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2015 new books
Contemporary Home Design:
70 Plans and Projects
• 70 contemporary, European single-family homes that offer architects and families inspiration and information
• Includes images of exteriors and interiors, floor plans, and construction details
• Homes are grouped into eight useful categories, from those with challenging lots to eco-friendly small spaces
From themodern, flat-roofed concrete home to an energy-independent cob-walled house in the countryside, this guide
shows 70 single-family homes that showcase the best of contemporary design. Each home is identified in terms of eight
design considerations, including challenging lots, homes in the country, houses with a view, small spaces, unusual shapes,
additions and remodels, zoning restrictions, and adding in-law or guest suites and office spaces. Packed with beautiful
color images of both interiors and exteriors, floor plans, and details about thematerials and types of construction used,
this book is a valuable source of inspiration for architects and homeowners planning their dream house.
has served as editor of
in Berlin and as chief editor for
and is now its editor.
is aGerman architect, a partner at Lederer +Ragnarsdóttir +Oei, and a professor
of architecture.
Size: 9" x 12" • 663 color & b/w images • 272 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4847-1 • hard cover • $60.00
Wolfgang Bachman & Arno Lederer
Unique Designs for the Contemporary Garage
• 40 international examples of practical yet architecturally fascinating car storage solutions
• Single-family home garages, carports, car lifts, and many more, all with photos, details and plans
• Designed for architects, builders, and those who are passionate about automobiles
Withmore than 40 international examples of practical yet architecturally fascinating solutions, this one-of-a-kind book
shows innovative, beautiful spaces to park your car. From an underground parking garage to a car elevator, and from
a contemporary city carport to a “living room garage,” here is a wealth of creative ideas for housing the automobiles
you love. Designed for architects, builders, and those who are passionate about their cars, this beautiful idea book
provides convincing and outstanding general concepts that can be borrowed to create the perfect housing for your
own four-wheeled vehicles whether you live in an urban area, have a challenging home site, or just want to add to your
estate. Designs include garages that stand alone and those that are beautifully integrated into single-family homes.
Andreas K. Vetter
teaches art history and cultural history at the prestigious Detmold School for Architecture and
Interior Design, and is the author of two other books about modern architecture.
Size: 9" x 12" • 517 color & b/w images • 176 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4848-8 • hard cover • $50.00
Andreas K. Vetter
LEEDING the Way:
Domestic Architecture for the Future: LEED Certified, Green, Passive & Natural
• An indispensable guide for architects, builders, and homeowners wanting to construct energy-efficient homes
• Includes new constructions and renovations, and a wide variety of home designs and styles
• Learn how the federal government is fueling the trend toward “green” with tax credits
This book takes you through 53 homes that reflect the growing trend for environmentally-friendly houses. Resource-
and energy-efficient residences are designed to be healthy, comfortable, and easy-to-live-in, and construction of a
sustainable home includes using less energy, fewer natural resources, and fewer toxic chemicals. The homes featured
heremeet a variety of guidelines: LEED, a point-based systemwith specific certification criteria; Green, a construction
standard based on reduction of energy use; Passive, a design standard that can result in a super-insulated, airtight
home; andNatural, a type of “green” construction using natural resources without technological intervention. More
than 300 images show a wide variety of designs and styles, including cottages and beach houses, prairie and vineyard
residences, prefabricated and renovated homes, and much more.
E. AshleyRooney
is the author of many architectural and design books. Her books often give readers the opportunity
to see a diverse and inspirational selection of homes and give insight into the architects’ ideas.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 306 color images • 192 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4925-6 • hard cover • $39.99
E. Ashley Rooney & Ross Cann, Adam Prince & Virge Temme
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