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sculpture & scupltors • Iron art
John Rogers Statuary.
Second Edition.
Paul &
Meta Bleir. The plaster statuary groups by John Rogers
were so appealing in late Victorian America that
“scarcely a family of reasonable means and taste did
not possess one.” He offered an unrivaled transcript
of the social customs and modes of furnishing for
the period. This book chronicles each Rogers group
with a photograph, size, patent or design date, and
pertinent anecdotes.
Size:6"x9"•100b/wphotos• Index•224pp.
sculpture techniques
Bronze Sculpture Casting & Patination:
Mud, Fire, Metal.
Steve Hurst. Photographs
by Steve Russell. An illuminating text combines
with 646 color photos and 78 drawings explore
in detail the processes involved in forming metal
sculpture. Metal finishing processes are explored
in detail, including an unprecedented 177 patina-
tion recipes and working practices. An important
addition to libraries of art schools and sculptors.
Model Building with Brass.
Kenneth C.
Foran. Finally, a book has been written that
explains all the tools and techniques necessary to
successfullybuildmodelswithbrass.Whether the
readerwishes tosubstituteplasticmodelkitparts
with brass, create master patterns for casting,
or scratch building brass models, instructions
are provided for modelers of all skill levels. Brass
cutting, forming, fabricating, soldering, and final
finishing methods are explained.
A Universe of Metal Sculpture.
Harvey. Join Harvey as he deconstructs and
teaches how he created sculptures including
abstract fountains, coffee tables, benches,
and organic abstracts. This colorful journey
through Harvey’s 30-years of sculpting features
galleries of commissions for presidents, Fortune
500 companies, and private collectors, as well
as jewelry and outdoor sculptures.
Passion for Metal: Reflections and Tech-
niques of a Metal Sculptor.
Henry Harvey.
An account of the world of metal sculpting, from
the lighting of a torch, to techniques, patinas,
and a candid insight into the genesis of his
sculpture. A number of projects are illustrated
and explained in exquisite detail, making this
an absolute must for everyone contemplating
becoming a sculptor. It is richly illustrated.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 315 color photos • 160 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-1840-3 • hard cover • $39.95
Making Mobiles.
Bruce Cana Fox. A practical
and encouraging step-by-step instructions for
making horizontally balanced mobiles. From
assembling the materials and tools through
the designing, fabricating, assembly, painting,
and hanging stages, you can create your own
mobiles, with Bruce at your side the whole time.
By following Bruce's steps and positive attitude,
hours of fun and challenge will be rewarded
with art you are proud of.
Making a Copper Weathervane.
Helmreich. Over 290 color images, 25 line
drawings, and a clear, concise text guide readers
through the steps needed to build a fully func-
tioning, hand-hammered copper weathervane.
Classic American folk art subjects are shown,
including animals, birds, occupations, patriotic
themes, and transportation. Create your own
design or use the complete plans included to
produce a traditional rooster weathervane.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 299 color photos, 25 b/w
Contemporary Stone Sculpture
. Dona
Z. Meilach. An exploration of modern stone
sculpture, with hundreds of examples by to-
day’s top sculptors, illustrated and explained
with hundreds of clearly detailed photographs.
Specific, step-by-step instructions for creating
stone sculpture, with descriptions of various
types of stone, selecting and transporting it,
carving the stone with hand or power tools,
and the methods of finishing the work.
Size:7"x10"•17colorplates,340 illus•224pp.
Direct Stone Sculpture
and expanded second edition.
After a
historical overview of stone sculpture, the reader
is lead through the hands-on experience of
sculpting in stone. The types of stone used are
covered, as are the types and use of basic hand
sculpting tools. For the advanced sculptor, there
is information on the use of power tools, lami-
nation, and repair. Now with additional photos.
Introduction to Soapstone Sculpting.
A. Bartlett and Tasha Unniniyar. Photography by
Josh Steck. New sculptors of any age and skill
level can easily accomplish fun projects with
soapstone. Carve a rabbit or a snail. Sculpt a
flower, a heart, or a butterfly. With 737 color
images, patterns, and step-by-step directions,
you will be carving away in no time at all!
Carving a Bear in Soapstone.
Tasha Un-
ninayar and Lynn Bartlett. Artwork by Dawn
Hartwig. Illustrated, step-by-step directions
provide techniques for carving your own bear in
soapstone from designing the bear to adding the
final polish. Chapters include carving the bear’s
waistandbelly,headandshoulders, legsand tail,
and its ears and snout. A gallery of completed
projects will inspire your own creativity.
Size:81/2"x11"•225+color images•48pp.
Carving a Coyote in Soapstone.
Unninayar and Lynn Bartlett. Artwork by Dawn
Hartwig. The coyote sculpture is a great begin-
ner's project, especially for children ages 8 and
up. An illustrated, step-by-step instructional
guide with detailed photographs show you
how to accomplish each step and how to use
each tool along the way.
Size:81/2"x11"•180color images•48pp.
Carving a Sitting Bear in Soapstone.
Unninayer & Lynn Bartlett. Artwork by Dawn
Hartwig. Illustrated, step-by-step techniques
for carving the sitting bear in soapstone from
designing to adding the final polish. Chapters
include carving the bear’s head, ears, legs,
and paws. A gallery of completed projects will
inspire your own creativity. Features 180 color
images and four patterns.
Ironwork Today: Inside &Out.
Z.Meilach.Over480colorphotosof iron
art for indoor and outdoor use, including
sculpture, fences, railings, gates, doors,
furniture, lighting, candleholders, and
more, ranging from the truly modern
to historical references.
Size: 11" x 8-1/2" • 482 color photos •
Ironwork Today 2: Inside & Out.
Jeffrey B. Snyder. 100s of color photos
display the work of today’s top art-
ist-blacksmiths. Working in a variety
of styles, they create innovative original
works of art for homes, offices, and
public use, including sculpture, gates,
furniture, lighting fixtures, candlehold-
ers, doors, locks, and more.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 500 color photos •
Ironwork Today 3: Inside and Out.
Jeffrey B. Snyder. 100s of color photos
show the artwork being created by
today’s artist-blacksmiths. Over eighty
artists’ works are displayed, including
art found in public spaces, offices, and
homes. The art work is arranged by artist
alphabetically, allowing readers to see
the full scope of each artist’s work all
together on adjoining pages.
Size:11"x81/2"•462colorphotos• Index•256pp.
Schiffer LTD.
Ironwork Today 4: Inside and
Catherine Mallette. Hundreds
of detailed color photos provide a
sweeping overview of the wide range
of iron artwork being created by over
90 of today’s artist-blacksmiths. These
fascinating works of art in metal are
found in homes, offices, and public
spaces alike. The pieces, discussed by
the artists who made them, include
sculpture, gates, railings, furniture, andirons, lighting fixtures, doors, door
knockers, and much more.
From Fire to Form: Sculpture from
the Modern Blacksmith and Met-
Mathew S. Clarke. 521 color
photos display metal art produced by
today’s leading blacksmiths and met-
alsmiths. Private and public sculptures
for individual homes, public parks, and
other outdoor venues are included.
Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 521 color photos •
Fireplace Accessories.
Dona Z. Meilach.
Unique custom-made fireplace accessories
as works of art by talented modern artist
blacksmiths. Over 400 ideas for unusual
Renaissance to Post-Modern. A wonderful
sourcebook for homeowners and designers
seeking original art for their homes.
The Contemporary Blacksmith.
Dona Z.
Meilach. Over 500 works by nearly 200 art-
ist-craftsmen from 16 countries illustrate the
unprecedented activity in modern ironwork that
has led to its blossoming into a serious art form.
You’ll learn several techniques using hot and
cold forming and see the results: architectural
ironwork, sculpture, furniture, containers and
vessels, lighting fixtures and candleholders,
and more.
Ironwork: Dynamic Details.
Dona Z. Mei-
lach. The unique ironwork created by today’s
artist-blacksmiths, with details of flowers,
leaves, and amazing critters make ordinary
fences, gates, and chandeliers extraordinary.
Functional joints become beautiful elements
for furniture, fireplace accessories, candlestick
holders, and other iron items we use daily. With
heat, hammer, talent, and muscle the modern
artist-blacksmith is forging exciting forms that
permeate our surroundings. Size:81/2"x11"•
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