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Sterling Flatware: An Identification and
Value Guide.
Tere Hagan. This comprehensive
reference makes the identification of sterling
flatware patterns easy. Clearly drawn images
and cross-referenced indexes to patterns, man-
ufacturers and marks enable knives, forks and
spoons to be matched-up quickly. Customers,
dealers, and repairers can answer basic questions
of identity with this guide.
American Silverplate.
Revised & Expanded
3rd Edition
. Dorothy T. Rainwater with Donna
Felger, photography by H. Ivan Rainwater. Long
considered the “bible” by silverplate collectors,
this new edition contains a history of silverplating
materials, refining processes, and tableware
design changes. Over 1500 illustrations, line
cuts, black-and-white and color photos. The
chapter on the care and restoration of silverplate
is very helpful.
Size:7’’x10’’•1500+photos& illus.
Price Guide/Index • 480 pp.
Silver Curios in the Home.
Dorothy Rainwater
& Beryl Frank. Small silver items made over the
last 150 years for many practical uses often are
saved in curio cabinets for their beauty, but are
little understood. Leading silver experts explain
their uses and show hundreds of silver curios.
Here are silver sewing devices, tableware, dresser
and desk sets, cigar cutters, etc. Easily found
in antiques shops, these curios reflect a more
ornate culture.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
Silver Novelties in The Gilded Age: 1870-
Deborah Crosby. Delightful silver figural
items produced during the Gilded Age, shown in
for the dining room, the writing desk, the sewing
room, the nursery, and much more. Includes
items such as spoons, tea balls, inkwells, match
safes, thimbles, belt buckles, and baby rattles.
Historical background, values, and an extensive
bibliography are also provided.
Price Guide/Index • 244 pp.
Spoons from Around the World.
Dorothy T.
Rainwater & Donna H. Felger. 1000s of practical
and specialized spoons from around the world
described by two of the foremost authorities
on silver. Hundreds of photos with captions,
extensive text, and old manufacturers’ catalog
pages document the makers, dates, names and
styles of special spoons so that identification is
possible. Also has extensive bibliography and
index. Size:81/2"x11"•Thousandsofspoons
Price Guide • 288 pp. • ISBN: 0-88740-425-1 •
American Spoons: Souvenir and Histor-
Dorothy T. Rainwater & Donna H. Felger.
The basic reference of American spoons. From
expensive sterling silver sets to fifteen-cent
mail-order spoons, the variety of design, quality,
and interests reflected is truly impressive.
Size:81/2’’x11’’•over800 illus.
Index • 368 pp.
Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers.
4th Edition
. Dorothy T. Rainwater & Judy Redfield. The
most-respected text on manufactured American silver
has now gone one step further. Dorothy Rainwater
and Judy Redfield have updated the text and added
photos to now include over 2400 marks illustrated with
brief histories and cross references of more than 1600
manufacturers. The result is the most comprehensive
reference source on the subject.
Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers.
5th edition, revised and expanded
. Dorothy
T. Rainwater & Martin and Colette Fuller. The most
respected text on manufactured American silver
has now gone one step further. The authors have
updated the text and added photos to now include
over 2300 marks illustrated with brief histories and
cross references of more than 1500 manufacturers.
antique metalwares
The Chase Catalogs: 1934 & 1935.
Piña & Donald-Brian Johnson. Price Guide by
Barry L. Van Hook. The Chase Brass & Copper
Company in the 1930s was synonymous with
Art Deco. Reprinted here are the 1934 and 1935
catalogs with designs by Lurelle Guild, Walter
Von Nessen, Russel Wright and Harry Laylon.
All are pictured with full descriptions, inventory
information, and a current price guide.
Price Guide/Index • 112 pp.
Tiffany Desk Sets with the Master List
of Tiffany Studios Items.
William R. Hol-
land. Over 600 color photos show bronze and
gilded desk set items Tiffany Studios made in
24 patterns, including inkwells, blotters, boxes,
photo frames, etc. Carefully researched includes
Tiffany item numbers, markings, sizes, related
pieces, and rarity. Includes Master List of Tiffany
Studios Items, including lamps, planters, match
holders, etc.
Size: 9" x 12" • 600 color photos • Rarity Guide/
Art Deco Chrome.
than 700 streamlined, Art Deco chrome
wares in 600 photos and illustrations,
including table decorations, drinking
and buffet items, smoking articles, and
lamps, from Chase, Manning-Bowman,
Kensington, Revere and others. Histo-
ries of the firms and their industrial
designers appear with patent and design
Size:11"x 81/2"•484color&117b/wphotos•PriceGuide•192pp.
Chase Complete: Deco Specialties of the
Chase Brass & Copper Company.
ald-Brian Johnson & Leslie Piña. The entire
Specialty line produced by Chase from 1930 to
1942 presented with profiles of the industrial
designerswhomade them.Anessential reference
for Deco collectors, this book features 650
full-color catalog and historical photos, vintage
advertising, a complete cross-reference listing,
and a price guide.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 552 color & 71 b/w photos •
Price Guide/Index • 232 pp.
The Chase™Era: 1933 & 1942 Catalogs of
the Chase Brass & Copper Co.
Johnson & Leslie Piña. Gleaming Chase house-
wares of chrome, brass, and copper brightened
many homes during the 1930 thanks to designers
like Lurelle Guild, Walter Von Nessen, Russel
Wright, and Harry Laylon. Here is the company’s
first (1933) and final (1942) Specialties catalogs,
plus newly discovered pre-1933 Chase flyers.
Price Guide/Index • 128 pp.
Roycroft Art Metal.
Revised & Expanded 4th
. Kevin McConnell. From its factories near
Buffalo, New York, in the early 20th century, the
Roycroft Art Metal Company made bowls, vases,
jewelry, desk items, bookends, candlesticks and
other items that are of great interest to historians
today. This history, identification, and price guide
offers collectors and dealers an in-depth look at the
many Roycroft art metal objects.
Size:6"x9"•222 photos& illus.•PriceGuide•152pp.
More Roycroft Art Metal.
KevinMcConnell. Color
photos and text present Roycroft Art Metal’s copper
vases, bookends, trays and more—including many
rarely-seen items. The evolution of its art metal is
discussed, along with criteria for evaluating the
quality of individual pieces. The marks and patinas
used by the company are documented. The Tookay
Shop and Avon Coppersmith, both spin-offs from
the Roycroft community, are also presented here.
Price Guide • 128 pp.
Heintz Art Metal.
Kevin McConnell. The Heintz
Art Metal Shop and its successor, the Smith Metal
Arts Company (Silver Crest), produced decorative
bronze wares of the highest quality as part of the
American Arts and Crafts Movement during the early
20th century. Here are Heintz and Silver Crest bowls,
jewelry, trophies, vases, and desk pieces, as well as
essential data regarding value, rarity, makers’ marks
and company histories.
Size:6"x9"•185colorphotos Price Guide • 128 pp.
Ronson’s Art Metal Works.
Stuart Schneider.
Ronson’s fine decorative metal wares including
cigarette lighters, for which Ronson is most
readily known, and, as Art Metal Works, a
diverse selection of metal bookends, hood
ornaments, statuary, aquarium & plant stands,
clocks, pipe holders, desk sets & accessories,
figurines, novelty items, lamps, boxes, toys,
incense burners, and much more.
Price Guide • 144 pp.
Art Deco Aluminum: Kensington.
Ockner & Leslie Piña. Kensington aluminum
objects have elegant designs and practical use.
Here the story of the company and its beautiful
products is told with 375 color and vintage
black-and-white photos. Kensington tableware,
bar pieces, and gifts with streamlined shapes
of Art Deco style are attracting collectors. This
is their best reference.
Aluminum Giftware.
Frances Johnson. Alu-
minum serving dishes, children’s playthings,
napkin rings, pitchers, smoking accessories, salt
and pepper shakers, vases, trays and more in
popular as well as unusual patterns, all presented
in clear color photographs with today’s market
values. Aluminum giftware embodies twentieth
Value Guide • 160 pp.
Bookends: Objects of Art and Fashion.
Robert and Donna Seecof. Over 350 color photos
and engaging text reveal that bookends have
been a medium of art from the turn of the
twentieth century to today. The photos illustrate
350 pairs of bookends from principal art styles,
and the research places them in historical context.
Accompanying the photos are identification of
the production date, the foundry, sculptor, art
style, commentary, and values.
& Index•160pp.
ISBN:978-0-7643-4168-7•hardcover •$39.99
Bookend Revue.
Robert Seecof, Donna Lee
Seecof, and Louis Kuritzky. Bookends from their
beginnings in 19th-century Europe through
their development in 20th-century America,
including Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art
Deco, International, folk art and traditional
styles, identifying the sculptors and foundries
that produced them. Promotional bookends
made for advertising purposes are shown, as
are handicraft and folk art pieces.
Price Guide • 164 pp.
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