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A Collector’s Guide to Cast Metal Book-
Gerald McBride. This big book presents a
wide rangeofcastmetalbookenddesignsshown
in over 500 color photos. Each is identified and
there are histories of the manufacturers, book
racks, catalogs and a useful identification and
buyers’ guide. Size:81/2"x11"•573colorphotos
Index • 192 pp.
Antique Iron, English and American: 15th
Century Through 1850.
Herbert, Peter, and
Nancy Schiffer. Included are architectural hard-
ware, lighting devices, andirons and fireplace
equipment, tools, toys, weathervanes, firemarks,
kitchen utensils, fences, and gates. Concise de-
scriptions of each item indicate regional products
from the South, Midwest, and Northeast United
States, England, and Europe.
Index • 320 pp.
The Brass Book, American, English, and
European: 15th Century to 1850.
Nancy, and Herbert Schiffer. Early domestic
brass objects covering andirons, candlesticks,
fireplace accessories, kettles, tobacco boxes and
more. Variations in styles are fully illustrated and
the 18th-century method of casting brass, con-
struction variations, and the identification of old
copies and fakes are discussed. An 18th-century
brassmaker’s catalog is reproduced.
Index • 447 pp.
Metal Candlesticks: History, Styles and
Veronika Baur. A progression
of metal candlesticks and chandeliers from
Roman times through the centuries to the present.
The beginnings of candles and the variety of
metals used to make their holders are among
the discussions that accompany hundreds of
illustrations which display a surprising variety
of specialized candlestick types from European
sources of many cultures.
Size:9"x12"•385photos• Index•184pp.
The Art of the Tinsmith: English and Amer-
Shirley Spalding DeVoe. A rich history of
the manufacturing process and methods of
decoration for antique, utilitarian tinwares on
both sides of the Atlantic. The examples demon-
strate the variety of wares and details which
help identify English and American products.
Size:81/2’’x11’’•315photos• Index•222pp.
Pewter of the Western World, 1600-1850.
R.G. Hornsby. This authoritative study of antique
pewter tablewares was written by one of the
world’s leading experts. It chronicles the history
of the pewter industry in Europe, Britain, and
America, from 1600 to 1850, and displays over
1200 antique examples in photographs with
identifying text and index.
Size:9’’x12’’•1292 illus.• Index•381pp.
The Doorstop Book: An Encyclopedia of
Doorstop Collecting.
John C. & Nancy M.
Smith. Over 1,000 doorstops in full color and
organized by categories: flowers, birds, animals,
wagons, Native Americans, people, houses &
windmills, and nautical. Includes an informative
history of doorstops, information for collectors,
histories and marks of the foundries and more.
Thisbook representssomeof thefinestdoorstops
ever produced. Values are included.
Price Guide • 256 pp.
Figurative Cast Iron: A Collector’s Guide.
Douglas Congdon-Martin. The creativity of de-
signers of cast iron allowed mundane objects of
life to become interesting works of art and fancy.
From doorstops to doorknockers, still banks to
lawn sprinklers, bottle openers to bookends,
their functionality was hidden in the forms of
animals, flowers, buildings, people, and more.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
Plastic Passion.
guide to collecting plastic antiques for fun and
profit is chock-full of over 200 fabulous pho-
tographs and plenty of very useful information
about natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic
plastics. It includes a concise history of plastics,
items for the home, smoking, and drinking;
jewelry and accessories; toys and more, as well
as a glossary of plastics terms.
Price Guide/Index • 128 pp.
Collecting Plastics: A Handbook and Price
Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition
. Jan
Lindenberger. A field guide for the collector of vintage
plastic household objects: kitchen items, jewelry,
radios, flooring, car parts, toys, and furniture. Over
500 items illustrated in color with descriptions and
values. The prices are reasonable today and the objects
themselves bring color and a touch of nostalgia to the
homes of their owners.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
More Plastics For Collectors: A Handbook &
Price Guide.
Jan Lindenberger with Jean Rosenthal.
Explores liberating designs that the age of plastics has
brought to kitchen items, toys, furniture, appliances,
jewelry, and more. Over 350 items are illustrated in
full color with concise descriptions.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
1950s Plastics Design: Everyday Elegance.
Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition
. Holly
Wahlberg. Colorful plastic chairs, tables, dishes,
cups, radios, lampshades, draperies, cooking
containers, car interiors, floors and more from
the 1950s. The book includes a very useful
Collectors’ Guide, providing information about
all the major manufacturers and trade names,
organized by product types for easy reference.
Price Guide • 112 pp.
Celluloid: Collectibles From the Dawn of
Robert Brenner. A sweeping survey of
the early world of plastics presents celluloid toys,
ornaments, jewelry, greeting cards, dolls, and
more in over 500 color photographs. Early 20th
century catalog copy further chronicles celluloid
artifacts and tells a concise and colorful history
of celluloid’s development.
Price Guide • 208 pp.
wedding antiques
Accessorizing the Bride: Vintage Wed-
ding Finery through the Decades.
Shephard. The changing image of brides, with
an emphasis on the supporting garments and
accessories set in historical context, with no-
tations on design, fabrication, embellishment,
provenance, and estimated current value.
Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers.
Henderson. An expansive survey of wedding
cake toppers from the late 19th century to the
1990s. Traditional, military, and “cutie” bride
and groom figurines are identified by material,
date, size, and current value. Includes a histo-
ry of wedding cakes, bride and groom attire
through the decades, and tips for determining
the age and value.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
holiday antiques
Holidays and Other Weird Events.
Richman. Explore America’s best-loved “no work”
days through 380 beautiful, fun postcard images
from the early 20th century. They portray specific
animals, children, flowers, and symbols that have
come to identify each holiday, and some pretty
“weird” events as well. Fascinating histories of
each holiday are included. Artists, decorators,
and postcard collectors will enjoy this book for
the graphic styles it contains.
Holidays: Toys and Decorations.
Schiffer. More than 1250 holiday keepsakes
shown in color. Begins with New Year’s Day,
progresses to Valentine’s Day, Washington’s
Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence
Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Much to interest the decorators in every home.
Holiday Plastic Novelties: The Styrene
Charlene Pinkerton. Styrene plastic nov-
elties flourished in the 1930s and 1940s. Cheap
and cheerful, styrene toys, decorations, and
party favors brought bright color to holiday
celebrations. This book is packed with more than
600 color photos, a price guide, and interesting
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Halloween in America.
Revised & Expand-
ed 2nd Edition.
Stuart Schneider. Halloween
symbols are popular—ghosts, Jack O’lanterns,
witches, bats, skeletons, and black cats—but
few know about Halloween’s past. Learn about
former Halloween celebrations and take a look
at Halloween today. For collectors, this is one of
the largest collections of Halloween memorabilia.
Includes newly revised prices!
Time for Halloween Decorations.
Claire M.
Lavin. Delightful Halloween decorations made
between 1950 and 1970, from four leading man-
ufacturers and shown in 395 color photographs.
Detailed descriptions and little-known-facts,
release and production dates, materials, makers’
marks, and values. Party games, hats and masks
appear as well as lanterns, shades, and die-cuts.
Timeless Halloween Collectibles: 1920 to
1949, A Halloween Reference Book from
the Beistle Company Archive with Price
Claire M. Lavin. The best in Halloween
graphics. 100s of pieces from the “Golden Years”
of Halloween production, 1920 through 1949,
with stock numbers, initial release year, and
object’s proper name, in over 350 photographs
include some never-before-seen items. A value
guide accompanies each entry.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
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