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Pop Culture
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Frédéric Claquin. Representing
countries as far-reaching and distinct as Italy,
the Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Guatemala,
and the United States (to name a few), the 34
international artists featured in this collection
reveal the richness and diversity of contemporary
graphic arts.
ARTtitude 2.
E. Frédéric Claquin. Drawing is not
a crime!™The bold and brash ARTtitude is back
withanother international lookatsomeofthemost
iconicandunusualartistsofthemoment, including
Amanda Mocci, Jim Phillips, Conrad Roset, Cricket
Press, Robert Proch, Ron Guyatt, T-Bone & Ajax,
Size:81/2"x11"•300+color images•192pp.
Newbrow: 50 Contemporary Artists.
Pomajambo. This vivid art book spotlights 50
artists of the Lowbrow art movement, with 188
color photos of their work. Artists from across
the US, Denmark, Germany, and Australia are
featured. The images themselves are filled with
social commentary, startling imagery, and sharp
humor.Theauthordescribes theirartas,“…a raw
unapologetic form of expression that represents
today’s current culture.”
Lowbrow Tarot: An Artistic Collaborative
Effort in Honor of Tarot.
Aunia Kahn and Rus-
sell J. Moon. Twenty-three lowbrow Tarot artists
show original artwork, including J. Alcantara, C.C.
Askew, C.A. Baade, S.G. Brooks, M. Crabapple, P.
Deignan, D.M. Diaz, C. Drake, J. Joslin, A. Kahn, K.
Kuksi, E. Lebeau, L. Lipton, D.S. Luo, A. Mason, C.
Mars, C. Rangel, D. Stoupakis, C. Ulrich, C. Umana,
B. M. Viveros, H. Watts, and C. Zar.
Size:81/2"x11"•314color&b/w images•144pp.
Greg “Batman” Davis: Original Gangster.
Roger Gastman. The Crips are the largest and
most notorious black gang. Now with an esti-
mated 250 sets nationwide, the Crips started in
1969 with just 10 members in South Central Los
Angeles. Gregory "Batman" Davis was one of
these founding members. This is the true story
of an Original Gangster.
Size:81/2"x11"•140 images•144pp.
The Worst of While You Were Sleeping.
The Worst of WYWS
includes some of the
so good. From stories on admirable serial killers
and interviewswithchildstarstophotosofgraffiti
and people’s naked sisters, this book takes you
into the dirty minds of Roger Gastman and his
teamof juveniledelinquents.You’vebeenwarned.
Size:9"x11"•901 images•496pp.
Vicious, Delicious, and Ambitious: 20th
CenturyWomen Artists.
Sherri Cullison. Over
250 color images present the artwork of twenty
talented contemporary female artists who have
dominatedbymen, fortheirown. Inthetext,each
artist’sstory ispresentedalongwithherworkand
essays from Chris Pfouts and Anthony Ausgang.
Index • 160 pp. ISBN:0-7643-1634-6
Put the Needle on the Record: The 1980s
at 45 Revolutions Per Minute.
Chojnacki. The definitive guide to 7- and 12-
inch vinyl artwork from the 1980s, the most
musically distinctive and visually provocative
era of the last millennium. Includes more than
250 vinyl single covers and commentary from
designers and the biggest ‘80s pop artists.
Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" • 250+ b/w & color images
Index•272pp. ISBN:978-0-7643-3831-1•hardcover•$39.99
The Sweet Rot.
Joe Simko. 46 color
illustrations explore the world of Pollilop
Drop in this sugar-rush-of-a-quest tale.
Encounter unusual characters, including
shy guitarist Pukeboy. A sweet treat
for graphic novel and underground art
enthusiasts, and anyone interested in
popular culture and the illustrator’s art.
The Sweet Rot, Book 2: Raiders
of the Lost Art.
Joe Simko. Join little
shoe inthissecondbook fromTheSweet
Rot series as they search for Gumshoe’s
missingpaintings.This lostartquest leads
our two heroes through the vividly lush
town of Pollilop Drop encountering a
fresh new batch of little rotters.
The Sweet Rot, Book 3: The Purple
Joe Simko. Panic envelops
Pollilop Drop whenMystic Miz. using her
crystalball, foreseesapurpleapocalypse
sweeping through the town. As she hur-
ries to warn the other little rotters of this
forthcoming purple meltdown, a few of
the kids give their own interpretations
of what this violent violet vision could
be. Fear mongering, finger pointing,
and general paranoia ensue. Grades 6 and up.
Size:11"x81/2"•15color illustrations•32pp.
Surf, Skate & Rock Art of Jim Phillips.
Phillips. 1000s of artistic graphic illustrations,
from motorcycles to health food and including
rock posters, surf, and skateboard art, jump
off these pages. Jim Phillips delights in original
imagery to convey his unique reflections of the
popular world. Since 1962, he has published
award-winning graphic designs for cartoons,
skateboards, t-shirts, stickers, rock posters,
and ad art.
Size:9"x12"• thousandsofcolor illustrations
Index • 208 pp.
The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips.
Phillips. This retrospective of Jim’s skateboard
art bombards the reader with colorful decks,
logos, ad art, ad layouts, photos, and stickers
to illustrate the history of skateboarding, from
the urethane revolution to the present. The
story traces the roots of skateboarding with
more than half a century of Phillips’ involvement.
Size:9"x12"•100sofcolor illustrations•208 pp.
Rock Posters of Jim Phillips.
Jim Phillips. A
retrospective of 100s of stunning rock posters
by Jim Phillips made over 40 years, from 1965
to 2005. Phillips tells his life story and records
an evolution of Rock Age music. Iconic images
advertise concerts featuring emerging and
established musicians. His ground-breaking
computer painted posters and old-world style
are sure to bring a smile. A bonus section
presents Phillips’s son Jimbo’s rock posters.
The Uncolored Book for You to Color.
Matt French. This 80-page coloring book will
both delight and entertain. Drawn in pen and
ink, these “uncolored” images for your kids to
color will open their imagination and inspire
their own creativity. Children will love it and
even adults will get into the action trying to
decipher all the little details in each of the draw-
ings. Grade 6 and up.
Size:81/2"x11"•80b&w illustrations•80pp.
Positive Creations: The Visionary Art of
Chris Dyer.
Chris Dyer. This narrative compila-
tion presents work by Peruvian artist Chris Dyer,
whose globetrotting, multi-cultural, spiritual
adventures and discoveries are referenced in
hundreds of images of his work including paint-
graffiti, and more.
Size:9"x12"•1,000+ images•256pp.
New York City Horsepower: An
Oral History of Fast Custom Ma-
Michael McCabe. The stories
behind NYC car and motorcycle builders,
filled with passion, creativity, and high-
speed thrills. Based on interviews with
nearly 40 legendary custom builders and
young builders, McCabe offers unique
access to their lives in garages and work-
shops throughout the five boroughs.
Size:113/4"x9"•796b/w&color images•304pp.
A Weird-Oh World: The Art of Bill Camp-
Mark Cantrell. In over 700 photos and
witty text, you’ll learn how the Weird-Ohs
came to be, what followed them, and how
Bill Campbell’s work became an enduring part
of our pop culture. Much of what you’ll see is
presented here for the very first time.
The Unofficial Guide to the Art of Jack T.
Chick: Chick Tracts, Crusader Comics, and
Battle Cry Newspapers.
Kurt Kuersteiner. A
witty text with over 580 images plunge readers
into the fascinating world of cartoonist Jack
T. Chick. Photos display common and the rare
images among Chick’s 170 titles, including
cover art and interior pages. Chick literature
displayed is both reviewed and valued.
Price Guide • 192 pp.
New Attitude: An Adult Paper Doll Book.
Tom Tierney. Meet more than 40 outrageous,
sexy, glamorous swinging singles at a fabulous
This parade of gay and lesbian stereotypes
includes hairdressers, movie stars, millionaires,
models, drag queens, and others, each nearly
naked in seductive loungerie, and with mix and
match clothing.
Size:81/2"x11"•81color illustrations•80pp.
Gartel: The Art of Fetish.
Laurence M. Gartel. An
artist brings his own creative input and adds his twist
to the storyline, becoming a participant through the
creative process of working with the imagery. This
book is loaded with provocative imagery, including
103 set pieces plus many of the posters and other
graphic art for which Gartel has received much acclaim.
It will entertain and confront as all great art will do.
Size:6"x9"•131color images•160pp.
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