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antique kitchen • salts & peppers
Antique Enameled Ware: American &
David T. Pikul. Enameled metal
ware was made for almost every household
purpose: brewing, storing, food preparation,
cooking, and washing. Many of the most de-
sirable patterns and designs, including End of
the Day, Chrysolite, and the coveted cobalt blue
pieces are featured in 475+ color photos with
identifying captions and values.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Collectible Enameled Ware: American
& European.
David T. Pikul & Ellen M. Plan-
te. Over 375 color photographs of handsome
enameled kitchen and house wares produced
in Europe and America from the late 1800s
to 1940. Decorative patterns, floral & graphic
designs, and one-of-a-kind items are some of
the attributes that lead many collectors to think
of antique enameled ware as relics of a lost art.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Enameled Kitchen Ware: American and
Ellen M. Plante and David T. Pikul.
Dishes, pans, canister sets, and more—with
flowers, birds, scenic designs, playful stripes
and checks, bold patterns and colors—are all
pictured in over 500 color photographs with
value ranges provided in the captions. Here
is a visual reference to learn about enameled
tableware, and a must-have source for all interior
Price Guide • 176 pp.
French Enameled Ware for the Collector.
Yves Moureau & Elyan Reboul. Showcases a
treasure trove of colorful and charming French
enameled ware from the mid 1800s to the late
1950s. Shown are coffee pots, teapots, pitchers,
creamers, spice and canister sets, utensil racks,
salt boxes, match boxes, buckets, and more,
including many rare pieces. Provides information
on style and design, determining age, collector
tips, price guide.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Bakelite in the Kitchen.
Revised & Expand-
ed 2nd Edition
. Barbara Mauzy. More than
40 categories of collectible Bakelite kitchenware
covering gadgets, flatware, napkin rings, &
children’s utensils. A fascinating new chapter
on Bakelite restoration will make your pieces
look brand new! This is the indispensable source
of information on dating, manufacturers and
designs for the decorator, collector and even
the occasional kitchen user.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
Mauzy’s Cake Plates: A Photographic
Reference with Prices.
Barbara & JimMauzy.
100s of Depression Glass and Elegant Glass cake
plates from all the major glass manufacturers
- Duncan & Miller, Hazel-Atlas, Imperial Glass,
Jeannette Glass, Liberty Works, Macbeth-Evans
Glass, New Martinsville, Paden City, and more
- dating from the 1920s through the 1960s.
Price Guide • 160 pp.
Depression Era Kitchen Shakers.
Barbara E. Mauzy. Prominent among
Depression Era glassware are milk glass
spiceshakers.Theyare lithographed with
dogs,Dutchmotifs,flowers, fruitbaskets,
hats, figures, leaves, Mexican motifs,
prices and check-off boxes to record additions to your collection.
Size:9"x6"•119colorphotos •Price Guide • 96 pp
Mauzy’s Kitchen Glass: A Photographic
Reference with Prices.
Barbara & JimMauzy.
Over 400 color photos of reamers, mixing bowls,
refrigerator dishes, shakers, drippings jars, canis-
ters, provisions jars, measuring cups, cruets, and
scores of other items from the 1920s through
the 1950s, with clear explanations, values,
measurements, manufacturing information,
and much more. Vintage glass that is lovely
to see, easy to use, and interesting to collect.
Price Guide/Index • 160 pp.
Collectible Plastic Kitchenware and Din-
nerware, 1935-1965.
Michael J. Goldberg.
Plastics wares made for the kitchen and dining
room spanning the decades of plastics’ first
development and transition from military to
popular home markets. Items are organized by
use (serving pieces, cooking, flatware, house-
hold) and by manufacturer with current prices
for collectors.
The Book of Wagner & Griswold: Mar-
tin, Lodge, Vollrath, Excelsior.
David G.
Smith & Chuck Wafford. This book continues
The Book of Griswold & Wagner
ended-illustrating 100s of items not included
in the previous book. Over 845 photos of cast
iron from the Wagner, Griswold, Lodge, Vollrath,
Excelsior, and Martin. Complete with pattern
numbers, catalog list numbers, price guide,
index, and much more.
Price Guide/Index • 256 pp.
The Book of Griswold &Wagner: Favorite
* Wapak * Sidney HollowWare.
Revised &
Expanded 5th Edition
Wafford. The definitive reference guide for cast-
iron antiques, including griddles, Dutch ovens,
coffee grinders, trivets, molds, broilers, teapots
and much more. Over 1,000 images document
hardware types, catalog numbers, and markings.
Histories of manufacturers and patent lists.
Griswold Muffin Pans.
Jon B. Haussler. 463
photos of Griswold muffin pan designs and com-
puter graphics depicting 226 pan variations are
among the pertinent details necessary to identify
Griswold pans. The names, numbers, pattern
numbers, dates of production and comparative
rarity of each pan are provided.
Value Guide • 160 pp.
Griswold Volume 2: Cast Iron, Porcelain,
Old Griswold cast iron, aluminum
and porcelain cookware is highly collected today
because it still does its primary job well and is
prolific at antiques markets. This guide pres-
ents the forms in many of their variations with
approximate values to reflect today’s markets.
Lists of the pattern numbers and the duplicate
numbers help to identify items you may find.
Early American Cast Iron Holloware
1645-1900: Pots, Kettles, Teakettles, and
John Tyler. Spanning the years 1645
to 1900, this is the first book to cover cast iron
pots, skillets, spiders, pans, kettles, teakettles,
Dutch ovens, and mortars. It illustrates identifi-
able changes in the technology of manufacture
as well as in form in more than 350 photos,
including 200 unpublished examples, plus clues
to establishing date and origin.
The Collector’s Book of Novelty Pans.
Jeanne Gibbs. Documents over 700 formed-alu-
minum novelty cake pans fromWilton Industries,
Nordic Ware, Amscan, Wear-Ever, and other
companies. Current estimated values are pro-
vided for all pans. Indexes help the collector
look up pans by stock number, name, key word,
mold type, or age. A colorful and unique book
for collectors and cake-lovers alike!
Price Guide/Index • 144 pp.
Toasters: 1909-1960.
E. Townsend Artman.
Bread toasters are presented historically and
visually through an informative and amusing text
and 400 artistic photos. Hundreds of toasters
that pinch, whirl, slide, tip, flop, drop, and pop
sliced bread through their mechanisms are
presented here. Toaster manufacturers and
their markings are identified along with current
prices for collectors.
Price Guide • 176 pp.
antique salt & peppers
The Open Salt Compendium.
Sandra Jzyk
and Nina Robertson. Over 3500 open salt cellars,
with in-depth coverage of examples made with
art glass, cameo glass, figural French faience,
Russian enamels, porcelain, figural silver, and
more, from manufacturers such as Steuben,
Tiffany, Pairpoint, Moser, Royal Bayreuth, Daum
Nancy, andWedgwood. Dimensions, production
dates, marks, values, and rarity information.
Price Guide/Index • 304 pp.
Goebel® Salt & Pepper Shakers.
and Clara McHugh. Displays the wide variety
of charming salt and pepper shakers produced
by Goebel Porzellanfabrik® of Germany from
the 1920s through the 1980s. Shakers and
condiment sets in the form of animals, birds,
fish, people, flowers, fruits and vegetables,
and more are shown. Includes identification
numbers, trademark information, artist names,
collector tips, and current values.
1001 Salt & Pepper Shakers.
Larry Carey
& Sylvia Tompkins. Shakers with themes of
Black Americana, cat characters, mermaids and
Niagara Falls, with color photos of over 1500
items. Includes color, size and design variations
of many pieces.
Size:81/2"x11"•1500+ items incolor
Price Guide • 112 pp.
1002 Salt & Pepper Shakers.
Larry Carey
& Sylvia Tompkins. Focusing on nodder salt
and pepper shakers with over 300 nodders as
well as hundreds of early/discontinued Fitz and
Floyd sets and Parkcraft sets, many never before
having appeared in a book. All shown in clear
color photos with identification, color, size and
design variations for each set.
Price Guide • 112 pp.
1003 Salt & Pepper Shakers.
Larry Carey
& Sylvia Tompkins. Character salt and pepper
shakers, featuring popular television, movie,
and cartoon characters, with a large section
of Walt Disney. Also well-known mascots or
symbols. Including each set’s color, size, man-
ufacturer, design variations, and value range.
Licensing information and history for over 700
character shakers.
Value Guide • 176 pp.
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