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antique glass byt form: drinking glasses, celery vases, insulators, paperweights & perfume bottles
history offering over 230 color illustrations of nearly
every style produced, as well as some look-alikes
that are on the market. Descriptions, variation lists,
and captions with vital information and the current
value make this a much needed addition to the glass
collector’s library.
Price Guide • 96 pp.
Shot Glasses.
Mark Pickvet. Over 2300
illustrations display 19th and 20th century
shot glasses, Many styles and materials are
included that advertised whiskies and drinking
establishments from elegant to common taste.
They represent many diverse places, periods,
and social preferences. Additional tables list
thousands, each described, dated, and valued.
Values are found in captions and tables.
Size:81/2"x11"•1391color &1000b/w images
Price Guide/Index • 256 pp.
Sour Cream Glasses.
Barbara E. Mauzy.
Among today’s favorite glass collectibles
are the decorative containers that once
contained sour cream, a remarkable array
of glassware that is durable, colorful, and
highly collectible. Here is the historical
information, along with a value guide
presented in an easy-to-use format with
check-off boxes for your records.
Size:9"x6"•95color images,•100sofglasses PriceGuide•92pp.
Collector’s Guide to Cartoon & Promotion-
al Drinking Glasses.
promotional characters are featured on drinking
glasses decorated. Made since the mid-1930s,
they reflect popular culture and entertainment as
they derive frommovie and television characters.
Identification is by abbreviations of series names
and a number for each design. These are popular
among collectors of pop culture who will find
this guide fun and accurate.
430 imagesdisplaythepin-upgirlglasssetscreated
ercord®, Duro-Decal®, and Amus-U™. Included
Clothes, Keyhole, International Ladies, and Home-
hand-painted glasses are all presented. Values are
included in thecaptions.
antique glass by form: celery vases
Celery Vases: Art Glass, Pattern Glass, and
Cut Glass.
Dorothy Dougherty in cooperation
with The W. Virginia Museum of American Glass.
Over 350 images of vintage cut, pattern, and
art glass celery vases, stands, glasses, uprights,
and jars arranged by form, including those
with and without stems and by stem and bowl
shapes. A wide variety of decorative techniques
are featured.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 202 color & 155 b/w photos •
antique glass by form: candle holders
Elegant Glass Candleholders: Brilliant Cut
Era, Roaring ’20s, Depression Era, Modern.
Paula Pendergrass and Sherry Riggs. Glass can-
dleholders with exquisite engravings, rich colors
and silver and gold overlays, elaborate etchings,
and modern styles from the United States and
Europe. Learn to identify pieces from Hawkes,
Hoare, Libbey, Pairpoint, Sinclair, Steuben, and
more. Price guide included.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
20th Century Glass Candle Holders:
Roaring ’20s, Depression Era, & Modern
Collectible Candle Holders.
Sherry Riggs
& Paula Pendergrass. Over 600 antique and
modern glass candle holders are shown in full
color. From Roaring ’20s, Depression era, and
modern sources, these candle holders are listed
alphabetically, with up-to-date pricing and color
information based on published sources and
personal experience.
Glass Candleholders: Art Nouveau, Art
Deco, Depression Era, Modern.
Pendergrass & Sherry Riggs. A comprehensive
survey of glass candle holders by major manu-
facturers such as Beaumont, Cambridge, Fenton,
Duncan & Miller, Jeannette Glass, Morgantown,
and New Martinsville, with over 500 photos,
all listed alphabetically by manufacturer, this
is the ideal guide to identification, dating, and
valuation of your prized pieces.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Glass Candle Holders of the Depression Era
and Beyond.
Sherry Riggs & Paula Pendergrass.
Over 520 color photos of glass candle holders
arranged alphabetically by manufacturer, include
representatives from Cambridge, Fostoria, Fry,
Imperial, Lancaster, McKee, Tiffin, and others,
plus candle holders from newer, smaller U.S.
companies and numerous imports. Price guide
and extensive bibliography included.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
antique glass by form: insulators
The Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators.
Michael Bruner. 100s of beautiful electrical insu-
lators. Over 700 color photographs, each with a
descriptive caption, guide the collector through
a huge assortment of designs and manufacturers.
Each photograph carries a current value for the
item shown. No other book captures the beauty
found within this colorful and historical hobby.
Price Guide/Index • 208 pp.
antique glass by form: paperweights
Paperweights: Historicism, Art Nouveau,
Art Deco.
Peter von Brackel. Paperweights from
Bohemia, Silesia, Thuringia, Belgium, France,
Scandinavia, America, and many more. The
630 color illustrations of paperweights and their
production procedures, and detailed glossary,
index, and value guide truly make this book a
useful and attractive reference.
Price Guide/Index • 320 pp.
World Paperweights: Millefiori and Lamp-
Robert G. Hall. Because of the challenges
their intricate designs pose, lampworked and
millifiori paperweights have become recognized
as little works of art. Here are nearly 500 paper-
weights produced over the last 150 years from
around the world, with company histories and
detailed descriptions. Full pricing information
and a detailed glossary are also included.
Price Guide • 160 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1349-5 •
Sibylle Jargstorf. Hundreds
of beautiful old and new paperweights are
displayed in over 450 color photographs. This
meticulously researched book presents an his-
torical view of international examples and their
talented makers.
Value Guide • 224 pp.
Old English Paperweights.
Robert Hall.
English glass paperweights from early times
to the present with 400+ examples pictured in
color, including famous Bacchus paperweights.
By comparing canes, colors, and styles with these
examples, collectors now can identify unknown
weights, the fake “1848" dated paperweights,
and inkwells.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
Paperweights of the World.
Revised &
Expanded 4th Edition
. Monika Flemming &
Peter Pommerencke. Over 1,000 paperweights
from the 1840s to the 1980s display the devel-
opment, production techniques, and informative
histories of makers, glass studios, and indepen-
dent artists, with hints for collectors and an
up-to-date price guide. Museum information,
a helpful bibliography, and tips for the care of
paperweights round out this enjoyable book.
Paperweights from Great Britain.
Simmonds. Since the 1930s, more than 1.5
million glass paperweights have been made in
Britain. Here is the first comprehensive reference
to identify them. Over 2000 paperweights by
Paul Ysart and his family, Strathearn, Whitefri-
ars, Caithness, John Deacons, William Manson,
Selkirk, and many studio artists are listed and
well covered in histories, descriptions, and 360
color illustrations.
Price Guide/Index • 192 pp.
Scottish Paperweights.
Robert G. Hall. With
nearly 400 color photos of Scottish paperweights
from 1835 to the present, along with a history
of weight-making and important weight-makers
and glass houses of Scotland, this study offers a
detailed guide to a beautiful art form that has
enthusiasts throughout the world. A substantial
glossary and price guide are included.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
antique glass by form: perfume bottles
Classic Perfume Advertising: 1920-1970.
Jacqueline Johnson. Magazine ads representing
the great perfume houses at the height of their
marketing prowess. Guerlain, Schiaparelli, Caron,
Lentheric, Hattie Carnegie, Lanvin, Houbigant,
and more are included For the perfume bottle
collector, advertising historian, and those active
in graphic arts, this beautiful book has over 370
magnificent images that have sold millions of
dollars worth of fragrance through the years.
Commercial Perfume Bottles.
Revised. Jac-
quelyne Jones-North. Over 800 beautiful color
photos of perfume bottles ranging from the
exquisite flacons of Lalique, Baccarat, Viard,
Brosse, Jollivet, Cristal Nancy, Wheaton, C.K.
Brenda, and Lucien Guillard to figural bottles
and dimestore novelties. Bottles with the original
packaging are included, as are catalogs and
advertising photographs. An important book
for collectors.
Commercial Fragrance Bottles.
Dubbs Ball & Dorothy Hehl Torem. Over 1000
examples of commercial fragrance bottles in
beautiful full color photos. With examples
spanning every decade of the 20th century,
collectors will find a representative assortment
of the most beautiful creations to satisfy the
most avid aficionado.
Size:9"x12"•1000+ fragrancebottles•256pp.
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