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Pop Culture
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2016–2017 NEW RELEASES
• A celebration of hot women with cool tattoos and a Southern California vibe
• Over 200 pages of artistic and provocative photography
• Inspired by the Angels of Ink festival, bringing together tattoo fans, bikers, and music lovers
More than 200 artful, provocative images celebrate the best of Southern California’s tattooed models, a diverse and
gorgeous group known as the Ink Nymphs. The two dozen featured women show how tattoos on the female form can
serve up an irresistible, edgy cocktail of fashion, beauty, art, and personality.The book is inspired by Los Angeles’ Angels
of Ink festival, an annual family-friendly gathering that brings together a community of tattoo lovers, gear-heads, and rock
‘n’ roll enthusiasts, along with local, organic, and eco-friendly businesses. Angels of Ink, a philanthropic organization,
promotes and supports LA’s unique alternative kulture through the festival and its related events.This lavish, beautifully
shot photography book takes the reader on a trip straight into the heart of that kulture, where smoking-hot women
adorn themselves with the coolest of tattoos.
is a Los Angeles-based photographer with a passion for tattoos.
timothy stephens
is the founder
ChopperHead Magazine
, based in Los Angeles, California.
ebony mciver
is a fashion model and developed Ink
Nymph tattoo aftercare skin products.
Size: 9
x 12
• 213 color and b/w images • 208 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4785-6 • hard cover • $34.99
Nelson Blanton, Ebony Mciver & Tim Stephens
Ákos Bánfalvi
• Exclusive interviews with the most famous male tattoo and alternative models
• 30 models with stunning photography and in-depth interviews
• Hypnotic portraits, provocative poses, and interesting themes showcase mesmerizing body art
Male tattoo models show off their dazzling body art and open up about their backgrounds, interests, and
opinions in this impressive collection of studio, open-air, black and white, color, and art photography. Tattoo
artists and shop owners, musicians, athletes, actors, and other models from around the world expose their
sculpted physiques as well as their thoughts on their own ink, “the business” in general, and society at large.
These hunks and hipsters discuss their careers and hobbies, first tattoos, and feelings about being models in
a world where women tend to absorb most of the attention and admiration. These thoughtful interviews are
accompanied by eye-catching images taken by some of the best photographers in the industry. Women may
dominate the tattoo modeling circuit, but more and more male models are flashing their intricate designs,
sleeves, and full-body suits for the camera.
Ákos Bánfalvi
is a well-knownHungarian journalist and principal contributor of magazines like
Tattoo Magazine
Tattoo Galéria
. He publishes interviews every month with tattooed bands, tattoo
photographers, tattoo artists, and tattooedmodels. He alsoworks for theUS online tattoomagazine InkSpired.
Size: 9" x 12" • 300+ color and b/w images • 192 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-5201-0 • hard cover • $39.99
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