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1 6 2016–2017 NEW RELEASES
Excursions into Horror Culture
William Burns
• A collection of lists, reviews, and interviews about the horror genre in film and beyond
• Includes categorical lists and in-depth articles covering horror movies, literature, television, graphic
novels, and music
• Horror is a dominant form of cultural expression in the 20th/21st centuries
This collection of carefully curated lists, articles, and interviews celebrates the beleaguered horror
genre across different media while tracing the history of its acceptance into popular culture. Divided
into four sections—Film, Television, Literature&Comic Books, andMusic—this book groups horror
movies from the Silent Era to today, as well as classic horror books and cult musical albums, into
top-13 lists. Enjoy detailed reviews and analysis in categories such as the 13 Most Deranged Horror
Director Debuts, the 13 Horror Movie AdaptationsThat Are BetterThan the Book, and the 13Most
Terrifying Horror Film Soundtracks. These chapters, together with in-depth conversations with
musicians, demonstrate how horror has penetrated our culture in more ways than we know. Fans of
experimental cinema, heavymetal,industrialmusic, comics, and the occultwill be delighted to see their
favorite, yet far too often criticallymarginalized, works of art reviewedwith a fresh, exhilarating voice.
William Burns
is an English professor at Suffolk County Community College. He teaches classes
on horror films and horror literature, and lectures widely on the topics of experimental films, graphic
novels, postmodernism, and surrealism.
Size: 6" x 9" • 280 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5143-3 • hard cover • $24.99
VILE: Peeking Under the Skin of Murderers
Benjamin S. Jeffries
• 37 horrific graphic stories about the world’s sickest killers
• Usage of criminal profiling, forensic psychology, and victim impact are explored
• Not only what they did, but why they did it is uncovered
Experience 37 horrific stories about the world’s more extreme killers in this comprehensive tome
of grisly lusts and depraved pleasures of people who started out human and became something else.
Read not only what they did, but why they did it—often from the killer’s own words. Meet legendary
murderers Jack The Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Henry Lee Lucas, and Ed Gein. Become intimate with
lesser knowns, such as Edmund Kemper, LouisWagner, and Carl Panzram. Bear witness to depraved
sexual sadists Albert Fish, Gary Heidnik, and Richard Ramirez. Discover the insanity of Joseph
Kallinger, “The Shoemaker," Tsutomu Miyazaki, Japan’s demented child killer, and Gordon Stewart
Northcott, twisted ax murderer and pedophile. Take a sinister trip to where violence is the beginning
and death is a welcome release.
Often regarded as too weird for words,
benjamin jeffries
is the author of
Lost in the Darkness
Grim Shadows Falling
, published by Schiffer in 2013 and 2014. He is currently writing his fourth
book for Schiffer.
Size: 6" x 9" • 18 b/w images • 176 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5090-0 • hard cover • $24.99
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