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holiday antiques • hunting & fishing: gear & decoys & lures
Valentine Treasury: A Century of Valentine
Robert Brenner. From the first reference
to a valentine card in 1625 to modern times, this
book celebrates sentimental charm, wit, and
romance over the decades in antique valentines.
European origins and American traditions, cele-
bration and card sending customs, card designs
and themes, artists and manufacturers from
Howland, Whitney, Prang, to Gibson, Hallmark,
and American Greetings are included.
Value Guide • 208 pp.
Valentines With Values.
Katherine Kreider. Historic
valentines and those with comic characters, paper
items, international themes, nursery rhymes and
topical themes are shown and explained. Handmade
and manufactured, fancy, cute, romantic and funny
valentines in a wide range of styles and values.
Values/Glossary • 192 pp.
One Hundred Years of Valentines.
Kreider. Over 450 valentine cards from the late
1800s to 1998 include Depression, dimensional,
Art Deco, transportation, artist signed, honey
comb paper puff, novelty, and other subjects.
Valuable information helps collectors and dealers
identify and evaluate their cards.
Price Guide/Index • 128 pp.
Valentines for the Eclectic Collector.
erine Kreider. Valentine novelties, postcards,
and other ephemeral artifacts are presented
with hints on collecting for love and for value.
Valentines as party favors, paper dolls, and
brand-name advertising are featured. 398 color
photos with descriptive captions and values
illustrate the interesting text.
Price Guide/Index • 128 pp.
hunting & fishing: gear
Top of the Line Hunting Collectibles.
Donna Tonelli. A treasury of the finest hunting
collectibles around, this is a valuable reference
guide for everyone from the beginner to the
seasoned collector. Includes decoys, bird calls,
early arms and ammunition company premiums,
and hundreds of other items, all in full color with
a helpful price guide.
Price Guide/Index • 278 pp.
Top of the Line Fishing Collectibles.
Tonelli. Here are some of the best high quality
fishing collectibles illustrated with nearly 400
color photos, plus vintage photographs from
an era when sport fishing was young. Included
are fish decoys, lures, ice fishing equipment,
reels, advertising, and related folk art. Full
descriptions and a value guide make this book a
great resource of information for antique dealers,
and tackle and folk art collectors.
Value Guide/Index • 176 pp.
Firearms and Tackle Memorabilia.
Delph. The advertising art used to promote
firearms and fishing tackle is among the most
beautiful and highly cherished of all. Exquisitely
executed and highly collectible, some of the
finest examples are presented here in full color
photos. Included are signs and posters, calen-
dars, trade cards, boxes, envelopes, and other
highly sought-after memorabilia. Accurate and
concise information is given, along with a guide
to current prices.
Value Guide • 124 pp.
Sporting Collectibles.
Jim and Vivian Karsnitz.
The popular realm of hunting-related collectibles
is presented with over 440 color photos and an
informative text. The carefully chosen antiques
include old shells, shell boxes, decoys, advertising
signs, books, prints, traps, licenses, and more.
Each is completely described and a rarity guide
helps the collector to determine its relative value.
Rarity Guide • 160 pp.
hunting & fishing: decoys & lures
Fish & Fowl Decoys of the Great Lakes.
Lakes region, in over 1100 color photographs,
with original vintage black and white photos,
and a price guide. Includes pieces ranging from
thefinestmuseum-qualityartifacts tocollectibles
that are more likely to turn up at a local auction,
garage sale, flea market, or antique mall. A bib-
liography and appendix provide valuable sources
for information.
Size:81/2"x11"•1100+color&b/w images
Price Guide • 288 pp.
Contemporary Bird Carvings: Two
Generations of Bird Carvers.
neth Basile. Bird carving, a distinctly
American art form, focusing on the
two generations of carvers from the
past quarter century. Some of the very
best examples of bird carving produced
in both the United States and Canada.
Size: 12" x 9" • 90 color & 4 b/w photos
Decoys of the Mid-Atlantic Region.
A. Fleckenstein, Jr. Bird decoys of the American
Mid-Atlantic region shown in clear photographs
and historical facts that help date hand-made
decoys of antique and modern origin. There is an
explanation of howweights are used, how condition
affects value, suggestions on repairing decoys, a
complete list of makers, and recommended reading.
Size:7"x10"•750+birds illustrated
Index • 256 pp.
Connecticut Decoys.
Henry C. Chitwood, with
Thomas C. Marshall and Doug Knight. One of
the most comprehensive studies ever written
on Connecticut working decoys with over 400
photos. A table of carvers is followed by a
detailed text covering the decoys produced by
over 82 carvers, discussions on factory decoys,
shore birds, and descriptive decoy features.
Index • 192 pp.
Factory Decoys of Mason, Stevens, Dodge
and Peterson.
John and Shirley Delph. The
finest examples of American factory-made bird
decoys are covered extensively, featuring only
the finest examples by each maker, with short
histories. Color photographs of over two hundred
decoys, plus many black and white photographs
and line drawings, make this an invaluable guide
in identifying and authenticating factory birds.
Size:81/2’’x11’’•109photos& illus.
Index • 168 pp.
The Art of the Decoy: American Bird Carv-
Adele Earnest. Adele Ernest was one of
the first to recognize the place of the decoy in
the panorama of American folk art. The best
examples from public and private collections are
presented in this classic volume in 232 photos.
They demonstrate the creativity, vigor, and
variety of the American decoy.
Southern Decoys of Virginia and the
Henry A. Fleckenstein. The decoy
and waterfowling history of this important region
along the south Atlantic coast is thoroughly
presented in this comprehensive study. The book
fully covers all of the major makers of decoys
in the eastern shore of Virginia and the coast
of North Carolina as well as makers from other
areas whose decoys were used there.
Index • 232 pp.
Decoys of Maritime Canada.
Dale and
Gary Guyette. Decoys and their makers of the
Canadian Maritime region can now be studied
through the extensive research contained in this
book. Few of the many fine decoy carvers from
these areas have been identified before. Many of
their works are among the finest decoys made
in North America.
Index • 204 pp.
Upper Chesapeake Bay Decoys and Their
David and Joan Hagan. The art of
over 80 decoy makers in eastern Maryland is
illustrated with beautiful photos of their work.
Many decoys are accompanied by the portraits
of the artists and recollections and reflections
on their art and experiences.
Shorebirds: The Birds, the Hunters, the
Somers G. Headley. Details of the
rise and fall of shorebird hunting and the kinds
of decoys used. Many shorebird decoys are
quite rare and collectible today. Beautiful color
photographs of more than 200 decoys highlight
this carefully documented book. Includes fac-
tory-produced decoys, tips on collecting and
avoiding fakes, the use of X-ray, xerography,
to authenticate decoys.
Decoys of Lake Champlain.
Loy S. Harrell.
Individual decoy carvers, from past to present,
located around Lake Champlain are listed al-
phabetically. Each carver is briefly discussed and
examples of their work are shown.
Index • 136 pp.
The Story of LemWard.
Glenn Lawson, Pho-
tographs by Tricia Veasy. American wildfowl art
owes its foundation to Lem Ward. Growing up
in the marshes of the Chesapeake Bay, this
wood carver and painter (1896-1984) overcame
severe illness to produce some of the best-loved
wildfowl art extant today. Here Lem’s life story
is told by his daughter Ida who was with him
for almost the entire span of his artistic career.
Index • 128 pp.
Folk Art Fish Decoys.
Donald J. Petersen.
Decoys made earlier in the century as well as
examples of contemporary design, and the
background of their Minnesota makers. The
construction and special attributes of fishing
decoys are discussed in detail and information is
also provided on spear makers and the varying
designs of their spears, jigging sticks, and decoy
boxes. A price guide completes the work.
Price Guide • 240 pp.
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