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vintage toys: premiums • tv & movie inspired toys
More Pez®.
Revised and Expanded 3rd
. Richard Geary. The popularity of PEZ
dispensers and collectibles has never been
higher. Here newly discovered character heads
and a variety of PEZ products are illustrated with
hundreds of color photographs. This book is an
interesting source for tracking a collection. An
accurate, up-to-date price guide is also included.
Price Guide • 80 pp.
Spin Pop® Interactive Candy Toys.
Zak. A fun, tasty, new collectible is on the horizon;
Spin Pop candy toys are growing in popularity.
The licensed characters and motorized handles
include Flintstones, Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers, Bat Man, Disney figures, and many
others. Over 200 color photographs and text
identify all the toys and store displays.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Collectibles 101: Fast Food Toys.
Joyce & Terry
Losonsky. This pocket-size beginner’s guide can help
in your fast food collecting adventures. It displays
a multitude of promotional toys distributed by 24
fast food restaurants (other than McDonald’s) in
nearly 300 color photos, with current market values,
check-off boxes, and a comprehensive index. From
Arby’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, White Castle, and
more, these toys can be fun to find and identify.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
The Encyclopedia of Fast Food Toys: Arby’s
to IHOP.
Joyce Losonsky & Terry Losonsky.
Kid’s meal premiums from ten restaurants
(other than McDonald’s) from 1990 through
1998 comprise this definitive book. Pictures,
descriptions, and list prices for 530 kid’s meal
toys from Arby’s, Big Boy, Burger King, Carl’s
Jr., Chick-fil-A, Church’s Chicken, Dairy Queen,
Denny’s, Hardees, and IHOP, with complete
numbering system, and index.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
The Encyclopedia of Fast Food Toys: Jack
in the Box to White Castle.
Joyce Losonsky
& Terry Losonsky. Kid’s meal premiums from
1990 through 1998. Over 570 kid’s meal pro-
motional toys from Jack in the Box, KFC, K-Mart,
Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, Roy Rogers, Sonic,
Subway, Taco Bell, Target, Wal-Mart, Wendy’s,
Whataburger, and White Castle with check-off
boxes, complete numbering system, and index.
Fast Food Toys.
Revised 3rd Edition, with Price
. Gail Pope & Keith Hammond. Popular toys
that have been offered as premiums by “fast food”
restaurants, including vehicles and sports items, are
presented in this new addition with current values.
Photographs show the groups in alphabetical order
by restaurant names from Arby’s, Burger King, and
Hardee’s to McDonald’s, Wendy’s and many more.
Fast Food Figures.
Elizabeth Beech. Fast food
restaurants around the world have distributed
hundreds of promotional toys based on Disney
characters and this book contains a thorough
listing and price guide for them. Color photo-
graphs and listings for toys dating back to 1987,
organized by year, country, and restaurant, help
you pinpoint a missing or unknown toy and
assemble your want list.
Price Guide • 126 pp.
Collectibles 101: McDonald’s® Happy Meal®
Joyce & Terry Losonsky. Toys distributed in
Happy Meals boxes in over 250 color photos organized
boxes, a section on international McDonald’s Happy
Meal toys, and a comprehensive index.
Price Guide/Index • 144 pp.
McDonald’s® Pre-Happy Meal®Toys from
Losonsky. The toys distributed by the McDonald’s
of the Happy Meal concept in 1979 are described
here with over 850 photographs and stories about
the McDonaldland characters, slogans, signs, and
themes.Check-offboxesand indexareprovided to
help inorganizingyourowncollection.
McDonald’s® Happy Meal® Toys from the
listing and price guide of toys, promotional items,
and other collectibles offered by McDonald’s from
June 1979 until the end of 1989. Highlights include
incredible growth of the McDonald’s Corporation
McDonald’s®HappyMeal®Toys from the
Joyce & Terry Losonsky. McDonald’s
toys distributed in the United States from January
1990 through mid-1998. 900 color photos of
Happy Meal promotions, including boxes, bags,
premiums, and advertising materials. Brief his-
torical comments chronicle the world-renowned
McDonald’s Corporation.
Price Guide/Index • 240 pp.
McDonald’s®Happy Meal® Toys Around
theWorld: 1975-1995.
Revised 2nd Edition
Terry and Joyce Losonsky. Price guide for the
thousands of toys and collectibles distributed
by McDonald’s restaurants with Happy Meal®
boxes and bags, given out in all countries around
the world except the U.S. (they are in the compan-
ion volume). Thousands of all-color photographs
show the toys, boxes, bags, advertising materials,
buttons, pins, value range and variations.
Price Guide • 270 pp.
McDonald’s®Happy Meal Toys®Around
the World: 1995-Present.
Joyce & Terry
Losonsky. MacDonald’s fast food restaurant
Happy Meal toys given out during the late 1990s
in 114 countries are listed and shown, plus the
displays, pins, buttons, register toppers, ban-
ners, pogs, and other memorabilia distributed.
Descriptions, check-off boxes and values are
included. All aboard for world-class fun!
Price Guide/Index • 192 pp.
McDonald’s® Happy Meal® Toys: In the
Terry and Joyce Losonsky. Thousands
of toys and items distributed by McDonald’s
restaurants with Happy Meal® boxes and bags
in the U.S.A. ( the International toys are in the
companionvolume)arehere inthemostcomplete
and accurate list and price guide. Toys, bags,
boxes, advertising pieces, buttons, pins, and
variations for the U.S. public.
Price Guide • 224 pp.
TV & Movie-inspired toys
The Unofficial Guide to Harry Pot-
ter® Collectibles.
Kathy J. Wells. Rare
and collectible Harry Potter action figures,
mini-busts, statuettes, and dolls made from
2001-2010. The action figures, made first by
Mattel®and laterbyNECA™,aredisplayed
mint in the box. Easy identification of 174
collectibles by Mattel®, NECA™, Gentle
Giant, Ltd.®, and Tonner® Dolls are covered.
Star Wars Toys: A Super Collector’s Wish
Geoffrey T. Carlton. This edition of the
longest running Star Wars guide series in print
focuses solely on toys. 8,600 color photos and
exhaustive toy listings assists with identifying
and appraising toys ranging from the usual and
the eclectic. Covering toys ranging from action
figures to yo-yos, it’s the perfect companion
to the Star Wars general merchandise edition.
The Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book.
style listings and accurate values make this title a
are compiled together in this impressive tome, the
longest running Star Wars® identification guide
series inprint.The itemsavailable inthisguide,with
the exception of toys, range alphabetically from
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 12,908 color photos • Price
Guide, Index•464pp.
Collecting Star Wars Toys 1977-Present:
An Unauthorized Practical Guide.
& Expanded 2nd Edition
. Jeffrey B. Snyder.
Action figures, accessories, playsets, and space-
craftoftheRebellion,theEmpire, inacolorfuland
easily referenced format. The gaming equipment,
modelkits,playthings,promotional items,puzzles,
and weapons produced are examined. Over
650 color photographs with values make this
book very useful.
Size:81/2"x11"•655colorphotos•Price Guide •
A Trekker’s Guide to Collectibles with
Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition
Jeffrey B. Snyder. With loyal fans of three spin-off
television series and seven movies, Star Trek has
left a mountain of collectibles in its wake. Here
are newly revised text, lists of items and nearly
600 color photos with captions chronicling the
souvenirs & promotionals. Brief synopses of the
series and films put the collectibles in perspective.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Star Trek Collectibles: Classic Series, Next
Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager.
Ursula Augustin. More than 1,000 collectibles of
Star Trek, in color and b/w illustrations, including
the classic movies & TV shows and highly topical
Voyager collectibles from the newest Star Trek series.
Size:81/2"x11"•1000photos& illus.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
The Unauthorized Handbook and Price
Guide to Star Trek™Toys by Playmates™.
Kelly Hoffman. Playmates Toys‘ Star Trek action
figures, accessories, and starships in 510 color
photos with detailed descriptions. Also included
are exclusives, limited edition statues, and
collectibles dioramas. Current market values are
presented. Fans of the Star Trek television series
and movies, toy, and action figure collectors
will want this book.
Size:81/2"x11"•510colorphotos •Price Guide •
160 pp. •ISBN:0-7643-1127-1•softcover•$29.95
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