Military 2019 SS

New Releases: 2 Aviation: 30 Naval: 58 Ground Forces: 60 American Civil War: 78 Militaria: 80 Modeling & Collectible Figures: 100 Transportation: 102 Index: 104 Cover image: F-14D, 164603, assigned to VF-31, being directed to the catapult aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) on February 1, 2006. Cooper. From F-14 Tomcat: Grumman’s Last Cat Standing (pg. 11) Printed in China KEY TO THE BACKLIST Titles in red indicate frontlist titles from last season. Titles in a series are bookended by gray rules. Copyright © 2019 by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. “Schiffer Military,” and the arrow logo are trademarks of Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. Schiffer Publishing’s titles are available at special discounts for bulk purchases for sales promotions or premiums. Special editions, including personalized covers, corporate imprints, and excerpts, can be created in large quantities for special needs. For more information, contact the publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310 Phone: (610) 593-1777; Fax: (610) 593-2002 E-mail: [email protected] As Schiffer Publishing celebrates its 45th Anniversary in 2019, I am pleased to announce a new logo for our Schiffer Military imprint. Inspired by insignia and emblematic of our respect for military history, the new Schiffer Military logo symbolizes an arrow pointing us in new directions while looking back to the roots of our classic pen and inkwell logo. This new logo will soon emblazon the spines of our new releases as a mark that defines our high-quality, illustrated books on a diverse range of topics, eras, and perspectives. Spearheading this new look is the smartly packaged Legends of Warfare series. Authored by leading historians, the series provides access to unpublished material on a variety of aviation, naval, and ground forces topics. In keeping with our 1,200 Schiffer Military titles in print, Legends of Warfare offers readers top-notch research, deft writing, and rare imagery. See the seventeen new titles from this series in this catalog. Alongside Legends of Warfare, each title in the new series Classic Guns of the World presents an exhaustive look at specific firearms from history, including the Luger P.08 (pg. 24) as well as American, British, and German submachine guns (pg. 26). At the forefront of military and aviation book publishing since 1988, Schiffer Military is proud to continue seeking out and bringing you books that not only reevaluate and add to known history, but uncover the more obscure and unknown areas as well. We hope you enjoy the new Schiffer Military line up! Happy reading! Pete Schiffer Publisher