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sculpture & scupltors
Contemporary Sculptors: 84 International
Danijela Kracun and Charles McFadden.
An eclectic group of 84 international artists
guide us on a journey of beauty and art through
their inspiring sculptures. Enjoy the variety of
sculptures from bronze, sand, ice and even food
and fingernails.
Size:81/2"x11"•477color images•224pp.
Modern British Sculpture.
Guy Portelli. A
comprehensive study of modern sculpture in
Great Britain, showcasing 95 leading sculptors
from the second half of the 20th century. 780
color and black and white photographs display
the wide range of materials, themes, styles, and
settings that convey each sculptor’s classical,
figurative, abstract, or visionary work. Influen-
tial, award-winning, and highly valued works
available today.
Index • 320 pp.
Found Object Art.
Dorothy Spencer. Meet the
artists who know just what to do with everyone
else’s junk. Hundreds of fascinating sculptures,
collages, furniture, jewelry, and clothing defy the
materials fromwhich they were originally made.
Recycling of found objects proves to be a true
art form in the hands of these creative artists.
Found Object Art 2.
Tina Skinner. From once
cast-aside items, artists have carefully crafted
fine jewelry to experiential gallery installations.
This book takes you through the imaginations
of more than 80 artists and 400+ original art-
works. The artists make their work a poignant
environmental message, some uncover treasure
and transcendent beauty, and others set out
simply to evoke a smile.
Historic sculpture & sculptors
Robert Engman: Structural Sculpture.
Schiffer, editor. Over 600 color photos display
sculptor Robert Engman’s beautiful curved,
minimal surfaces and clean, abstract designs in
bronze, steel, aluminum, and plastics. The text,
organized chronologically, shows the influences,
opportunities, experiences, and challenges he
met. Major chapters cover his training, teaching,
and sculpture. The photos reveal Engman’s de-
velopmental stages and sculptural construction.
Size:9"x12"•654photos• Index•256pp.
Pedro S. de Movellán: Complete Works:
Maxwell Davidson IV & Charles C.
Davidson. This is a complete survey of works by
Pedro S. de Movellán, among the world’s most
well known kinetic sculptors alive today. This
book features text on de Movellán’s various
styles and techniques and offers insights on his
use of size, shape, material, color, and range
of motion. Includes images of every single de
Movellán sculpture from the time period covered.
George Rickey: The Early Works.
Davidson. George Rickey’s fascinating sculp-
tural oeuvre is incredibly diverse. This book
is concerned exclusively with the early indoor
sculptures from the first 25 years of Rickey’s
output. With over 380 color and black and white
photos covering the artist’s early innovations,
we get an intimate and more complete picture
of his artistic diversity than ever before.
Size: 9" x 12" • 382 color photos
Index • 256 pp.
ISBN: 0-7643-1992-2 • hard cover • $79.95
The World of Bertoia.
Nancy N. Schiffer and
Val O. Bertoia. This book documents all the types
of original sculptures, graphics, and commissions
by Harry Bertoia and his son, Val Bertoia, from
the 1950s to the present. From furniture to
sound sculpture, over 500 photographs show
the Bertoias’ evolution of ideas that explore
the relationships of space, color, and sound.
Index • 288 pp.
The Life and Work of Harry Bertoia: The
Man, the Artist, the Visionary.
Celia Bertoia.
The Mid-century Modern artist, Harry Bertoia
(1915–1978), left us a rich legacy of over fifty
public works. This volume, illustrated with over
200 photos, allows readers to quickly identify
and appreciate Bertoia's work. This impressive
book also reveals the complex man behind the
fascinating art.
Index • 256 pp.
Direct Metal Sculpture.
Revised & Expanded.
Dona Z. Meilach. This revised edition retains all the
techniques and inspiration of the original edition
plus new chapters update the history of direct metal
sculpture over the past quarter century, including the
of impact public art programs and the computer,
exploring the importance of computer aided design,
and the Internet for successfully marketing one’s art.
Index • 248 pp.
A Century of American Sculpture: The
Roman BronzeWorks Foundry.
Lucy D. Ros-
enfeld. Over a century of castings at the Roman
Bronze Works represent a vast and fascinating
collection of sculptures, from artists including
French, Saint-Gaudens, Remington, Russell,
Manship, Vonnoh, Archipenko, Calder, and
many more. Over 700 photographic examples
(many in color) and biographical information
on over 120 sculptors are included.
Size:9"x12"•700+ photos•288pp.
Bronzes of the Nineteenth Century: Dic-
tionary of Sculptors.
Pierre Kjellberg. An
illustrated encyclopedia with 1000 photos of
over 700 nineteenth century French sculptors
including Rodin, Barye, d’Angers and Carpeaux,
with biographies, listings of works (with size
and foundry when known), museum pieces in
France and elsewhere, and recent sales. Also
provides an overview of 19th century bronze
sculpture, the foundries that cast the bronzes,
and methods used to cast works.
Art Bronzes.
Michael Forrest. A beautiful and
comprehensive study of fine, international bronze
statuary of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Over 1100 illustrations, 200 in color, and carefully
researched text with relevant marks, inscriptions,
artist signatures, dates, and foundry stamps. Over
450 artists are represented.
Index • 493 pp.
Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930.
Volume 1.
Harold Berman. This four-volume
set is the classic reference for commercial bronze
sculptures from1800 to1930showing theworks
of a vast array of international sculptors and
dozens of founders, with pictures so clear that
even small details on the sculptures are visible.
Volume I has 799 photos and essays on specific
topics of identification and caring for bronze.
Size:81/2"x11"•799photos• Index•224pp.
Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930.
Volume 2.
Harold Berman. Volume 2 has 1025
photos of bronzes that span the rise and decline
of commercial industrial foundries in Europe.
Separate index available • 272 pp.
Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930.
Volume 3
. Harold Berman. Volume 3 has 1315
photographs of works by artists and foundries
from throughout the international community,
detailed information on the Hirsch Foundry of
Paris and Brooklyn, NY, and contains important
listing of Canadian sculptors.
Separate index available • 320 pp.
Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930.
Volume 4.
Harold Berman. Volume 4 includes
1735 photos, including 43 sculptures recently
made by the Hirsch Foundry of Paris and Brook-
lyn, New York from nineteenth century molds.
Separate index available • 400 pp.
Antique Vienna Bronzes.
Joseph Zobel. Over
650 color photos display 19th and 20th century
Vienna bronzes in the forms of birds, camels,
cats, dogs, horses, bears, bulls, reptiles, and
rodents, as well as human individuals from
around the globe. The text highlights major
artists and firms that produced Vienna bronzes.
Values are included in the captions.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 657 color photos • Price Guide
1886 Catalog of the French Bronze Found-
ry of F. Barbedienne of Paris.
A reprint of
the original 1886 catalog of bronzes from the
House of Barbedienne, one of the foremost
French foundries, is reproduced with original
selling prices in French francs and dimensions,
plus the line drawings which depict many of
these famous works.
Size:81/2"x11"•208 linedrawings•96pp.
Catalog of the Society des Beaux
Arts, Paris.
This late-nineteenth century
catalog of the Society des Beaux Arts of
Paris displays a wide variety of bronze
editions of successful French sculptures
of the period. An index lists the prices set
for these pieces by the Society, thereby
providing fascinating insight into the
nineteenth century art market.
Index • 94 pp.
Art Deco Sculpture and Metalware.
W. Edward. Over 200 photographs and illustra-
tions of decorative sculpture and useful metalware
at the forefront of the Art Deco movement. Art
Deco’s most significant artists, as well as their
predecessors and modern counterparts, are
discussed, including an introduction to the designs
of Hagenauer, WMF, the Bauhaus, Ferdinand
Priess, Chiparus, Brancusi, and Brandt.
Price Guide • 144 pp.
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