112 Greetings from Beverly Hills. Mike Oldham. Since the early 20th century, Beverly Hills has been known for its movie stars and mansions. Here, in over 300 color and black and white postcard images, the story of the “Move Star Capital" is presented. Experience the Beverly Hills of a different era. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 302 color photos • 128 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2628-8 • soft cover • $24.95 Los Angeles Neon. Nathan Mar- sak. An eye-popping panorama of blazing neon lights. Stop at glorious entertainment palaces and night clubs, famous restaurants,apartmentbuildings, commercial establishments, bowling and sports clubs, car agencies, drive-ins, motels, and mobile home parks. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 355 color photos Index • 160 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1542-0 • soft cover • $29.95 LA’s Graveside Companion: Where the V.I.P.s R.I.P. Steve Goldstein. Over 270 color photos, informative text, and directions guide readers to 400 graves of L.A.’s most famous and influential citizens. Included are Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Cecil B. DeMille, Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, Eddie “Rochester" Anderson, and Marilyn Monroe. The de- tailed text gives biographies for each star. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 278 b/w photos • 192 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3154-1 • soft cover • $19.99 Greetings From Pasadena. Mary L. Martin & Kim Hufford. View beautiful Pasadena, California, through rare vintage postcards from early 1900s to the 1960s. Visit Marengo Avenues over- hanging pepper trees and East Colorado Street, where the annual Tournament of Roses takes place every New Years Day. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 345 postcards • Price Guide/Index • 128 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2852-7 • soft cover • $24.95 Historic Monterey. Anita Yusada. Step back in time and learn what life was like for people living in Monterey, California, in the 1800s. This charming book displays over 400 beautiful color photographs of the town and gardens, and the area stretching to Carmel, with quotes from sailors, travel writers, explorers, politicians, clergymen, and tourists that capture the fasci- nating evolution of the region. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 406 photos • Index • 112 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2871-8 • soft cover • $19.95 Greetings from San Diego. Mary L. Martin, Tina Skinner, and Lindsey Hamilton. Vintage postcards show San Diego as it appeared decades, and even a century, ago. Relive the city’s history through images of Balboa Park, the 1915 Panama-California Internation- al Exposition, Casa de Estudillo, and much more. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 226 postcard images Price Guide • 128 pp.ISBN: 0-7643-2562-0 • soft cover • $24.95 Snapshots of San Diego: Sun, Surf & Sand. Anita Yasuda. Vintage San Diego travel advertisements, postcards and photographs remember its perfect sun, surf, and sand. Stroll pristine sea- shores and bustling boardwalks and see La Jolla Cove Park, where a tree exists that inspired the art work of Dr. Seuss, and Mission Beach, where the thrill of the Chaos roller coaster awaits. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 325 photos • Index • 128 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2804-6 • soft cover • $24.95 Yosemite National Park: Past and Present. I-Ting Chiang and Suzanne Silverthorn. Yosemite National Park is an Americantreasurebestknownfor itsthun- derous waterfalls and enormous granite mountains. See views of Yosemite Valley, thegiantsequoiasof theMariposaGrove, thebeautyofthemeadowsandstreams in theHighSierras,thepark’sdiversewildlife, andhistoricproperties. Size:11"x81/2"•355 images• Index•128pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-4351-3•hardcover•$24.99 Greetings from San Francisco. Mary Martin&NathanielWolfgang-Price.Vintage postcardsfromthe1900stothe1960swill showcasetheGoldenGateBridge,Alcatraz Island,Fisherman’sWhart,Chinatown,the deYoungMuseum,GoldenGatePark,the Presidio,SealRock,and theCliffHouse. Size:11"x81/2"•342photos•125pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2651-6 • soft cover •$24.95 CALIFORNIA: ARCHITECTURE The Life and Times of Lilian J. Rice, Master Architect. Diane Y. Welch. Award-winning author Diane Y. Welch resurrects the story of architect Lilian J. Rice, retelling the life and times of this controversial woman. Eleven of Rice’s homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, more are county landmarks, and several garnered her honor awards from the American Institute of Architects. Size: 7" x 10" • 94 color & b/w images • 192 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4958-4 • hard cover • $34.99 Lilian J. Rice: Architect of Rancho Santa Fe, California. DianeY.Welch.LilianJ.Ricewas given the opportunity of a lifetime in 1922, when she began to design and develop Rancho Santa Fe, the master-planned, high class community in SouthernCalifornia,now renownedasoneofthe wealthiest zipcodes in the USA. 394 illustrations, floorplans,architecturalrenderings,andstunning photographs included. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 390 photos • Index • 224 pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-3456-6•hardcover•$49.99 California Bungalows: The 1911 Ye Planry Catalog. The1911editionofYe PlanryBuildingCompany Inc.’scatalogof bungalowplans,thisreproductionserves as an informative resource for today’s architects,homebuilders,andhomeowners. This edition features 102 detailed, hand- drawn “pencil sketches" of floor plans alongsiderenderingsand/orphotographs of completed homes that are typical of the early Arts & Crafts Bungalow style. Size: 10" x 7" • 200+ photos & sketches • 192 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4454-1 • soft cover • $34.99 Deco & Streamline Architecture in L.A.: A Moderne City Survey. Elizabeth McMillian. Showcases the two main categories of Art Deco styles inL.A.:thezigzag,perpendicularDecostyleof the1920sandtheaerodynamic,cubiststyleofthe Streamline1930sandearly `40s.Exteriorand interior views of public buildings, office towers, theaters, restaurants,religiousstructures,apartments,hotels, and individualhomes.Anessentialreferenceanda stunningtributetoarchitecturalexpression inL.A. Size: 9" x 12" • 231 color & 65 b/w photos Index • 224 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-2008-4 • hard cover • $49.95 California Colonial: The Spanish & Rancho Revival Styles. Elizabeth McMillian. A deeply researched text and stunning imagery explores vernacular and religious structures built between 1769 and 1848, during the Spanish Mission and Mexican Rancho eras. Size:9"x12"•363color&51b/wphotos•224pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1460-2 • hard cover • $49.95 California Mission Architecture: A Survey and Sourcebook. Jock M. Sewall, A.I.A.. The California Missions were built under the direction of the adventurous padres who organized an existing agrarian culture to produce vi- able military, commercial, and religious centers. This book visually documents each of the twenty-one Mission’s rustic, elegant features,artisticdetails,andgen- eral architectural significance. Size: 11 3/4" x 9" • 797 photos and plans • 368 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4200-4 • hard cover • $75.00 CaliforniaColonialHomes:CaseStudieswith Prominent Architects. S.F. “Jerry" Cook III & Tina Skinner. Work by over 30 leading architects of the Spanish Revival movement in California during the 1920s and ’30s is featured, with 44 beautifulhomes.Architects include:WallaceNeff, Gordon Kaufman, Roland Coate, and George Washington Smith. Size: 9" x 12" • 313 b/w photos • 144 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-2392-X • hard cover • $39.95 Small Dreams: 50 Palm Springs Trailer Homes. Jeffrey Milstein. A witty and perceptive architectural typology documenting Palm Springs’ unique post-WWII trailer parks such as Sahara, Blue Sky, and Horizon. Size: 7 1/2" x 5 1/2" • 53 color images • 72pp. • ISBN: 978-0-7643-5247-8 • hard cover • $14.99 PalmSpringsMid-centuryModern. Dolly Faibyshev.Lavishcolorphotospres- entthemid-centurymodernarchitecture of Palm Springs, California. The desert environmentandHollywoodstars inspired architects of the day to creative heights, including Donald Wexler, E. Stewart Wil- liams,WilliamKrisel,AlbertFrey,William F. Cody, and Richard Neutra. Size: 11" x 8 1/2" • 178 photos • 112 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3461-0 • hard cover • $29.99 Palm Springs: Mid-Century Modern Post- card Book. Dolly Faibyshev. A book of 30 color postcards taken among the manicured neighborhoods nestled in southern California’s desert landscape and Hollywood playground, Palm Springs. The postcards views include individual mid-century modern homes, details, city shots, and photos of landmarks including the Palm Springs City Hall, Swiss Miss Houses, and Elvis’s Honeymoon House. Size: 6" x 4" • 30 color photos • 64 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4521-0 • soft cover • $12.99 Tour of Frank Gehry & Other L.A. Architecture. Laura Massino Smith. Provides addresses and detailed history anddescriptionsoftheWaltDisneyConcert Hall,MuseumofContemporaryArt,Santa Monica including City Hall, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, the Venice Renaissance Building, and well-known “Binoculars Building," Gehry, and the homes of Ru- dolf M. Schindler, Venice Art Lofts, and DennisHopper. Size:11"x81/2"•59colorphotos•112pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-2715-5•softcover•$14.95 Modern Tract Homes of Los Angeles. John Eng & Adriene Biondo. Modern Tract Homes of Los Angeles touches on the history of Modern and explores five housing tracts built between 1948 and 1964. Through these unique tracts, we gain an understanding of what the postwar climate was like and learn why Modern housing still remains relevant today as new homeowners are drawn to the modern aesthetic and original homeowners continue to enjoy themmore than half a century later. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" • 167 color images • 144 pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-3865-6•hardcover•$39.99 THE WEST: CALIFORNIA