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2 0 2016–2017 NEW RELEASES
The Illustrated Mobile Home Story
John Brunkowski &Michael Closen
• Nearly 400 images challenging the stereotype of mobile homes
• Includes postcards,home advertising,emblems,newspaper articles,memorabilia,and other items of interest
• Features of mobile homes are explored
Although the phrase “trailer trash” is catchy and kitschy in describing mobile home living, this revealing
peek into a stereotype that has dogged the mobile home since its earliest days challenges that label and
defends the honor of the trailer home. Via nearly 400 colorful and fun images—including 300 postcards,
home advertising, emblems, newspaper articles, memorabilia, and other items of interest—the novel
point is made: the mobile home most assuredly deserves greater respect. Ten chapters explore features
of mobile home living — from the history, residential parks and amenities, and mobile mansions to
interior and exterior designs, and the people who live in them. So, keep an open mind. You may come
away with a new attitude about the mobile home.
For some 30 years,
John Brunkowski
Michael Closen
have traveled extensively in their RVs
throughout NorthAmerica.This is the 9th book they have written together. John received his BSNdegree
and worked in health care, andMichael earned BS, MA and JD degrees and served as a college professor.
Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" • 397 color postcards & images • 144 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5233-1 • hard cover • $24.99
A Peek inside the Unique Custom Trailer Culture
Victoria Ocken
• Airstream to Shasta and Kom-Pak, a look at vintage campers and their collectors
• Features multiple travel trailer periods and brands, some of them rare
• Contains almost 400 photos of classic travel trailers and their decor
Take a fanciful journey into the world of vintage camping trailers through the stories of their owners.
Almost 400 photos offer a peek at the rare, the unique, the coveted, and the just plain adorable. Tag along
to a vintage trailer rally, visit an all-girls camp, and check out the decor of these jewels—ranging from
original birch paneling, chenille bedspreads, and a period-perfect Dixie stove, to a “Sharkstream” trailer-as-
art-installation.Thosewith the conviction that trailers deserve to be loved and lived inwill enjoy exploring
the possibilities as they search for, renovate, or simply dream of living in their own little piece of history.
This is
Vicki Ocken’s
first book on vintage trailers. She has been immersed in this lifestyle for some time,
traveling and seeking out unusual and original finds.
Size: 9 1/8" x 8 1/8" • 400 color images • 208 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5128-0 • hard cover • $34.99
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