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Pop Culture
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Karie Bible and Mary Mallory
• Rare promotional photos of stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood posing for holiday-themed images
• More than 200 irresistible photographs ranging from high art to kitsch
• Aperfect combination of holiday cheer and iconicAmericana in this sexy, nostalgic, and first-of-its-kind collection
Marvelously illustrated with more than 200 rare images from the silent era through the 1970s, this joyous
treasure trove features film and television’s most famous actors and actresses celebrating the holidays, big
and small, in lavishly produced photographs. Join the stars for festive fun in celebrating a variety of holidays,
from New Year’s to Saint Patrick’s Day to Christmas and everything in between. Legends such as Elizabeth
Taylor, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, and Audrey Hepburn spread holiday cheer throughout the calendar
year in iconic, ironic, and illustrious style. These images, taken by legendary stills photographers, hearken
back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, when motion picture studios devised elaborate publicity campaigns
to promote their stars and to keep their names and faces in front of the movie-going public all year round.
Karie Bible
is the official tour guide at Hollywood Forever Cemetery and co-author of
Location Filming
in Los Angeles
. She has lectured at numerous venues, including the RMS Queen Mary and the Homestead
Museum, and has appeared on Turner ClassicMovies. Film historian and photo archivist
Mary Mallory
is the author of
and the eBook
Hollywoodland: Tales Lost and Found.
She writes on Los
Angeles and film history for the blog
The Daily Mirror
and serves on the board of Hollywood Heritage.
Size: 7" x 10" • 221 color & b/w photos • 192 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4964-5 • hard cover • $29.99
Coffee with the Stars
Steven Rea
• Nearly 200 rare photos of classic Hollywood actors and actresses sipping coffee on and off set
• A pictorial celebration of the glamorous, iconic, style-setting coffee consumers
• Legendary director Preston Sturges said coffee drinkers were “the real originators of ideas.”
Put on a pot of your favorite coffee, perk up, and enjoy nostalgic black-and-white photos that celebrate screen
icons from the Silent Era through the eighties, making and drinking their own cups of joe, java, pour-overs,
and percolated brews.
Hollywood Cafe
bridges the vibrant coffee culture of right-now with the glamorous
coffee culture of the star-studded past. Adreamcast of nearly 200 stars—Humphrey Bogart,MarilynMonroe,
Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Clara Bow, Charlie Chaplin,
W. C. Fields, Robert Mitchum, Rita Hayworth, Bob Hope, Michael Caine, Jane Fonda, Ava Gardner, Jackie
Gleason, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley, Jayne Mansfield, Sammy Davis Jr., WilliamHolden, Lauren Bacall, John
Wayne, and many more—is captured on the set, on the run, in costume and out, behind-the-scenes and at
the kitchen table, refilling and refueling, sipping and savoring, drinking the good stuff, just like us.
Steven Rea
writes about movies for
The Philadelphia Inquirer
. He is a member of the National Society
of Film Critics, author of
Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars
, and producer of the popular
Tumblr blog,
Rides a Bike
. He drinks coffee.
Size: 8 1/8" x 9 1/8" • 180 b/w photos • 192 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4989-8 • hard cover • $29.99
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