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vintage toys: miniature vehicles
All-Bisque and Half-Bisque Dolls.
Angione. Bisque and half-bisque dolls of all periods.
It includes originals and reproductions, and describes
the types - from miniature immobiles to “Kewpies,”
“candystore dolls,” “infants,” and “old stiff necks.”
Learn valuable information about the manufacture of
these dolls, the companies who marketed them, and
keys to building and maintaining an excellent collection.
Index • 360 pp.
Miniature vehicles
Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys.
4th Edition
. Charlie Mack. Pictured and listed
in this massive volume, now in its fourth edition,
are fifty-four years’ worth of toys produced
between Matchbox’s founding in 1947 and
2001, including their popular diecast vehicles,
playsets, dolls, plastic kits, robots, and ephemera.
In the largest volume about Matchbox Toys ever
published, 2,447 color photos illustrate nearly
all of Matchbox’s vast line. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" •
2447colorphotos•Priceguide• 320pp.
The Big Book of Matchbox Superfast
Toys: 1969-2004: Volume 1: Basic Models
& Variation Lists.
Charlie Mack. The largest
book on Matchbox Toys ever produced - so big
it is two books with over 7000 color photos
and over 10,000 listed variations! The detailed,
beautiful photos are a great aid to collectors
for identification and color reference. Variation
Listings arranged alpha-numerically by product
numbers, and photos of the Basic Models appear
in Volume1.
Price & Variation Guide • 368 pp.
The Big Book of Matchbox Superfast
Toys: 1969-2004: Volume 2: Product Lines
& Indexes.
Charlie Mack. The photos are
arranged by major product lines, with everything
from Adventure Pack to White Rose Collectibles
arranged alphabetically in Volume 2, plus the
latest Superfast models from late 2004 and
early 2005. Helpful indexes, MAN number, and
model names (actual base names), as well as
a general alphabetical index are in Volume 2.
Indexes • 272 pp.
Matchbox ®Toys.
Revised 6th Edition
Nancy Schiffer. All the Matchbox die-cast
from 1947 and 1982 in color photos with a
historyof themanufacturersanddescriptions
of each toy and their variations. Includes
the 1-75 Series, Models of Yesteryear, Major
Packs, King Size, Skybusters, Battle Kings,
Two-Packs, Sea Kings, Walt Disney and
Popeye characters, Glo-Racers, and Convoy lines.
Size:9"x6"•1236 toys incolor&b/wphotos •Price Guide • 236 pp.
bothdetailedtext listingsandover370colorimages.
This revised 2nd Edition includes an updated price
list for the Matchbox vehicles presented and their
variations listed throughout the text.
Size:81/2"x11"•379color images•136pp.
Lesney’s Matchbox Toys: Regular
Wheel Years, 1947-1969.
Revised 3rd
Edition with Updated Price Guide
CharlieMack.Agreat resourceon thehistory
and various styles of the Matchbox Toy
wheels and its accessories, including gift
sets, Roadway series, trade catalogs, and
home displays. Includes an updated price
guide and a list of organized club for collectors.
Size:9"x6"•92color&b/w images•128pp.
Lesney’s Matchbox® Toys: The Su-
perfast Years, 1969-1982.
3rd Edition
. Charlie Mack. Matchbox
die-cast metal vehicles took on a new
look in 1969 with the introduction of the
Superfast line. In this newly-revised edition,
Charlie Mack has compiled accurate text
with clear color illustrations of the toys to
identify all the variations.
Matchbox® Toys: The Universal
Years, 1982-1992.
Revised 2nd Edi-
. Charlie Mack. Toys produced under
Universal’s ownership. Color photos show
all the vehicles, their variations, and the
other toys produced by Universal including
infants’ educational toys, dolls, and puzzles.
Additional materials include lists of places
of interest for the collector to visit and mail order sources.
Size:9"x6"•186colorphotos •Price Guide • 256 pp.
Matchbox® Toys: The Tyco Years
Charlie Mack. Matchbox die-
cast toys produced under Tyco ownership.
Detailed, incisive text explaining the varia-
tions, the number code of all the toys, and
clear color photos. Includes the Matchbox
vehicles and toy lines of Harley Davidson
motorcycles, Thunderbirds action figures,
Live N Learn preschool toys, and Crash Dummies.
Size:9"x6"•95colorphotosof1110 toys •Price Guide • 144 pp.
Matchbox® and Lledo™Toys.
Force. Miniature vehicle Matchbox toys and
Lledo toys made from 1983 to 1987 are
illustrated in color with comprehensive text
information and price guide.
Size:9"x6"•96photosof1400 toys
Price Guide • 185 pp.
co-founderJackOdell laterfoundedLledo(his
in color photos with an informative history,
extensive listofvariations,andapriceguide.
Size:9"x6"•100colorphotos •PriceGuide•160pp.
Dinky Toys.
Revised 7th Edition
. Dr.
Edward Force. Prices Updated by Jeff Bray.
Dinky Toys, produced from 1933 to 1980,
with a concise history, detailed list of major
variations, chronological list, and newly
revised price guide. Included are toys made
in Britain, France, Spain and other parts of
the world, from the earliest model railroad
accessories to the first miniature cars.
Corgi Toys.
Revised 4th Edition
Force, with revised prices by Jeff Bray. Every
model of Corgi toy is shown in 128 color
groupphotoswith thehistorysupplemented
by detailed descriptions of all the models
and their known variations. Includes up-
to-date price guide.
Size:9"x6"•128colorplates •Price Guide
• 224 pp. • ISBN:0-7643-2253-2•softcover•$16.95
The Unauthorized Encyclopedia of Corgi
Bill Manzke. The rise, fall and rebirth of
Corgi Toys is explained and illustrated with
hundreds of color photos of toy models and
memorabilia never before seen in print. The
smaller Husky and Corgi Juniors lines are also
covered. Most importantly, this encyclopedia
presents the most complete variation listing and
values guide for Corgi toys published to date.
Size:81/2"x11"•779colorphotos •Price Guide •
256 pp. •ISBN:0-7643-0308-2•softcover•$34.95
Corgi Juniors and Husky Models: A Com-
plete Identification and Price Guide.
Manzke. This widely collected line of diecast
toy cars and trucks are examined in over 500
full color photos and well-researched text. Here
are Corgi Juniors, Corgi Rockets, Husky Toys,
Whizzwheels Conversions plus many more varia-
tions. Information on prototype, pre-production,
and promotional models, plus an extensive
cross-reference section.
Price Guide/Index • 192 pp.
Hot Wheels
1968-1972: Includes the
Gran Toros™ History and Pictures.
Parker. Hot Wheels® produced between 1968
and 1972 represent the vintage years for this line
of toy vehicles. The 221 wonderful color photos
provide a complete visual guide for collectors. The
118 unique castings are explained in detail and a
complete variation and price guide is provided.
Also included is coverage of the Gran Toros™cars.
Price Guide • 224 pp.
Hot Wheels
: The Recent Years.
Parker. The Hot Wheels® 1/64th scale die-cast
cars from 1995 to 2001 are displayed in 560
color photographs, including vehicles from
the Segment™, elusive Treasure Hunt™, First
Editions™, and Final Run Series™, the Virtual
Collection™, Legends™, 1/64th Scale Collect-
ibles™, 100% Hot Wheels™, and convention
cars from The Wild Weekend of Hot Wheels™.
Values are found in the Variation/Price Guide
Price Guide • 176 pp.
The Complete Book of Hot Wheels
Revised and Expanded 4th Edition
. Bob
every casting from the first Hot Wheels toy cars
through the 1999 model year. A complete visual
guide with a listing of the many variations to
help collectors sort through the vast and rapidly
growing world of Hot Wheels.
Price Guide • 394 pp.
Hot Wheels
: A Collector’s Guide.
Revised & Expanded 4th Edition
. Bob
all the Hot Wheels made up to 1968, and
a complete variation guide and checklist
covers all the cars through 1995. This book
will be an essential reference for collectors
of all types of die cast toy vehicles.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Solido Toys.
Dr. Edward Force. 1200
miniature Solido vehicle models, nearly
all illustrated here in full color. With the
of models and variations listed in an easy-
to-use format, this book is a necessary
reference for collectors of Solido and
other die cast toy vehicles.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
Classic Miniature Vehicles: Northern Eu-
in northern Europe from the early to mid-20th
century. Included are the Tekno, Vilmer, Bapro,
Lemeco, and Lego brands from Scandinavia,
Gusquy-Septoy and Sablon toys from Belgium,
LionToysandBestBox-Efsi-Oto-Hollandtoys from
Holland, and the Siku line from Germany. In all,
hundredsofexamplesareshown in fullcolor,plus
full information including variations and values.
Price Guide • 144 pp.
ISBN:0-7643-1788-1•softcover •$29.95
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