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2 2017 NEW RELEASES NAVAJOWEAVINGS WITH CEREMONIAL THEMES: A Historical Overview of a Secular Art Form Rebecca M. Valette & Jean-Paul Valette • The first comprehensive, research-based history of Navajo weavings with ceremonial themes: Yei, Yeibichai, and sandpainting textiles • Covers the genre from1900 to today,featuring 500+ photos,many of weavings never before published • These rare weavings have been the most sought after by collectors—and the least studied by scholars Featuring more than 500 photos and maps, this is the first comprehensive, research-based history of Navajo weavings with imagery inspired by tribal sacred practices. These Yei, Yeibichai, and sandpainting textiles have been themost sought after by collectors and the least studied by scholars. In spite of their iconography, they never served a ceremonial function. They were created by Navajo women at the instigation of Anglo traders, for sale to wealthy collectors willing to pay premiumprices for their perceived spiritual symbolism. This book describes the historical and artistic development of the genre from its controversial emergence around 1900, to the 1920–1940 periodof intense creativity, and concludingwith the contemporary search for innovative patterns. Never-before-publishedweavings, detailed annotations, and an extensive bibliographymake this an invaluable reference for scholars and collectors, and a fascinating exploration for all who are interested in the Southwest and its native cultures. Over the past forty years, RebeccaValette and Jean-PaulValette have done extensive research onNavajoweavings with ceremonial imagery, have curated exhibits, and have published studies on their historical development. Size: 8 1/2" × 11" • 536 color & b/w maps and images • 432 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-5374-1 • hard cover • $75.00 AVAILABLE IN AUGUST OTHER BOOKS YOU MAY ENJOY! Navajo Weaving Today Nancy N. Schiffer 978-0-88740-319-4 $12.95 The Art of Weaving Else Regensteiner 978-0-7643-4856-3 $34.99 Rugs and Posts: The Story of Navajo Weaving and the Role of the Indian Trader H.L. James 978-0-7643-2208-2 $24.99