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2015 new books
Heritage Gardens, Heirloom Seeds:
Melded Cultures with a Pennsylvania German Accent
Michael B. Emery & Irwin Richman
• A detailed overview of the inter-relationship between heirloom seeds and heritage gardens
• Richly illustrated, with over 650 images, many of rare, historical importance
• Includes a guide to seed sources, gardens, and historic landscapes
Heritage, or traditional, gardens and heirloom seeds are joined at the hip, but previous books have separated
them. This is the first holistic look at several of the most vibrant trends in contemporary horticulture, both
in vegetables and flowers. Lavishly illustrated, it is a how-to manual, a history, and a guide to gardens and
historic landscapes. The basics of heritage garden design from California to the East Coast are here, with
special attention to the Pennsylvania four-square garden. Plans and suggestions for your garden are included,
and seed-saving techniques are clearly enumerated. A gallery of heirloom plants and lists of suppliers are
featured. There are travel suggestions for visiting gardens ranging from Bethabara Park in North Carolina to
The Landis Valley Village and FarmMuseum in Pennsylvania to the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton,
Virginia. This book is sure to delight historians, traditionalists, green thumbs, and horticulturists alike.
Michael B. Emery
is a native Pennsylvanian whose ancestors include both Quaker and Amish farmers. A
graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, he is the Landis Valley Village and FarmMuseum’s Educator
and Volunteer Coordinator.
Irwin Richman
, Professor Emeritus, The Pennsylvania State University
at Harrisburg, is a widely known lecturer and the author and co-author of many books, including 10 for
Schiffer Publishing.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 672 color & b/w images • 256 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4863-1 • soft cover • $34.99
Beardless Irises:
A Plant for Every Garden Situation
Kevin C. Vaughn
• Covers all the major beardless iris groups, including practical culture, garden uses, and hybridizing
• Will satisfy the curiosity of both beginning and more advanced iris gardeners; includes 166 gorgeous photos
• These fascinating plants may be grown in virtually any gardening situation and climate
This complete guide gives all the information you need to choose, grow, and appreciate the beardless iris—
from basic planting information to help beginners, to the essential hybridizing details that horticulturists
need. Beardless irises are cousins of the more familiar bearded irises, but are much more variable, with
plants ranging from four-inch-tall dwarfs with tiny flowers to five-foot stalks with dinner plate size flowers.
In addition, beardless irises of at least one type will grow in virtually every gardening situation from dry
shade to standing water in full sun. No other group of perennials offers such versatility. Here, all five major
groups are covered in detail: Siberian, Japanese, Pacific Coast Native, spuria, and Louisiana.The garden uses,
development of the modern hybrids, and recommended cultures are given for each of the diverse groups of
beardless irises. In addition, a separate chapter covers the techniques for creating your own beardless hybrids.
Kevin C. Vaughn
holds a PhD in plant genetics and spent his career in the USDA. His extensive beardless
iris hybridizing work includes ‘Red Velvet Elvis,’ one of the most popular Louisiana irises and winner of the
prestigious DeBaillon Medal.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 166 color photos • 192 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4906-5 • soft cover • $29.99
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