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Metal Toys from Nuremberg, 1910-1979.
Gerhard Walter. Toy manufacturing in Nuremberg,
Germany, was big business in the 20th century.
Here are wonderfully detailed color and black-
and-white photographs of hundreds of popular
metal toys and an exact record of manufacturing
dates, details of construction materials, catalog
specifications, patent and registration papers,
and market values. Size: 7 3/4" x 10 1/2" • 250+
photos Price Guide • 144 pp. ISBN:0-88740-435-9
board games
Board Games.
2nd edition, revised
. Desi
Scarpone. Popular board games from the 1940s
through the 1980s with text, memorabilia and
period advertising for them. Chapters present
the game of Monopoly and its interesting history,
board games with Western and military themes,
games of strategy, sports, and many more.
Games for adults and children galore.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
More Board Games.
Desi Scarpone. Board
games continue to fascinate players and collec-
tors alike, and their appeal is rapidly growing.
This completely new book presents over 1000
color photographs of board games ranging from
the 1920s to the 1990s, an informative text,
vintage advertisements, and current prices. It
is sure to satisfy the game playing appetites of
collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts everywhere.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
Cribbage Boards: 1863-1998.
Bette L. Bemis.
Cribbage boards are illustrated in over 350 color
photos with text explaining variations in form,
scoring, and materials of construction. Also
history of the game and American companies
that produced cribbage boards. Methods for
determining the age of a board, values and an
extensive bibliography complete the presentation.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Baseball Games: Home Versions of the
National Pastime, 1860s-1960s.
Mark Coo-
per with Douglas Congdon-Martin. Nearly every
baseball-related board or table game produced
from the 1860s to the 1960s illustrated with
accurate captions. The relationship between
the board games and the professional game
of baseball is described with tips to help date
each and rate their condition.
Size:81/2"x11"•325colorphotos& illus.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
model kits
Aurora Model Kits.
Revised & Expanded
2nd Edition
. Thomas Graham. Aurora created
plastic model kits of all varieties, including mon-
sters, historic sailing ships, sports cars, moon
rockets, military and commercial aircraft, TV stars,
comic book heroes, wildlife scenes, knights, and
this history and guide to Aurora models. Every
model kit Aurora made is described in detail,
along with information on reissues.
Monogram® Models.
Thomas Graham. Re-
vised and expanded 2nd edition, with additional
photos and updated values, over 300 color
photos display Monogram’s plastic model kits
of cars, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft that have
captured hobbyists’ imaginations everywhere.
Along with the images are descriptions of thou-
sands of models made from 1945 to 1986. Today,
the kits and finished models are quite collectible.
Remembering Revell Model Kits.
& Expanded 3rd Edition
. Thomas Graham.
Over 545 color photos display the plastic model
kits produced by Revell, Inc.® from the 1950s
through the 1970s. These highly collectible kits
range from automobiles and ships to aircraft
and spaceships in scales from 1/16 to 1/72. A
company history and detailed model kit index,
complete with kit variations and updated values,
round out the book.
Box Top Air Power: The Aviation Art of
Model Airplane Boxes.
Thomas Graham.
Over 170 photos of original model airplane box
art from the 1950s to the 1990s are displayed in
full color. Among the many artists whose works
of art are portrayed are TomMorgan, John Steel,
Jack Leynnwood, Lorenzo Ghiglieri, Jim Cox,
John Amendola, Ray Gaedke, Jo Kotula, and
Dick Locher. These artists tell personal stories
behind their art in their own words.
action figures
Action Figures of the 1960s.
John Marshall.
Soldiers, sailors, cowboys, Indians, space men
and spies that populated the action figure world
from 1964 to 1969. 300+ color photos capture
these highly sought heroic “dolls for boys” includ-
ing GI Joe, Captain Action, Johnny West, Major
Matt Mason, Johnny Hero, and James Bond,
including all the major manufacturers of the
day from Hasbro and Mattel to Marx and Ideal.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
GI Joe™ and Other Backyard Heroes
1970-1979: An Unauthorized Guide.
Marshall. Starring well-known figures and rarities
alike, from Hasbro’s GI Joe and Mego’s Star Trek
figures to Tomland’s Star Raiders and Marx’s
Safari Adventure Series, this lively text and
more than 400 color illustrations present the
figures, their outfits, vehicles, and accessories.
Rounding out the book are up-to-date values
for the figures and their accessories.
Size:81/2"x11"•400colorphotos•Price Guide •
160 pp. •ISBN:0-7643-0201-9•softcover•$29.95
Action Figures of the 1980s.
John Marshall.
Over 430 color photographs and descriptions
of the pocket-sized G.I. Joes™, movie and TV
characters, fantasy figures, He-Man™, the
Thunder Cats™, super heroes, Transformers™,
and wrestling figures abound here. Price listings
areprovided foreveryfigureshownandproduced
within particular product lines.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Comic Book Hero Toys.
John Marshall. POW!
ZAP! eeEEYOW! This is the action toy book that
fans will drool over. Banks, board games, dress-
upcostumes,cups,andmodelkits imprintedwith
images of villains and heroes such as Captain
Action™, the Incredible Hulk™, Superman™,
Batman™, and more. Over 700 color photos,
descriptions and a complete price guide provide
thorough identification.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
Collecting Monster Toys.
John Marshall.
Monster toys of all shapes and sizes stalk the
pages of this entertaining and informative book.
Over 600 photos capture the ghouls, mutants,
and vampires that send chills up your spine
as they appear on monstrous banks, board
games, costumes, fiendish figures, model kits,
and wind-ups. Prices for each item, both loose
and mint-in-package, are included.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
J.E. Alvarez. An engaging text and over 1,000 color
DVDs, puzzles, radios, videos, and walkie-talkies.
The captions provide current market values for the
BeastWars Transformers™ : The Unofficial
J. E. Alvarez. Both the American and
JapaneseBeastWarsTransformersproduced from
1995 onward are discussed and displayed in over
870 color images. A history of the development
and distribution of Beast Wars Transformers
is provided along with price listings for the
figures both loose, mint, and complete and
mint in the package.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
The Unofficial Guide to Transformers™:
1980s Through 1990s.
Revised & Expanded
2nd Edition
. Jose E. Alvarez. Transformers™, the
incredible changing figures of the 1980s and ’90s
in over 500 color photos with descriptions and an
up-to-date price guide. The history is presented,
from the early Diaclone™, Diacrone™, and Micro-
Fuzors™of the latenineties.
PriceGuide • 160pp.
The Unofficial Guide to Japanese & In-
ternational Transformers™.
J. E. Alvarez.
Through 100s of gorgeous color photographs,
this in-depth guide delves into such Japanese
toy lines as the Headmasters, Masterforce, Zone,
andReturnofConvoy,Europeanfigures including
theTurbomasters,Predators,and theObliterators,
and the early Pre-Transformers like the Diaclones
and Kronoforms. Current market values.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Mego Action Figure Toys.
Revised & Expanded
3rd Edition
. John Bonavita. Mego action figures
from comic strips, television and movie stories with
original packaging. Batman, Superman, Spiderman,
Wonder Woman, Hulk, and the characters from Star
Trek, )The Wizard of Oz, Planet of the Apes, Buck
Rogers, Flash Gordon, and many more, accompanied
by current prices.
Size:6"x9"•425colorphotos •Price Guide • 192 pp.
other toys by company
1946to1965.Eachpage isreproduced in fullcolor,
making it an invaluable reference for identifying
was purchased by Gabriel. Over 450 color images
documenteverytoyHubleyproduced inthisperiod.
Avalueguide isalso included.
Size:81/2"x11"•453colorphotos •PriceGuide•
Tinplate Toys: From Schuco, Bing, & Other
ke. The popular, high quality tinplate toys of the
mid-20th century from Nuremberg, Germany, are
examinedwith300colorphotos, informationabout
futureofthisspecialtoy industry.Anupdatedprice
guideprovideshelpful insight tocollectors.
Size:81/2"x11"•300colorphotos •PriceGuide•
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