66 Baldwin Locomotives. 100s of de- tailed etchings and diagrams of this illustrious firm’s locomotives, complete with detailed descriptions of the loco- motives, parts, and construction direct from the company that produced them. Founded in Philadelphia in 1831, the Baldwin Locomotive Works was known for their 2-8-2 Mikado locomotives. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" Over 200 images • 328 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3376-7 • hard cover • $39.99 Memorable Japanese Motorcycles 1959-96 Doug Mitchel. This beautifully photographed volume provides the read- er with a survey of Japanese motorcycles whichhavebecomean integralpartofthe Americancyclinghabitsincethelate-1950s. Examplesoffirstmodels, lastmodels,and themostunusualtohittheAmericanshores. Size:11"x8.5"•450colorphotos•160pp. ISBN:0-7643-0235-3•hard•$34.95 Harley-Davidson Legends Rebmann/Rösler/ Sander. Harley-Davidson is one of the oldest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world and has maintained a technical tradition for more than 100 years. This book covers 35 of the most important models in the history of Harley-Davidson in chronological order using text and photos-from the very first V-Twin to the Night Rod. Size:8.5"x11"•277colorphotos•160pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4073-4•hard•$29.99 Harley-Davidson 1930-41: Revolutionary Motorcycles&ThoseWhoRodeThem .Re-live thegoldenageofMilwaukeemotorcyclingwiththis uniquebookthatgoesbeyondtherest.Readinitimate accountsfromcompanyofficials,dealers,andriders ofclassicHarleyDavidsonmotorcylesofthe1930s. Period photographs from private collections and a massive text trace the development of the H-D Big TwinfromthesidevalveVLtothe61and74models, the legendaryKnucklehead. Size:8.5"x11"•184pp. ISBN:0-88740-894-X•soft•$24.95 Moto Guzzi Motorcycles since 1921 Jan Leek and Wolfgang Zeyen. There are many ways of designing a twin-cylinder motorcycle, but it takes a great deal of artistic sensitivity to create a legend from two cylinders. The fine Italians, the Le Mans and California types, the choppers and the small 125s, 250s and 350s are described here with accuracy and detail. This volume says everything there is to say about model changes and technical backgrounds. Size:8.5"x11"•314color/bwphotos•256pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4344-5•hard•$39.99 Tricycles, Quadricycles and Light Cars 1894-1907: A Forgotten History Aldo Carrer. This book illustrates the birth of three- and four- wheeled motor, steam and electric powered vehicles from the years 1894-1907. These superb images depict the large and unusual variety of vehicles in the United States, France, England, Germany, Austria and Italy. The book shows in detail the vehicles, people and the spirit of the era, a period of genius, brave bikers and a romanticism. English, German, and Italian text. Size:9"x12"•300color/bwphotos•176pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4347-6•hard•$59.99 DKW: The Complete History of a World Marque Siegfried Rauch with Frank Rönicke. Long considered the definitive book on DKW (Dampf-Kraft-Wagen), this classic book is now available in a complete English language edition. This book covers all of the automobiles and motorcycles manufactured by the legendary DKW frim from its founding in the early twentieth century to its closing in the 1960s. Size:8.5"x11"•649color/bwphotos•288pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4801-3•hard•$59.99 Streamlined:ClassicCarsofthe20th Century MalteJürgens,Photographsby MichelZumbrunn&UrsSchmid. In2009, theHamburgAutomuseumPrototyporga- nizedaspecialtwo-monthexhibitwhere25 classic,streamlinedautomobileshadtheirfirst "aerodynamicrendezvous."Theexhibition includedgemssuchasFerdinandPorsche's Type64,the1940BMWMilleMigliaTouring Coupe,theMercedes-BenzC111/III,Porsche's 356Pre-Acoupe,andtheWorldRecordVolkswagen,namingafew. Size:12"x9"•142colorphotos•324pp.•ISBN:978-0-7643-4733-7•hard•$75.00 Mercedes-Benz Supercars From 1901 to Today Thomas Wirth. That dream car of all dream cars, the Mercedes-Benz, is presented here in 285 images. From its pioneer days with the 35 HP model of 1901 through the top-rank sports cars of the 1920s and 1930s, the gullwing-door 300 SL and the legendary “Uhlenhaut Coupe" of the 1950s, and the C 111, with its Wankel engine, of the late 1960s, the line goes on to the present-day SLS AMG. Size: 8.5"x11" • 285 images • 176pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4090-1 • hard • $39.99 Alfa Romeo: A Century of Innovation Alfa Romeo, one of the most famous and renowned carmakers in automobile history, celebrates 100 years of innovation. This fascinating history documents the Milanese automaker, from the exciting racing and sports cars of the twenties and thirties to the equally advanced and sporty sedans, coupes, and convertibles of the fifties and sixties to the present-da. Size:8.5"x11"•215color/bwphotos•136pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4072-7•hard•$29.99 The Schlumpf Automobile Collection . This bookshares thevaluablecollectionof theSchlumpf brothers, whose collection of 427 beautiful classic cars, including 122 Bugatis, made it Europe’s most exciting auto collection. Now known as the National Auto Museum of France, this amazing collection is presented in this book for all the world to see. Size:9"x12"•480color/bwphotos•182pp. ISBN:0-88740-192-9•soft•$19.95 Mythical Formula One: 1966 to Present Marcel Correa. Includes some of the most famous and legendary For- mula 1 single-seaters from 1966 to the present, as well as milestones, such as the Lotuses 49, 72, 79, Renault RS01, winners like the Ferraris “T" series, Mc- Laren MP4 from 1988; the Shumacher Ferrari, original ideas like the Tyrrell P34 and other curiosities. Size:12"x9"•126 color illust.•112pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4581-4•hard•$29.99 TheVWBus:HistoryofaPassion JörgHajt. In this book, author Jörg Hajt portrays VWbuses of all body types, lovingly restored and customized, and offers a comprehensive history of the brand. Nearly200archivalandmodernphotosdocument thewiderangeofTransporters fromthecamperto emergencyvehiclestoacontractor’svanandmuch more.Completeconstructionandtechnicaldetails and important tips for buying a VW Transporter today round out this wonderful pictorial volume. Size: 8.5"x11" • 196 photos • 136pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4074-1 • hard • $29.99 The Jeep: History of a World War II Legend David Dalet and Christophe Le Bitoux. Nearly 200 high-quality color, and WWII era photos show the Jeep in its many uses, and up-close, detailed images show the differences between variant types. This book is a concise reference for the Jeep enthusiast, historian and restorer. Size:9"x12"•196colorphotos•80pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4460-2•hard•$29.99 New York City Horsepower: An Oral His- tory of Fast Custom Machines Michael McCabe. An unprecedented look at the stories, innovators, and machines behind NYC car and motorcycle builders. Based on a year’s worth of interviews and photo shoots with nearly 40 custom builders, McCabe offers unique access to their private, creative lives and impressive collections of machines in garages and workshops throughout the five boroughs. Size:11.75"x9"•796color/bw images•304pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-3961-5•hard•$50.00 TRANSPORTATION: SEA Sailing Fascination. Heinrich Hecht. Text by Hans-Harald Schack. Sailing competitions fascinate professional photographer Heinrich Hecht, whose work over twenty years (1984 to 2008) is presented here. 12 chapters show highlights of the sport: the sail, speed, dinghies and keelboats, crew, regattas, sailors, wind, waves, and light. Size: 11 3/4" x 9" • 300+ color images 264 pp. • ISBN: 978-0-7643-4268-4 • hard cover • $50.00 Great American Schooner Yachts. RudolphArp.ThegreatestclassicAmeri- can schooner yachts built in the U.S. and howtheirdesigners influencedtheirbeau- ty and technical innovations. This will be a resource for designers of these vessels, historians, and shipping enthusiasts. Size: 11 3/4" x 9" • 389 color & b/w photos • Index • 256 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4089-5 hard cover • $49.99 American Fireboats: The History of Water- borne Firefighting and Rescue in America. Wayne Mutza. The first comprehensive account of fire and rescue boats inAmerica,this illustrated book sheds light on a heroic tradition dating to the 19th century. From coast to coast and in cities large and small, the evolution from wood and iron fireboats to high-tech aluminum vessels. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 570 color & b/w images 256pp. • ISBN: 978-0-7643-5271-3 hard cover • $50.00 TRANSPORTATION: SPACE Project Apollo: The Moon Landings, 1968–1972 Eugen Reichl. This book brings the later years of the Apollo era to new life with details including the test flights in Earth’s orbit; the first orbits of the moon; the legendary Apollo 11 mission; the drama of Apollo 13; and Apollo 17, the last manned moon flight in 1972. Size: 6"x 9" • 130 color and b/w images • 144 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-5375-8 • hard cover • $19.99 Project Apollo: The Early Years, 1960–1967 Eugen Reichl. In May 1961, American President John F. Kennedy committed the nation to carrying out a manned landing on the moon before the end of the decade.This volume covers the early years of theApollo program, still the most significant space effort in the history of mankind. Size: 6"x9" • 127 color images • 144pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-5174-7 • hard cover • $19.99 Project Mercury: America in Space Series Eugen Reichl.Thisbook isaconcise,detailedhistoryofAmerica’s first steps into space. Project Mercury was America's entry into themannedspaceflightprogram.Allmissions in Project Mercury are discussed, including details on all craft and the astronauts involved. Superb color, archival images, cutaways, and plans are also included. Size:6"x9"•89color images•144pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-5069-6•hardcover•$19.99 Schiffer Sa i l i ng FaSc i nat i on Heinrich Hecht text byHans-Harald Schack TRANSPORTATION: LAND, SEA, SPACE