork & Sculpture.
“Jerry” S.
F Cook III & Tina Skinner. The work of artisans
of the burgeoning Art Deco or Moderne Art
movement in Paris. Selected from folio volumes
published in the mid-1920s to inspire fellow
artists on the cutting edge, the more than 500
exciting pieces shared in this compendium have
proven themselves timeless in their classic lines
and exquisite detailing. This is a must-have
volume for artisans of the forge, sculptures,
and all fans of Art Deco-era decorative arts.
Decorative Ironwork: Wrought Iron
Gratings, Gates and Railings.
Baur-Heinhold.Artistshavemadegatesand fences
in wrought iron over the centuries in ornamental
designs shown here in hundreds of photos. The
restoration of wrought iron is discussed and
ironwork examples are organized according to
their uses, such as gratings that protect doors
and windows, entries and gates from Europe in
the Middle Ages, artistic creations of the 17th
and 18th centuries, and works of our own day.
Size:9"x12"•368photos• Index•176pp.
Architectural Ironwork.
lach. Showcases a vast array of ironwork
commissioned for new commercial and
residential building projects. Spectac-
ular examples from more than 100 of
today’s top blacksmiths, supplemented
with historical works from 15 countries,
and railings, and gates and fences.
Size:11"x81/2"•233color&53b/wphotos• Index•256pp.
Decorative Architectural Ironwork.
Diana Stuart. Historic exterior designs
of architectural ironwork on display
in the five boroughs of NYC in 400
color photographs, with background
information and the location of each
piece included in captions. Includes iron
fences, gates, newel posts, balustrades,
and much more. Designers, collectors,
and ironworkers will be inspired by the
rich selection of designs.
Art Nouveau Ironwork of Austria & Hun-
Federico Santi & John Gacher. 500 vivid
photos show many and varied interpretations
of Art Nouveau forms in the balustrades and
balconies, lanterns and gates, doorways and
elevator door facades of Budapest , Hungary,
and Vienna, Austria. Explanations of the settings
discuss the details and decorative motifs on
the ironwork.
Italian Ironwork: Medieval : Renaissance :
Baroque : Neo Classical.
Giulio Ferrari. Italian
ironwork from Roman times, through Medieval
centuries, and up to Neo Classical designs of the
early nineteenth century comprise this collection
of photographs from Italian sources. They depict
trellises, grilles, gates, fencing, household light-
ing, fireplace accoutrements, and door hardware
that will inspire today’s designers.
Size:81/2"x11"•100b/w images
Decorative Ironwork of Italy.
by Augusto Pedrini. Beautiful hand-wrought iron
gates, grilles, architectural details, and fireplace
equipment features scrollwork and floral embel-
lishments from many ancient towns in Italy. 487
full-page, black and white photographs clearly
show details that will inspire blacksmiths and
designers today.
Size:9"x12"•487b/wphotos• Index•320pp.
Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork: Tools,
Techniques &
Dona Z. Meilach. The
fascinating properties of iron and other metals cre-
atively explored in 52 color plates and 717 b/w photos
and drawings. Smithing tools and techniques are
explored in depth.
contemporary wood art
Turning to Art in Wood: A Creative Jour-
The Center for Art inWood. To better reflect
the growing recognition and importance of
wood artists and their contemporary works of
fine art and craft, in 2011, The Wood Turning
Center changed its name to The Center for Art
in Wood. Here are the more than 100 objects
in The Center’s November 2011 to April 2012
exhibition as well as images of The Center’s
collection of more than 1,000 art works.
Bartram's Boxes Remix.
The Center
for Art in Wood. The Center for Art in
Wood in Philadelphia joined with the
historical organization Bartram's Garden
to offer artisans the opportunity to be
inspired by the famous botanist's work
and methods. The 40 selected artists
created diverse works, shown in more
than 240 photos, that express Bartram’s
voice and his dedication.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4736-8 • hard cover
Robin Wood's CORES Recycled.
The Center
for Art in Wood. Cores are solid, round chunks
of wood, by-products of an ancient pole turning
technique used by Robin Wood of the United
Kingdom to craft bowls. Wood donated 100
Cores to The Center for Art in Wood, which then
challenged artists to create new pieces of art for
an exhibition, Robin Wood's CORES Recycled.
Wood Art Today: Furniture, Vessels,
Dona Z. Meilach. This idea-packed
compendium presents the work of today’s top
wood artists in over 500 photos. More than
130 artists from nine countries are showcased,
including furniture makers, turners, and sculptors
who borrow ideas and techniques from one
another to create their art.
Wood Art Today 2.
Jeffrey B. Snyder,
editor. Hundreds of color photos present
a sweeping survey of current artwork of
wood artists, including carvers, turners,
and sculptors. See free standing and
wall mounted sculptures, installation
pieces, furniture, vessels, jars, vases,
bowls, boxes, teapots, and much more.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 380 color photos •
256 pp. • ISBN: 978-0-7643-3463-4 •
Schiffer LTD.
Direct Wood Sculpture: Technique- In-
novation - Creativity.
Milt Liebson. An
illustrated history of direct wood sculpture is
explored, along with a vital resource for those
seeking to create sculpture in wood. A complete
description of the qualities and types of wood,
tools (both hand and power), techniques, and
finishing, complements discussions of the art
form and philosophy.
hauer,editor. In1926,artistWhartonEsherickbuilt
hisstudioneartwopoplartrees,which inspiredhim.
EsherickMuseum invitedarangeofartiststocreate
use of poplar. Over 120 color photos reveal the
results, 43 works of art including woodcut prints,
Wharton Esherick and the Birth of the
American Modern.
Paul Eisenhauer and Lynne
Farrington, editors. This book explores Wharton
Esherick’s artistic evolution during the early 20th
century. Over 300 images fill this illustrated
catalog from the exhibition Wharton Esherick
and the Birth of the American Modern held at
the Kamin and Kroiz Galleries of the University
of Pennsylvania from September 7, 2010 through
February 13, 2011. •Size:81/2"x11"•323images
•160pp.• ISBN:978-0-7643-3788-8•hardcover
Schiffer LTD.
Esherick, Maloof, and Nakashi-
ma: Homes of the Master Wood
Steven Paul Whitsitt & Tina
Skinner. An intimate tour of homes
created by three of America’s most cel-
ebrated woodworking artists. Delight in
home, SamMaloof’s sprawling Califor-
nia complex, and George Nakashima’s
harmonious Pennsylvania compound.
Size: 12" x 9" • 200-plus color photos
Wharton Esherick Studio & Collection.
The Wharton Esherick Museum. Editor, Paul
Eisenhauer, Ph. D. Artist Wharton Esherick
(1887-1970) is celebrated for his sculptural
wood working pieces. This pioneering catalog
documents, with beautiful color photography,
more than 130 paintings, woodblock prints,
sculpture, and utilitarian objects found at the
Wharton Esherick Museum.
contemporary glass art
Studio Glass in America: A 50 Year Jour-
Ferdinand Hampson. The American studio
glass movement can be traced to 1962, when a
professor at the University of Wisconsin, had a
dream to alter molten glass into unique forms in
a studio setting and teach his techniques. This
book takes us from its origin to reveal decade
by decade the growth of studio glass.
Size:9"x12"•455color images• Index•256pp.
Glass Art From the Kiln.
Rene Culler. Over
290 beautiful color photos and engaging text
reveal the versatility of glass and how it can be
inspired by art. Learn about kiln selection and
instruction todevelopfiringschedules forworking
in glass. Methods for cutting, fusing, and cold
working glass are provided, with 292 how-to
photos covering two specific glass art projects:
reference maps for fusing and simple shapes.
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